Today: 01.Sep.2014

WASD 12th International Conference

West meet east: sharing the past and current experience to benefit the future

WASD 12th International Conference

13-15 August 2014

Le Meridian Versailles - Montreal, Canada


WASD is a unique global forum that brings together people from across the world to discuss key issues relating to world Sustainable Development (SD). WASD aims to promote the exchange of knowledge, experience, information and ideas among academicians, scholars, professionals, policy and decision makers, industry, executives, students, etc to improve the mutual understanding of the roles of science and technology in achieving SD all over the world. To this end, WASD has organized more than 11 international conferences over the last ten years: (2013: UK); (2012: UAE); (2011: USA); (2010: St Lucia); (2009: Bahrain); (2008: UK); (2007: Australia); (2006: Italy); (2005: UAE); (2004: UK); and (2003: UK).

This multi-disciplinary conference will give the participants the opportunity to share their work experiences from all over the word addressing topics of great importance such as public health, education, transportation and many more; the emphasis will be on the importance of evidence based planning to achieve a sustainable future for all. This conference will be a great opportunity for all scholars, government representatives, policy makers to get an external, unbiased point of view on the matters they are dealing with, they will also get an opportunity to do similarly with subject that might interest them but are not within their fields of practice. For more details about the conference click to watch the summary video of WASD 2013 conference in London, UK.

The conference also aims to discuss a range of questions relating to strengthening the linkages between industry, universities and research institutions as well as reconnecting these institutions to the SD discourse by exploring the role of professionals, universities and research institutions in achieving SD.


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