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Today: 01.Oct.2014

World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD)

World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) is a unique global forum that brings together people from across the world to discuss key issues relating to science and technology management that impact the world sustainable development. The aims of WASD are to promote the exchange of knowledge, experience, information and ideas among academicians, scholars, professionals, policy & decision makers, industry, executives, students… etc to improve the mutual understanding of the roles of science and technology in achieving sustainable development all over the world. To this end, WASD organises different activities which include high quality refereed publications, international conferences and seminars, development projects… etc. WASD benefits a wide range of institutions, including universities, research centres governmental departments et cetera all over the world particularly in the developing countries and provides professionals, researchers and policymakers with the best available scientific evidence when contributing to better technological and economic development for all within the populations they serve. It therefore helps in reducing the gap between rich and poor countries by providing access to critical information.

 WASD 13th International Conference

 Istanbul - Turkey

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