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Today: 26.Oct.2014

Keynote Speakers

  • PM & Ministers
  • Chairmans & Directors
  • Vice Chancellors
  • Deans & HoDs
  • Nobel Laureate & Professors
  • H. E. Stephenson King, Prime Minister & Minister of Finance, St. Lucia

    H. E. Stephenson Kin…

  • H. E. Sheikh Nahayan M. Al-Nahayan, Minister of HE & Scientific Research, UAE

    H. E. Sheikh Nahayan…

  • Councillor Garry Peltzer Dunn, Mayor of the City of Brighton, UK

    Mayor Garry Dunn

  •  H. E. John Chrysostom A. Nsambu, Minister of State for ICT, Uganda

    H. E. John Chrysostom…

  • Prof. Ashraf Shaalan, President, National Research Council, Egypt

    Prof. Ashraf Shaalan

  • H. E. Fahmi Bin Ali Al Jowder, Ministry of Works, Electricity & Water Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain

    H. E. Fahmi Al Jowde…

  • Dr. Kamal Abdelgadir Ahmed, Undersecretary, Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan

    Dr. Kamal Abdelgadir…

  • 		H. E. Majid Al Mansouri, Chairma, Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA), Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    H. E. Majid Al Manso…

  • Prof. Vaughan Allen Lewis, Former Prime Minister of St Lucia

    Prof. Vaughan Lewis

  • Prof. Geoffrey Oldham, Chairman, Science & Development Network, UK

    Prof. Geoffrey Oldha…

  • Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa, Director, UNESCO, France

    Dr. El Tayeb Mustafa

  • Ann Pettifor, Director, New Economic Foundation, UK

    Ann Pettifor

  • Clive Hildebrand, President, Australian Institute of International Affairs, Australia

    Clive Hildebrand

  • Dr. Yasir Alnaqbi, Director, Abu Dhabi Excellence Office, Government of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Dr. Yasir Alnaqbi

  • Dr. Adrian Dore, Managing Director, Cabis Solutions Ltd, UK

    Dr. Adrian Dore

  • Prof. Mohamed Hassan, Executive Director, Third World Academy of Sciences, Italy

    Prof. Mohamed Hassan

  • Dr. Vikram Murthy, Director, Academy for Collaborative Futures, Australia and New Zealand

    Dr. Vikram Murthy

  • Mr Abdul Razak A. H. Al Qassim, CEO, National Bank of Bahrain, Bahrain

    Abdul Razak Al Qassi…

  • Mark Pesce, Founder, Media & Technology Consultancy, Australia

    Mark Pesce

  • Dr. Ayad Altaai, Chairman’s Special Advisor, Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA), Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Dr. Ayad Altaai

  • Prof. Herman J. Saatkamp, Jr., President, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, USA

    Prof. Herman Saatkam…

  • Prof. Janet Druker, Former Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

    Prof. Janet Druker

  • Prof. Michael Powell, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Business), Griffith University, Australia

    Prof. Michael Powell

  • Prof. Clement K. Sankat, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of West Indies, St. Augustine

    Prof. Clement Sankat

  • Prof. Michael Thorne, Vice Chancellor, University of East London, UK

    Prof. Michael Thorne


    Prof. Douglas Hensle…

  • Prof. W Paul Davies, Vice Principal, Royal Agricultural University, UK

    Prof. W Paul Davies

  • Prof. Abdulla Y. Al-Hawaj, President, Ahlia University, Bahrain

    Prof. Abdulla Al-Haw…

  • Prof. Aidan Berry, Dean, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton, UK

    Prof. Aidan Berry

  • Prof. Beverlee Anderson, Former Associate Dean College of Business, California State University San Marcos, USA

    Prof. Beverlee Ander…

  • 	Prof. Daniel Petree, Dean, Embry-Riddle University, USA

    Prof. Daniel Petree

  • Prof. Gioia Pescetto, Dean, Canterbury Christ Church  University, UK

    Prof. Gioia Pescetto

  • Prof. Gordon Mackerron, Director Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, UK

    Prof. Gordon Mackerr…

  • Prof. Amer Al-Roubaie, Dean College of Business & Finance, Ahlia University, Bahrain

    Prof. Amer Al-Roubai…

  • Prof. John Adams, Director China-EU Research & Development Centre, Edinburgh Napier University, UK

    Prof. John Adams

  • Prof. Dave Cavanagh, Head of Communication, Institute for Animal Health, UK

    Prof. Dave Cavanagh

  • Dr. Aled Jones, Director, Global Sustainability Institute (GSI), Anglia Ruskin University, UK

    Dr. Aled Jones

  • Dr. Michael Greger, Director, The Humane Society, USA

    Dr. Michael Greger

  • Dr. Keith Nurse, Director Shridath Ramphal Centre for International Trade Law, Policy & Services, University of West Indies, Barbados

    Dr. Keith Nurse

  • Prof. Thomas C. Schelling, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics, USA

    Prof. Thomas Schelli…

  • Dr. Robin Ireland, Consultant Haematologist, King’s College Hospital London, UK

    Dr. Robin Ireland

  • Prof. Robert Chambers, Institute of Development Studies, UK

    Prof. Robert Chamber…

  • Dr. Alex Bowen, London School of Economics & Political Science, UK

    Dr. Alex Bowen

  • 	Prof. Jerry Kolo, American University of Sharjah, UAE

    Prof. Jerry Kolo

  • Prof. Shunsuke Managi, Yokohama National University, Japan

    Prof. Shunsuke Manag…

  • Prof. M. R. Riazi, Kuwait University, Kuwait

    Prof. M. R. Riazi

  • Dr. Ihab Tewfik, School of Biosciences, University of Westminster, UK

    Dr. Ihab Tewfik

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