6 Effortless Tips: How to Remove Odor from Purse

The purse can have a bad odor if you put many things in it. If you don’t, the smell will stick for a long time. Keep reading to know how to remove odor from the purse.

A purse is a small bag to store and contain your small things. People love to use it because it is easy to carry and makes the appearance better

We all have this problem. You take your bag everywhere with you and fill it with everything from food to receipts.

It is inevitable that one day you will forget about the food for a few weeks or the receipt has been in your bag for a little too long and something has started to smell.

Cleaning a purse is a daunting task. Noe everyone is willing to do it. People tend to leave their purses in smelly condition because they think nobody will know it.

Don’t be this guy. We will tell you how to remove odor from your purse effortlessly!

Preparation to remove odor from purse

1. Empty your purse completely

Before removing the odor from purse, empty your purse completely. Empty all items from the purse and place them on a clean surface.

It’s often easy to forget small things like gum wrappers and loose change in the purse.

This will make it easier for you to see what items are causing the problem and make it easier for any solution you choose to reach every part of your bag.

2. Make sure the area is well ventilated

Clean your purse in a well-ventilated area. Open the door or window to make good air circulation.

How to remove odor from a purse

1. Baking soda

Baking soda is a great odor absorber. The mold abrasive material will remove the odor almost on any surface.

Sprinkle baking soda on the inside and outside of the bag. Don’t forget to put it in your small pockets too.

Leave it overnight. After that, use a small brush to scrub your purse.

Turn the purse down to let the baking soda fall out.

After that, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe your purse. Make sure to wipe every inch of it softly.

You can also use baking soda to clean a toothbrush!

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is also a great option to get rid of the smell from the purse. The acidity of the vinegar will make the smell that sticks to the purse disappear.

To do this, pour 100 ml of vinegar and 100 ml of warm water into a spray bottle. Put the lid on and shake the bottle well. Then, spray it on the whole purse.

Leave it for 15 minutes.

After that, wipe the purse with a damp cloth to remove any residue. Let it dry in a sunny area for at least 1 hour before wearing it again.

3. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is another natural way to get rid of odor from purse. The citric acid of lemon will neutralize any smell in the purse.

To make the odor solution, pour 100 ml of warm water into a spray bottle. Then, cut the lemon in half and squeeze it into the bottle.

Next, spray it on the whole purse area. Don’t forget to use the solution in the pocket of the purse. Leave it for 15 minutes.

After that, wipe it with a damp cloth to wipe any leftovers. Put it under the sun for 1 hour and your purse is free from odor.

To do a deep cleaning, squeeze the lemon juice directly into the purse. Wait for 15 minutes and wipe with a clean cloth.

Lemon juice is a fine option to remove gasoline smell in garage!

4. Essential oil

The essential oil has a powerful fragrance that can easily neutralize the smell coming from your purse.

Essential oil is made from plant extracts so they are safe to use.

Some of the most popular scents of essential oil are lavender, peppermint, tea tree, or eucalyptus extract.

Sprinkle a few drops on cotton balls or tissues and place them in your bag overnight.

After that, wipe your purse with a damp cloth.

Leave the purse until dry!

5. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are a popular home remedy for odor removal. They can be used to remove odors from shoes and even make your car smell good. But did you know that you can use coffee grounds in your purse?

Put some coffee grounds into a bowl large enough so that they can spread out over the whole surface of the bag without touching each other or sticking together too much

Place the coffee grounds in a bowl and put it inside your purse. Be careful not to spill them.

Wait for one night. The next day, take the coffee grounds out and your purse will have a fresh scent.

6. Mild soap

If your purse smells bad, try using mild soap to remove odor from the inside of your purse.

To do this, fill a sink with lukewarm water and add one tablespoon of mild soap.

Remove the straps and other removable parts from your purse and place them in the sink filled with soapy water.

Let them soak for 15 minutes. Then, use a small brush to scrub the purse.

After that, rinse them off with clean water and let them air-dry before replacing them in the purse.

How to keep your purse free from odor

1. Don’t keep food or drink in your purse

Food is a source of the odor. If you keep it in your purse for too long, it can rot and cause bad odors.

This smell will stick and is quite difficult to remove.

Never put your food and drink in the purse. You will not realize that these foods will be the cause of the nasty smell.

If you must carry around a snack for later, place it in an airtight container. This will prevent any odor from escaping and make sure that your purse stays fresh-smelling.

2. Keep a small garbage container in your purse

To keep your purse free from odor, keep a small garbage container in your purse.

When you have to throw something out or it’s getting smelly, put it in the garbage container bag and then throw it away when you get home

3. Clean your purse regularly

To keep your purse free from odor, clean your purse regularly.

You can use mild soap or baby wipes to wipe down the inside of the bag. Let it air dry before using it back.

Make sure to check for any stains on the outside of the purse as well.

Always wipe it dry after cleaning it to avoid bad smell.

4. Store your purse in a protected place

To keep your purse from smelling, store it in a safe place.

A closet or drawer is the best place to store your bag because it will keep dust away.

It also helps you to avoid unpleasant odors that can get trapped in a purse when you carry it around.

When storing your bag for a long period, make sure that it’s completely dry. This will prevent mold and mildew grow in the purse.


Purse smell is one of the worst smells you can encounter.

The smell of your purse is a combination of the things inside the purse.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use these 6 ingredients to remove odor from purse

  1. Baking soda
  2. Vinegar
  3. Lemon juice
  4. Essential oil
  5. Coffee grounds
  6. Mild soap

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