Knowing the Branches of Statistics that Affect the World

Branches of statistics are interesting. Statistics is one of the most unavoidable art especially for them who works in the world of research or data analysis.

It always brings any kind of joy and makes every people find that the research can not live alone without statistics.

Studying statistics is like learning how to choose the right tool for doing something. My teacher gave me an illustration like this.

Imagine that you are in the middle of the party. And luckily, you are the birthday person. Now, here comes the time to cut your birthday cake.

There were some tools that you could use such as, knife, scissors, saw, and sword. So, which one will you use?

Of course, you can cut the cake with every tool that already served. But, if we talk about effectivity and efficiency, the best tool you can use is a knife, of course. It is a handy tool, light, and safety to use to cut the cake.

If you choose scissor, well, you might cut the cake too. But it would take a great power, heavy, and perhaps you can destroy the beauty of the cake.

So, that is the brief picture of statistics. If you master it, you can choose what is the best methodology and the best way to analyze your research or presenting your data.

There are 9 branches of statistics that very popular in the world

Why do you need to know the branches of statistics?

I think every people should know what they capable to do with statistics. I want to know that statistics is a beautiful art that will help them to solve the problem. Let me explain in detail to you.

1. In order to introduce statistics into the wider world so every people will understand that statistics is very important in every part of our life. I know, some people that learning statistics is sick.

There is so much student that doesn’t like statistics subject. Even though, if they understand the benefits, they can do more in every subject especially those related research.

2. So we can solve many problems with efficient way. Statistics serve us so many interesting ways to solve the problem. Like I said before, you have tools to choose to make a great composition in presenting your job.

3. I want everybody knows that every subject that you learned, every science that you studied, there always be statistics as part of it. Statistics will always be an important piece that cannot be separated. Branches of statistics are proof that people need this science.

4. I have a dream that every problem in the world will be solved properly in a proper way. Statistics help us to make a decision with the best route so we can pick the best decision that has a positive impact on our life.

There are several advantages of knowing the branches of statistics

Branches of Statistics

There are so many branches of statistics. I once thought that every science, every decision making, and every analysis should integrate with the right statistics.

But at least, there are eight branches of statistics that are favorites in the world of knowledge.

1. Econometric

Econometric is one of the branches of statistics where it takes parts to resolve economic models and problem.

Along the way, there are tons of equation and statistics formula that we need to use in order to calculate and support economic theories.

Have you ever seen the macroeconomic formula that Central Bank used to make economic policy? Or perhaps, how to calculate the tax model to get the optimum value so a country can run in right track? Even calculating inequality is one of the most favorite models among the economist.

Well, econometric, I can say that is a required science for them who work in the field of research or economic policymaking. Even the bank uses some model to forecast the interest rate and loan model.

Econometric is another branches of statistics which applied in economic.

2. Actuarial

Actuarial is another applied statistical branch that focuses on studying and analyzing risk in finance and insurance.

Someone who masters this knowledge is expected to be the one who can take big parts in financial problem likes insurance, future risk, predicting a financial trend, etc. An actuary (call for actuarial experts) have a big contribution in deciding the fate of the company.

Actuarial is one of the most favorite branches of statistics. Many statisticians love this path and choose as the way of their career. There is so much company that need actuarial to help them analyze their financial problem and ask advice to resolve it. Do you want to become one of them?

Psychology statistics is often used to analyze human behaviour

3. Psychometrics

Psychometrics is another interesting branch of statistics. This one focus one studying measurement technique and analyzing in the education world and psychology. This thing included attitude, personality, emotion, and many others.

And the one that interests me so much, psychometrics is related to intelligence measurement. If you have take pars in IQ test or EQ test or personality test, that’s when psychometrics hit the most.

Psychometric is very important for them who work in the field of self-development. Many exciting things come along with the times.

Population statistics is very popular to predict the human progress

4. Physics Statistics

Physics statistics is one of the statistical branches that focuses on solving physic science. Usually, statistics take part in measurement and calculation with particle.

The combination of statistics and physics, there will be a settlement especially with the problem of modeling level of confidence atom or particle.

5.  Population Statistics

The population of statistics is one of the most useful branches that study about many things related to society. It has many connections with another aspect of our life, such as health, education, migration, and so on.

With this knowledge, the statistician can make a trend and predict what will happen to the population in the future.

This is one of my favorites, talking about demographic characteristics is so engaging. There are huge numbers of scientists choosing the population as the subject of their interest field. Many fabulous things like population pyramid, poverty rate, life table, and others come with this flow.

Biology statistics or bio statistics is often used in medic

6. Official Statistics

Not just people, the government also need statistics as a tool to make the right policy. In official statistics, we learn how to measure some strategic indicator that has a large impact on society. There are many indicators that the government’s need to fulfill the policy based on evidence or data.

Official Statistics is very interesting. With this kind of branch, it will make statistics more developed and grow as the world needed. In this digital era, statistics has become a useful weapon to make development planning and evaluation.

If you’d like to watch politics, you’ll see how statistics become a two eye knife for every election.

One of the most interesting official statistics is poverty statistics. This is a universal statistics that almost used by every nation to evaluate the program and how the government is running.

7. Biostatistics

Biology statistics or more popular with names Biostatistics is another branch of statistics that used to resolve many statistical problems in biology. Actually, it’s not just for biology. Biostatistics is also applied to many problems in the medical world, such as vaccine making, medicine quality control, and others. It’s also often used to analyze some disease factors, medical risk, etc.

8. Industrial Statistics

In Industrial Statistics, we learn and study how to resolve an industrial problem such as quality control, queuing theory, optimizing variable, etc. It is very useful especially for them who work in manufacture or company management.

9.Computing statistics

Computing statistics is a branch of statistics that focuses on the use of information technology in producing more powerful statistics.

These scientists will be faced with various programs, algorithms, software, etc. that can help simplify statistical business processes.

The output, of course, is the result of work that is faster, easier and cheaper.


Those are the branches of statistics that very popular in the world. Almost every subject, every discipline of science, need to involve statistics to make better and sharper.

Every subject has their own descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

Actually, you can not choose you’d like to learn statistics or not. However, you would learn it to complete yourself. You can not run away from statistics if you want to be the best in your career.

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