How to Clean a Mirror Perfectly! (8 Smart Tips)

How to clean a mirror is something that you should know. The mirror is a daily item that helps you to show how you dress or anything.

Cleaning the glass regularly is one of the things that need to be done around your house to maintain quality. Things like windows and glass tables will become dirty if they’re not cleaned regularly.

Cleaning your glass regularly will make them look more appealing and will also make your house seem more alive because there’s better lighting.

Whether you want to clean a mirror in your home, car, or office, there are some simple steps you can follow to make the job go more smoothly.  A clean mirror is a happy mirror. Clean a mirror in a matter of minutes with the help of a few common items found in any home. That’s why I wrote this guide, to teach you how to clean a mirror in your life.

Equipment for cleaning a mirror

1. Rubber gloves

Protection is our top priority in cleaning. Rubber gloves are used to handle hazardous substances or materials. Rubber gloves protect the hands of the user from chemical spills or other dangers because rubber is nonconductive.

These gloves are ideal for cleaning solutions containing chemicals because their chemical resistance will protect skin from the chemical themselves.

Using gloves as you clean your bathroom mirror will help ensure that your hands don’t get wet and stay clean. When you clean your mirror, you don’t want to scratch or damage it.

When cleaning with gloves on, you won’t be able to see if there is a razor blade placed along the edge of the counter near the sink (for example). By wearing and using gloves, and by not getting your hands wet, you avoid danger and protect yourself.

2. Bucket filled with water

It’s important to use a bucket that has a handle because it makes carrying the water easier. The bucket should not be too big or heavy, because if it is, you will run the risk of dropping it and spilling the water, and you will need to get more water and start over again because you did not wet your mirror completely.

When using a handleless bucket to fetch your water, you will need to bend over and pick it up off the ground. This can be difficult if you clean the mirror for a long period.

3. Glass cleaner

A glass cleaner is a lot more than just soap and water. Using soapy water to clean your glasses can damage the coating, leaving them unprotected and vulnerable to dirt and spots.

A good quality glass cleaner contains anti-bacterial properties which stop smears from getting stuck to your glasses and protect against dirt and grime. A good quality anti-bacterial glass cleaner will be able to give you a streak-free finish, that looks great and leaves your glasses protected.

4. Sponge

The glass cleaning sponge will help you to clean your mirror without leaving any streaks on the surface. A good water-absorbing sponge can soak up a lot of water and is a good way to clean a dirty mirror. A sponge with many pores is best, so it can hold water and clean efficiently.

5. Wiper

Cleaning the mirror with a wiper is a widely used technique for cleaning the surfaces. The wiper is an incredibly useful and easy-to-use cleaning tool that will let you quickly and easily clean any mirror. It only requires a simple drag and drops onto a dirty screen to remove dirt and water.

But, if your mirror is small, using a wiper might not be effective.

6. Microfiber cloth

Microfiber is an innovative material made of very fine synthetic fibers. Thanks to the special structure of the fibers, these types of cloths can absorb large amounts of liquids due to their high water absorption capacity.

The best microfiber cloth is made from polyester. In comparison to cotton clothes, microfiber has a higher surface area, which means that it is better at absorbing water and cleaning surfaces.

Microfiber cloth is a stronger type of cloth and is especially effective at cleaning glass. When you clean the mirror with microfiber, you leave the surface completely dry without any water spots. If you use a rag to clean glass, you will get water spots on it. Try it out for yourself!

How to clean a mirror perfectly

1. Put the mirror in the cleaning area

Before you clean the mirror, place it somewhere that you can clean it easily and without worrying about anything else. Remember, the first thing that you should do is check if your dirty mirror will fit into the cleaning area. Otherwise, it may scratch the edges of the mirror.

2. Put a cloth or plastic base on the bottom of the mirror to accommodate the droplets

When you clean your mirror, please make sure to put cloth or plastic down on the bathroom floor. Otherwise, the water droplets can make the floor very slippery. It’s dangerous!

3. Read the instruction of the detergent or spray cleaner

There are different types of detergent products, so it’s important to understand the features of each product to choose the right one.

4. Dip a glass cleaning sponge in the cleaner

Dip the sponge in the cleaning liquid and start cleaning the mirror. Wipe it on the glass to be cleaned slowly and repeatedly. The sponge will take off the dirt much easier than if you were to use paper or the usual cloth.

5. If using a spray cleaner, shoot it at the mirror and then clean it with a sponge

Using a spray cleaner is a quick way to clean your mirrors and then clean them with a sponge. Pay attention to detail that contains the dirtiest are.

6.  Wipe the sponge all over the glass surface

Wiping the mirror evenly and with detail will ensure that you cover the entire surface. Don’t wipe only the corners, but also the sides, and let’s not forget the bottom part. By wiping in detail, you’re guaranteed to reach all parts of the mirror.

7. Use the wiper to clean the wet mirror

To clean glass windows, I use a rubber wiper. It’s important to choose the right one so it fits the size of the windows perfectly. The best way to use the rubber wiper is to position it vertically tightly against the surface, and then pull it horizontally repeatedly.

This way the cleaning liquid will spread over a larger area of the glass, so you can move to another section of the glass as soon as this section is cleaned.

8. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the mirror

A good microfiber cloth helps you achieve the best results when cleaning the mirror. A glass cleaning cloth should be part of your car cleaning kit. Microfiber is better than traditional clothes because it doesn’t leave any fuzz on the mirror surface. You can even use it to remove scum or grime.

Lifehack of how to clean a mirror

1. Use a cotton bud to clean the corner of the mirror

Mirror dirt that is cleaned from top to bottom usually collects in the corners of the glass. These corners are sometimes difficult to clean by cleaning the mirror in general, as they are not reached by the cleaner. You can use a cotton bud to reach this area to remove even the smallest pieces of dirt.

2. Do not clean the glass on a hot day

One common misconception is to use glass cleaners in warm weather. This is not very good for your window because the water will evaporate quickly before you have wiped it clean. 

The sun’s heat will weaken the soap’s foam. If it gets wet, it will cause water residue on the mirror as a result of the cleaning action that you have done earlier.

3. Use toothpaste to clean mold and scale

Toothpaste is very useful at home. Besides being able to remove fine scratches on the glass surface, toothpaste can also be used to remove mold and scale.

When it comes to mold and scale, toothpaste works just as well. Not only is it safe and easy to use, but toothpaste also dries off quickly, so it’s very easy to clean afterward.

It can be done by applying toothpaste to the glass area affected by the fungus. After several minutes, wipe it with a wet sponge with warm water.


Okay, I’ll summarize this “how to clean a mirror” article for you:

1. Put the glass in the cleaning area

2. Put a cloth or plastic base on the bottom of the mirror to accommodate the droplets

3. Read the instruction of the detergent or spray cleaner

4. Dip a glass cleaning sponge in the cleaner

5. If using a spray cleaner, shoot it at the mirror and then clean it with a sponge

6.  Wipe the sponge all over the glass surface

7. Use the wiper to clean the wet mirror

8. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the mirror

If you want to know how to clean glass without glass cleaner, check my article!


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