7 Safe Tips: How to Clean Broken Glass from Carpet

Cleaning a broken glass is a daunting task. If you are not careful, you can get hurt. Let me show you how to clean broken glass from carpet safely.

Quick answer: wrap the broke glass from carpet with an old towel carefully. Remember, wear protective gear when cleaning.

When you drop a glass, it usually shatters into tiny pieces. These fragments are incredibly sharp and can cut your feet or any other part of your body.

Imagine that you drop a glass on your carpet and regret it immediately.

You might worry that the shards will ruin the soft fabric of your carpet, or that the glass will stab through your feet.

Luckily, you can clean up the mess yourself. This article teaches you how to clean broken glass from carpet easily


What you need to prepare before cleaning the broken glass from carpet

1. Secure the area affected by broken glass

The process of securing the area is crucial because once the glass is broken, you want to make sure no pieces will come flying out.

You don’t want the glass pieces to fly out and hit you or anyone else.

If a piece of glass hits someone, it can be very harmful.

Anyone who is walking or standing near the broken glass should move away so they don’t get hurt.

It’s important to secure a broken glass area because you and your family are in danger when there’s broken glass around.

2. Wear a protective kit

Cleaning up broken glass should always be done with protective gear. Although it is easy enough to sweep up large pieces, it is also easy to get hurt.

Remember to always wear protective gear when you are cleaning up broken glass, whether it is gloves or goggles, or something else that will prevent you from being hurt and save you from any injuries.

How to clean broken glass from carpet

1. Use waste newspaper or magazine

Breaking glass is a pain. It’s messy and dangerous. But it can be made much easier to clean up if you do it correctly.

Paper is an often unused, but useful cleaning material. If you have broken glass on your carpet, don’t try to pick it up with your bare hands.

Use old newspapers or magazines to collect the broken glass. Pick up the piece of paper that has the most of the glass on it, put it inside a plastic bag, and put it in a safe place.

2. Clean with a broom


If you want to get the broken glass off your carpet, you can use a broom.

You can use it to sweep the broken glass into a pile, and then use a shovel to pick it up without having to bend all over again.

This way you safely, quickly, and easily clean the area with minimal effort.

3. Use masking tape


Due to its strong adhesive power, masking tape is good at grabbing things.

It’s also often used by office workers to temporarily stick pictures up on their walls, in order to move them somewhere else later on.

Another good idea is to use masking tape for cleaning broken glass from the carpet.

Taping masking tape to the carpet and then gently scraping broken glass from the carpet onto the tape is a great way to clear your carpet of broken glass.

If you have a black tape quiet big size, this is the recommended tool to clean it.

4. Use white bread


A piece of white bread can put a stop to a broken glass problem. It’s especially good for putting an end to the glass on your carpet.

All you do is put a piece of white bread over the broken glass and sweep it away from under the bread.

The shards will go onto the bread so you won`t accidentally cut yourself when cleaning up.

Or, you can use this smart trick.

Simply take some breadcrumbs and sprinkle them over the shards. Then, use the broom to sweep them towards a garbage bin.

5. Use a potato

You can clean the broken glass with a potato if you have one on hand. Cut the potato in half, flattening both ends.

After that, grab them in your hand and pick up as much broken glass as you can. Repeat this process until the entire broken glass has been cleaned.

6. Old towel


If you have an accident with your glass and it breaks, don’t panic!

Take out an old towel from your wardrobe and fold it in half. Press the folded towel against the broken glass. The jagged edges of the glass will stick to the towel and you can then just pick up the pieces from your carpet.

7. Turn off the lights and look for small shards of glass with a flashlight

It’s very important to find all of the small shards of glass since any lingering broken glass can pose a hazard if you step on it and cut yourself.

Turning off the lights and using a flashlight is the best and safest way to clean the broken glass because the light will make it easier and safer to find small pieces of broken glass.

What do you need to do after cleaning broken glass from carpet?

1. Wrap with a thick protector

After your carpet is cleaned from broken glass from carpet and all furniture is put back into place, you’ll need to be extra careful. Broken glass can be sharp, and it is dangerous if left there.

After cleaning the broken glass, the next thing you have to do is wrap the broken glass with a protective cover or thick container.

If there is glass that is accessible to children or pets, you should remove it immediately so that no one is injured. Also, keep the package of broken glass so that it is not close to the objects you usually use.

2. If you want to throw it, name it

You need to clean all the broken glass carefully. After you put the whole piece in a safe container, rename the package or container as a “broken glass” or “warning, broken glass” package to avoid any accidents.

Do not let people who will take care of it get hurt because you are not careful to give the warning sign.

This way people won’t be hurt because it clearly indicates to them that it is broken glass.


Can you vacuum up broken glass?

Never vacuum shattered glass since it can destroy the machine, and repairing it would be more expensive than buying a new one. Glass shards may clog the vacuum chamber, causing problems with how you use your vacuum equipment. Cleaning up broken glass with a broom and dustpan is preferable to vacuuming it up.

What is the easiest way to clean up broken glass?

Use towel. The towel absorbs the small and larger parts of broken glass easily. The towel will soak up all the small broken glass pieces, so you needn’t worry about them sticking to your skin when you step on the carpet later. Don’t forget to wear gloves when doing this.


No matter how careful we try to be, accidents happen.

When glass breaks, it often leaves behind tiny pieces of sharp-edged glass, especially if clean-up is delayed. Removing these tiny shards is not as simple as it sounds.

There’s no need to panic. It’s not hard to clean it up if you follow these how to clean broken glass from carpet tips!

  1. Use waste newspaper or magazine
  2. Clean with a broom
  3. Use masking tape
  4. Use white bread
  5. Use a potato
  6. Old towel
  7. Turn off the lights and look for small shards of glass with a flashlight

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