How to Clean Deodorant Stains? 8 Easy Tips!

How to clean deodorant stains is useful information that you need to know. People use deodorant daily and it affects their shirts. If it happens, our clothes will be damaged and will not last long.

When you apply deodorant to your armpits, you’re expecting it to eliminate any odor and wetness. However, when you’re getting dressed in the morning and putting on a shirt, any deodorant or body spray you used can leave stains or marks on the clothes. This is an annoying problem for most people because it damages the clothes.

Stains on the armpits of shirts are commonly caused by deodorant. This is due to the loose powder inside deodorants that tend to rub off on the clothes. Stains on the deodorant armpits would not be noticeable until several washes later.

Do not worry! Follow these simple steps and remove deodorant stains from your clothes for good! In this article, I’ll show you 8 different items you could to remove those stains from your clothes!

How to clean deodorant stains

1. Detergent

Detergent is often used to clean deodorant stains. You can use it to clean most clothing without damaging it. If you’re looking for something that you can use to remove tough stains, this is a good product. It is very helpful in removing tough deodorant stains from your clothing.

To use it, soak the garment in warm water with a little bit of liquid detergent. Add a few drops of liquid soap to a gallon of water, pour the solution over the stain, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash your garment in hot water.

If the stains were too tight, take a brush and gently brush in a rotating motion with a soft effort to get rid of the stains caused by deodorants. If there is still a stain after this procedure, repeat it again.

2. Lemon juice

If you’re interested in natural ways of cleaning stains, you may find this useful. As we’ve said, deodorant is generally sensitive to acids. If you notice that your clothes are becoming yellow and stained by deodorant, you can easily remove the stains with help of common household ingredients such as lemon.

Generally, deodorant and shampoo stains can be efficiently removed with help of lemon and vinegar. You can do it squeeze a lemon and dripping the juice on the affected part. Let stand a few moments, then clean the area affected by the deodorant stain.

3. Baking soda

The first thing to do is get rid of deodorant stains on clothes is to use baking soda powder. Baking soda is especially good for removing yellowed deodorant stains. It has anti-yellowing properties, so it will brighten your white clothes significantly.

Baking soda works really well at getting rid of deodorant stains. It’s even better if you mix it with water, like in the recipe above. Mix the baking soda and water into a thick mixture, dip the stain into the dough, and let it work for about 5 minutes or until the stain starts to fade. Then either washes your clothes normally or wash at very high temperatures to remove the baking soda.

4. Vinegar

Another alternative to get rid of deodorant stains from clothes is with vinegar This is because white vinegar has powerful bleaching properties that will help lift away stains and is also great at removing odor.  vinegar is one of the most versatile cleaners out there. It can clean almost anything, including clothing, floors, and even stoves.

In order to remove the stain and any lingering odors, dip the clothing into a bowl of white vinegar. After soaking the clothing for a few hours, wash as normal and rinse it until all of the vinegar is gone.

5. Salt

The best way to clean deodorant stains is to use salt. Salt is great for cleaning deodorant stains because it has an abrasive texture that can easily scrub away deodorant stains.

By mixing salt with warm water, then soaking the shirt that has deodorant stains in it, you can easily scrub away the deodorant stains. Once you’ve soaked the shirt, you can then wash your shirt with detergent to remove the rest of the residue.

6. Aspirin powder

If you have deodorant stains on your clothes, aspirin powder can be used to remove them. Crush three aspirin tablets into a fine powder. Pour into the Soaking Water. Sprinkle aspirin powder into the water soaking the clothes, try to use warm water. Leave it for about 2-3 hours. Soak the clothes in the soaking water, then rinse and wash as usual. The stain should come out.

7. Alcohol

Alcohol can be used to remove deodorant stains from clothes, because it has the power to break up protein stains. So you simply need to use alcohol instead of washing the stain with water. Drip it on the affected area and let it absorb for 20 minutes, and then rub it off with detergent.

8. Toothpaste

Another household items you can use to clean deodorant stains is toothpaste. As you know, toothpaste is abrasive, which means that it can rub off the stain on the fabric without damaging it. Simply rub toothpaste into the stain with your finger, then rinse it out with water. This way you will be able to get rid of the deodorant stains.

Lifehack to clean deodorant stains

1. Clean deodorant stains as soon as possible

Clean your clothing as soon as you notice a deodorant stain. The longer a stain sits on your clothing, the more difficult it will be to remove. Especially if the spot is white, the stain could set and you won’t be able to get rid of it.

2. If you see deodorant stains on your clothes, don’t iron them

If you notice deodorant stains on your clothes, don’t use an iron on them. The heat of the iron will damage the fibers in the clothes and make it more difficult for you to remove any remaining stain. Clean the deodorant stain immediately with the tips above.

3. Use deodorant in moderation

Sometimes people use too much deodorant and then they experience excessive sweating under their armpits. When that happens, deodorant stains the part of their shirt that’s close to their armpit. Avoid using too much deodorant.


If you want to remove deodorant stains from your cloth, these are what you can use:

1. Detergent

2. Lemon juice

3. Baking soda

4. Vinegar

5. Salt

6. Aspirin powder

7. Alkohol

8. Toothpaste

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