How to Clean Plastic Lawn Chair: 7 Simple Steps!

If you like to sit in your garden, you should know how to clean plastic lawn chair decently. It could keep your property safe and last longer.

Lawn chairs are a popular sight on lawns around the world. The plastic lawn chair is a lightweight and minimalistic chair. When it’s in good condition, it can be very comfortable to sit on due to its design.

Plastic lawn chairs are a great way to make your outdoor space more functional and comfortable.

Those plastic lawn chairs are very convenient to sit on. It’s comfortable, and it’s easy to clean. By being seated on plastic chairs, people can enjoy the scenery of birds singing on the trees and flowers blooming slowly in the yard

Plastic chairs are very convenient, but they will get dirty after a while. It could happen because of weather, dirt, or even a pool nearby. Keeping your plastic lawn chair is satisfying in itself. In can do wonders for your mental health and happiness. 

How to clean plastic lawn chair

1. Detergent

There are a few ways to clean plastic furniture. Usually, if the plastic furniture is old and grimey, it will be better to wash it with detergent and brush it with a toothbrush.

Detergent is a great cleaning product that can get rid of even the most difficult stains.

First, pour detergent into the bowl or bucket. Then, pour water until the detergent is diluted. Next, use the toothbrush to scrub the stain thoroughly. Rinse the lawn chair carefully with plain water in order to get rid of any detergent residue that might be left behind.

2. Dishwashing soap

Dishwashing soap is easily accessible, which makes it a great tool to clean your plastic lawn chair. Especially if this chair is white, as dishwashing soap can remove stains and other dirt easily.

First, you pour the dishwashing soap into a bucket of water and mix them well before you pour it onto your lawn chair.

Then, apply this mixture onto your washed plastic lawn chair with a sponge and wipe it on the areas you want to clean.

Rinse this mixture off of your plastic lawn chair with water to remove any residue that is left behind.

3. White vinegar

White vinegar to clean plastic lawn chairs. Because it is an acid, white vinegar removes all sorts of nasty stuff from surfaces: mold, mildew, lime deposits, etc.

White vinegar is cheap, and it cleans and removes odors, making it a great alternative to more expensive cleaning products.

To clean your plastic lawn chairs, pour two cups of vinegar into a bucket of water. Then, dip a soft brush into the mixture, and scrub at the dirtiest areas. Brush it and then Rinse it with water afterward in order to remove any vinegar residue.

4. Baking soda

Baking soda is a great cleaning agent, so it will be easy to clean and disinfect plastic lawn chairs.

Spraying the baking soda generously onto a towel or cloth, then spreading it all over the chair, will even ensure thorough cleaning.

The mixture will sit for a few minutes and can be removed using the hose and water.

Then, you can simply wipe off the chair with a clean soft cloth and finish by rinsing it with water.

5. Dish soap

Dish soap is great to use as a household cleaner. It’s a versatile product that can be used to wash dishes and clean your house.

Mixing dish soap with water can create a foamy mixture that’s great to clean the gunk off of your chairs.

Pour the foamy mixture into the bucket before applying the sponge to the surface of your chair. Use the brush to loosen dirt, and then scrub the bottom parts of the chair with a sponge.

6. Mixture of vinegar and lemon

You can clean plastic lawn chairs with a mixture of vinegar and lemon. Mix 1/3 cup organic vinegar with 2/3 cup organic lemon and spray on your plastic lawn chairs to kill mold and eliminate the smell.

Let the compound sit on your plastic lawn chair for 5-10 minutes and then scrub with a sponge. Leave it to dry under the sun.

7. Special detergent for plastic materials

Plastic is a synthetic polymer material that’s very durable and can be used in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to construction, transportation, and business.

However, like other materials that are made of plastic, it can also be hard to clean. That’s why you need a special detergent to do the job for you.

Did you know that you could use regular detergent to clean plastic? This will safely remove loose dirt, stains, and oil without causing any damage. You can find it in the nearest store or search it online!


If you have plastic lawn furniture in your garden or by the pool, then you need to clean it regularly or it will look ugly and dirty. Follow this guide to make your plastic garden furniture look good as new.

  1. Detergent
  2. Dishwashing soap
  3. White vinegar
  4. Baking soda
  5. Dish soap
  6. Mixture of vinegar and lemon
  7. Special detergent for plastic materials

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