11 Steps: How to Clean the Inside of a Bottle Without a Brush

Leaving the bottle dirt without any intervention is wrong. Do not let this happen. Learn how to clean the inside of a bottle without a brush properly!

Short answer: you can clean the inside of a bottle without a brush by using a combination of raw rice, dishwashing liquid, and a little bit of water. Pour them into the bottle, close the lid, and shake it firmly. Last, rinse until perfectly dry.

A water bottle is a great thing to use if you go to the gym or work out constantly. Water bottles are easy to carry around, fill up and drink from. A water bottle is also handy to store your liquids in while at the office or school.

Bottles come in handy during summer. With the scorching heat, a lot of people are tempted to drink sodas or other cold drinks by using water bottles.

Some even use bottles to store their beverages. When you use bottles, you tend to pour drinks on a regular basis. You might be surprised to find out that your bottle does not stay clean as long as you’d want it to.

Most people, when finished using and need to clean it, probably only wash it from the outside. Actually, the inside could be dirty and collect unwanted objects. Ignoring the inside part of a bottle of water can have a disastrous impact.

Most of the time, people try to remove dirt or other unwanted things in a bottle by using a brush. It is great to reach all of the inside areas which could not be cleaned by a sponge.

However, if you are traveling, you may not have access to a bottle brush. What would you do in this situation?

Knowing how to clean a bottle without one can be handy in this situation. This article will show you how to clean the inside of a bottle without a brush easily!

Why do you need to clean the inside of a bottle?


1.  Eliminating germs and mold

It’s important to clean the inside of a bottle if you wish to eliminate the germs and bacteria which could live there. If you don’t properly clean the inside of a bottle, it can grow mold.

That mold could make your drinks taste bad, or even poison you. Cleaning a bottle’s inner walls is a crucial step in keeping it sanitary, and keeping your beverages safe to drink.

2. Eliminating the bad smell

A musty smell can occur in water bottles if they aren’t cleaned often enough. Also, it makes a bad drinking experience.

How to clean the inside of a bottle without a brush

Before doing the cleaning process, prepare the following materials:

  • a tablespoon of raw rice
  • a few drops of dishwashing liquid or Castile liquid soap
  • warm water

Cleaning the inside of a bottle without a brush is possible. You just need to be creative.

1. Add a spoonful of raw rice into the bottle

2. Pour a few drops of soap into the bottle

3. Fill the bottle with water to a quarter full

4. Put the bottle cap or cover it with your hand

5. Shake the spin the bottle gently until all the bottle liquid is evenly distributed

After pouring the rice and soap in it, shake and rotate the bottle gently. When the bottle is rotated, the raw rice will also twist and rub against the walls of the glass.

This action will help scrub the inside of the bottle while loosening any grime that has formed on its surface.

It’s important to shake and rotate the bottle in many different directions so that none of the walls of the bottle are left undisturbed. Do this for at least 1 minute.

6. Wait for a while

7. Remove the entire contents of the bottle

8. Rinse with running water and shake again

9. Rinse up to 3 times to make sure the bottle is completely clean

10. Wipe with a microfiber cloth until dry

11. Put the bottle face down


How do you clean a bottle without a brush?

Yes, we can clean the inside of a bottle without a brush. We just need to find an alternative for brushing it. Raw rice to the rescue. Just pour it into the bottle and add some dishwashing liquid. Fill the bottle with water up to a quarter full. Mix it till enough and rinse it with warm water.

Is it recommended to clean the bottle with raw rice?

If you have no brush, do it. If you have one, always clean it with the bottle brush. It has been designed to reach and clean the area inside the bottle easily and effectively.


Sometimes you need to clean a bottle but you don’t have a brush. No worries, you can still clean your bottle if you put in some effort.

Raw rice is an effective cleaning solution for a bottle as a replacement for the brush. You can apply this method if you have no option.

Also, if you have a problem to clean narrow neck bottle, raw rice to the rescue!

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