4 Proven Tips: How to Clean Wooden Window Frames

Wooden window frames make the building more elegant. However, it takes a great effort to keep it nice. Learn how to clean wooden window frames easily.

Wooden window frames are a framework made of lumber that forms a box in the wall of a building to hold glass or other materials for the window opening.

It is made entirely out of wood, and the surface is coated with a layer of latex paint, resulting in a more aesthetic appearance to the exterior of your house.

Wooden window frames are an alternative to the more common aluminum window frames. They’re a great option for people who want to give their home a natural, traditional look.

The longer you use your wooden window frames, the more dirt and stains accumulate on them. This can damage the appearance of your wooden window frames over time. The dirt obscures the natural beauty of the wood and can even dent or scratch it as well as cause excess discoloration.

If these stains are there for a long time, the wood underneath can decay and spoil over time. Over the duration of many years, this can cause significant damage to your window frames.

If your home has wooden window frames and you want to clean them, you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find out how to achieve professional results from cleaning wooden window frames.

Why do people love to use wooden window frames?

1. They are customizable

Wooden window frames come in a wide range of colors, and styles and can be designed to complement any architecture style or theme.

They can be decoratively and uniquely painted to create a unique look or match the décor of the home or office. They can also be stained in different ways to achieve beautiful different effects like patinas.

Wooden frames give your home that cottage feels, adding character and just the right amount of warmth and coziness. A well-designed wooden window can give it a traditional and classic look.

2. They are durable

The best thing about wooden window frames is that they are durable. They can last for a long time, even in harsh weather. They’re also easy to repair. They can be dented or scratched, but they are still easy to fix.

How to clean wooden window frames

1. Dishwashing liquid

Dishwashing liquid is a fine material to clean wooden window frames. It makes dirt and stains go easily.

Prepare the following materials

  • 500 ml of warm water
  • a bit of dishwashing liquid
  • damp cloth
  • an old toothbrush
  • a microfiber cloth
  • a bucket

First, combine 500 ml of water with a little bit of dish soap. Stir well to create a soapy mixture. Fill 100 ml of the soapy water into the spray bottle. Next, spray it on the frames.

Then, dip a damp cloth in the bucket, wring it until becomes damp, and scrub your wooden window frame. Do it gently to get rid of dirt and grime.

For stubborn stains, use an old toothbrush to remove them. Finally, wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.

2. Castile liquid soap

Castile liquid soap is a natural alternative for washing wooden window frames. It’s good for the environment and doesn’t leave any soap residues that could damage the wood over time. It’s gentle, so it won’t fade away any color from the wood.

  • 500 ml of warm water
  • a bit of Castile liquid soap
  • a damp cloth
  • an old toothbrush
  • a microfiber cloth
  • a bucket

First, mix together 500 ml of water and a few drops of liquid soap. Make sure to stir well until the solution is soapy. Next, pour 100 ml of the soapy solution into your spray bottle. Spray the mix on your window frames.

Then, dip a damp cloth in the bucket and wring it until become damp. Then, wipe down the window frame. Gently scrub it to get rid of dirt and grime. For stubborn stains, use a toothbrush to remove them. Last, wipe everything with a microfiber cloth.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the safest and cheapest cleaners out there, yet you can use it for a ton of different things around your home. You can use also use it to clean wooden window frames.

Prepare the following materials:

  • 500 ml of warm water
  • 4 tablespoons of baking soda
  • a damp cloth
  • an old toothbrush
  • a microfiber cloth
  • a bucket

Pour 500 ml of warm water and 4 tablespoons of baking soda into a bucket. Mix them well. Next, put 100 ml of the mixture into the spray bottle. Wet the window frames by spraying the mixture on the surface.

Then, wet your damp cloth and wring until becomes damp. Rub it on the wooden window frame afterward. To get rid of the tough stains, use an old toothbrush. Finally, dry it with a microfiber towel..

4. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is excellent for removing sticky residue and dust from wooden window frames. Rubbing alcohol kills the bacteria that stick to the wood and leave behind a nasty residue; it also disinfects the wood.

Also, it evaporates quickly and doesn’t leave behind residues as soap can.

Prepare the following materials:

  • 200 ml of rubbing alcohol
  • a spray bottle
  • a damp cloth
  • a microfiber cloth

To clean the wooden window frames, put 200 ml of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Then, spray it on the frames. Also, spray a bit of the alcohol on the damp cloth to make it wet.

Then, wipe the frames gently. Make sure you scrub the edge and another unreachable area. Use an old toothbrush to get rid of the thick stain. Last, wipe the excess with a dry microfiber cloth.

How to maintain your wooden window frames

1. Avoid using a harsh cleaner

Wooden windows will last longer if you avoid using harsh commercial wood cleaners. These overly strong chemicals will eat away at the wood’s cellulose, leaving it weak and vulnerable to cracking. 

Also, using harsh particles will deteriorate the finish on your wooden windows, making them look much older than it actually is.

2. Clean it regularly

Cleaning is the key to maintaining wooden window frames. Keeping the frame clean prevents dirt and grime from settling in, thereby maintaining the wood’s finish. Regular cleaning will also prevent cracking and rotting, which means we will extend their lifespan.


How do you remove black Mould from wooden window frames?

Mix mild illiquid soap and 200 ml of warm water in a spray bottle and shake them. Then, spray it on the black Mould area. Let it sit for a few seconds and scrub it with an old toothbrush. Then, wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth.

Can you use bleach on wooden window frames?

You can use bleach only to clean the white wooden window frame. For other conditions, bleach is a really bad idea. You cannot use bleach to clean your window frames as it will ruin them. It can cause earlywood rot.


Wooden window frames are a great alternative to metal or vinyl ones. They’re quiet, help keep your house cool in the summer, and retain heat in the winter.

They are a lot more pleasing to the eye than ordinary frames, giving your home an appealing look.

Window frames that are dirtied over time can look very bad. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean them with the right products. Let me summarize how to clean wooden window frames easily!

  1. Dishwashing liquid to the rescue
  2. Castile liquid soap gives a good cleaning result
  3. Baking soda makes it free of stains
  4. Rubbing alcohol for stubborn dirt

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