7 Pro Tips: How to Dispose of Baby Wipes

People use baby wipes to clean dirt. However, it makes environmental problems. Keep reading to know how to dispose of baby wipes!

Baby wipes are a must-have for parents, but they’re not the environmentally friendly product

The problem is that the majority of people throw them away after use. This is bad for the environment because it creates a lot of trash that can take years to decompose.

There are a lot of options you can do to dispose of them. But, which is the right method? What method you can use to dispose of the baby wipes without causing any trouble?

Here’s how to dispose of them properly, so you don’t pollute the planet.

Why should you dispose of baby wipes properly?

1. Baby wipes are not biodegradable

Some people don’t know that baby wipes are not biodegradable so they throw them out in the trash.

If you do this, then it’s going to take a long time for those wipes to decompose and break down in your trash bin.

2. Baby wipes could harm the environment

If you don’t dispose of them properly, they will end up in landfills and cause pollution.

Baby wipes contain plastic fibers and fragrances that can contaminate groundwater or affect aquatic life if released into the environment through the sewer system.

How to dispose of baby wipes

1. Put them in the trash bin

To dispose of baby wipes, place them in a container with other non-organic materials and dispose of them with your regular trash.

You can put them in a special paper bag which only contains the wipes. This will make the waste management process easier.

Also, you can wrap them in a newspaper or magazine and seal them in a plastic bag. This will keep bacteria from spreading from dirty wipes.

2. Take them to the recycling center


It is best to take your baby wipes to the nearest recycling center. Most recycling centers will accept them and properly dispose of them.

You can also find a nearby drop-off location for your baby wipes. These are usually at local fire stations, police stations, and hospitals.

Ask your pediatrician if they have any suggestions for where you can dispose of the wipes.

3. Contact the local waste management authority

Contact your local waste management authority if you are doubtful how to dispose of baby wipes.

They will suggest you on where and how to properly dispose of these items.

Most local waste management authorities will pick up the baby wipes and recycle them where possible.

They also have a drop-off point in the public area where you can put and dispose of your used baby wipes.

4. Donate them

You can dispose of baby wipes by donating them. Give away your baby wipes to your friends or neighbor.

Also, many organizations accept baby wipes as donations to give to families in need.

Check with your local charities and shelters to find out if they accept used baby wipes.

Keep in mind that always give the new and unopened baby wipes. Never gives the used one.

5. Ask the manufacturer

A lot of manufacturers provide instructions on how to dispose of their products. Find out if your baby wipes manufacturer has any suggestions for disposing of their products.

Most of the company will take them back, recycle them and use them to make new products or compostable biodegradable materials.

You can also take them back to the store where you bought them and ask them what can be done with them there.

Some stores have special bins for disposables like baby wipes that accept used items from customers.

6. Sell them

Selling baby wipes is an easy way to dispose of them. If you have a lot of them, you can even sell them in bulk.

You can easily make money by selling your baby wipes on Craigslist or eBay, or in a local Facebook group.

Baby wipes are in high demand and they don’t cost much. You can expect to make a good amount of money by selling them.

7. Burn them


If you have an open fire pit or burn barrel in your backyard, you can dispose of baby wipes by burning them.

Before doing this, dry the whole baby wipe so it will be easy to burn.

Also, always wear protective gear such as gloves and a mask to prevent any unwanted incident.

Burning baby wipes will prevent them from going into our landfills and contribute to the waste crisis we are facing today.

What you should not do to dispose of baby wipes

1. Do not bury them


It is best to not bury the baby wipes in the ground because they can leak into the earth and cause harm.

They can also contaminate the soil, which will affect the plants and animals that live in that area.

2. Do not flush them

Flushing baby wipes into the toilet or drain is a bad idea. Most baby wipes are not biodegradable. Flushing them will clog your plumbing system and wastewater.

The wipes also can clog toilets and pipes and make it harder for wastewater plants to treat wastewater.

This can cause a number of issues for your home and could make you pay for an expensive repair job.

People who live near rivers or lakes may also have issues with flushing wipes. They can harm fish and other wildlife once they enter the water supply.


How do I get rid of baby wipes?

Put the baby wipes in a container and throw them into the trash bin along with the non-organic materials. Don’t flush them down the toilet.

Can you throw baby wipes in the toilet?

Nope, do not throw the baby wipes into the toilet even the flushable ones. It can cause clogs and damage your pipes. You should throw them in the trash instead.

What happens if you flush a baby wipe into the toilet?

If you flush a baby wipe down the toilet, it can cause problems for your home’s plumbing. This can result in clogged pipes, and damage your drainage system.


If you’re looking for information about properly disposing of baby wipes, you’ve come to the right place.

Wipes are great for many uses like cleaning, cleansing, and disinfecting. They can be used for a variety of household jobs and beyond.

However, using baby wipes needs more attention.

Let me show you how to dispose of baby wipes in a nutshell!

  1. Put them in the trash bin
  2. Take them to the recycling center
  3. Contact the local waste management authority
  4. Donate them
  5. Ask the manufacturer
  6. Sell them
  7. Burn them

If you have problem to dispose of your household materials, you can read my article to dispose of bad eggs, plastic straw, and rubbing alcohol!

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