6 Tips: How to Dispose of Bleach in Safe Way!

Having too much bleach or unused bleach is difficult. It could harm your family or the environment. We’ll show you how to dispose of bleach in safe way!

Bleach is a solution of water and bleach (sodium hypochlorite) in different concentrations.

It is used for cleaning, disinfection, and as a water purifier. It can be found in liquid, tablet, or powder form at home improvement stores and grocery stores.

Disposing bleach properly is a daunting task. Most people just throw it anywhere without a sense of responsibility. This is not true.

As a chemical solution, you should get rid of it carefully so it won’t harm people or the environment.

If you have unused bleach or expired bleach, you should dispose of it in the right way.

Don’t worry!

Let me show you how to dispose of bleach easily!

Preparation to dispose of bleach

1. Check your local regulation

To dispose of bleach, check your local regulation. Some states allow you to put it in with your regular garbage. If not, you’ll need to take it to a hazardous waste collection site or facility.

2. Wear protective gear


Bleach is a corrosive chemical that can cause serious damage to your eyes, nose, skin, and lungs if you come into contact with it.

You should wear protective gloves and goggles when handling bleach. If possible, wear an apron as well to protect your clothing from splashing bleach.

How to dispose of bleach

1. Pour it into the sink


You can dispose of bleach properly by pouring it into the sink. To do this, turn the tap on and pour the bleach discard the bleach along with the water.

Once you have poured all the bleach out, keep the running water flowing for 30 seconds. This will help to dilute the bleach.

2. Pour it into the drain

You can dispose of bleach properly by throwing it into the drain. To do this, pour the water and the bleach together. This will help dilute it and allow it to break down faster, which will prevent it from corroding your pipes and causing damage to your plumbing system.

But, this method works well when you have a small amount of bleach. If you have much of bleach, do not do this.

3. Call the local waste authority

Contact your local waste authority or environmental department to find out how you should dispose of bleach.

They may have special collection days when you can bring certain items in, or they may have drop-off locations for specific products including liquid waste.

Some areas have special rules about how to dispose of household products like bleach.

For instance, some areas require that you mix the bleach with other things first before putting them out with your regular trash pick-up.

You can also throw away bleach in a container designed for hazardous waste disposal.

These containers are often blue or green and have a diamond-shaped symbol on them. You can find these containers at most hardware stores, public areas, or supermarkets.

4. Take it to the hazardous waste recycling center

If you have unused, opened, or partially used bottles of bleach, you can take them to a hazardous waste recycling center.

These centers accept all types of household hazardous waste such as paints, cleaners, including bleach solutions.

The recycling center will most likely accept bleach, but it is always best to check with them first.

5. Donate it

If you have extra bleach, you can donate it to a friend or neighbor in need. They may need it for cleaning their home.

You can also announce the giveaway through social media such as local Facebook groups. Locals will be happy to take it to your home.

You can also donate the bleach to your local charity organization.

6. Sell it

If you have large amount of bleach, you can dispose of it by selling it. You can sell it to those who need it for cleaning purposes or for mixing with other chemicals.

You can sell your bleach to a number of companies that specialize in recycling and salvaging household chemicals such as bleach.

You can also post an ad on Craigslist or eBay with the price that you are asking for the bleach

7. Use up all of the bleach

Another way to dispose of the bleach is by using up all of it.

You can use it to wash your white clothes or shoes.

You can also use bleach to kill weeds or grass in your garden.

To do this, put the bleach and add some water into a container. Then, throw it into the weed or grass area.

It is best to use bleach to kill weeds in your garden by mixing it with water and spraying it on the plants that you want dead.

The grass and weeds will day within one day after being poured with the bleach solution.

However, you should be careful when applying this method. Spray it gently so it won’t harm your other plant or flower.

You should also not mix bleach with other chemicals or cleaners, as it will cause a dangerous reaction.

How to store bleach safely

1. Store it properly

It is a bad idea to keep it in an area with high heat or cold. It can also be harmed if exposed to light for long periods of time.

If you are not intending to use it for a long period of time, keep it in a cold and dry area.

Store bleach away from food and drink. Bleach is poisonous and should always be kept away from food goods.

2. Place in a clearly labeled, non-breakable container

When you want to store the bleach, place it in a clearly labeled, non-breakable container.

It is important to keep it tight because it contains harmful chemicals that can harm your health if you inhale or swallow them.

3. Keep it away from children and pets

Put your bleach out of reach to make sure your kids or pet take it.

You can store it in a cupboard, cabinet, or a higher place where they can’t reach it easily.

What you should not do to dispose of bleach?

1. Do not toss it in the trash bin carelessly


Do not just toss the bleach when you want to get rid of it.

Bleach has harmful substances and could make porous objects such as pipes.

Throwing it in the trash bin can be dangerous for people who don’t know they are handling the bleach.

If you find no solution to dispose of bleach, you can toss it to the trash bin with a labeled name on the bottle!

2. Do not throw it into the water source

When you want to dispose of bleach, do not throw it into water sources such as ponds, rivers, or lakes.

The reason is that bleach can contaminate the water and harm animals that live in the area.

It’s also dangerous for human beings who might drink from these sources of water.


There are ways to properly dispose of bleach. If you have unused bleach, it is important to dispose of it correctly at home.

if it is not disposed of it not only poses a danger to those who live in the house, but also to the environment. Here are some ways that you can safely dispose of your bleach.

  1. Pour it into the sink
  2. Pour it into the drain
  3. Call the local waste authority
  4. Take it to the hazardous waste recycling center
  5. Donate it
  6. Sell it

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