6 Easy Steps: How to Dispose of Ceramic Plates

Have you been struggling with ceramic plates? Don’t Worry! We will give you a clear answer on how to dispose of ceramic plates.

Ceramic plates are made from clay, which is fired at very high temperatures (the firing process) before being cooled and then glazed.

The resulting product has many desirable qualities that make it a good choice for dinnerware.

ceramic is a very hard material, which means that it’s going to be able to stand up to heavy use and it also won’t scratch or dent easily.

Ceramic plates are also non-porous, which means that they’re not going to absorb fats or odors from your food.

This makes them great for serving both hot and cold foods.

Plus, the fact that they’re non-porous means that they’re really easy to clean!

Do you have leftover ceramic plates from a previous project but aren’t sure what to do with them?

Allow me to explain how to dispose of ceramic plates easily!

Why do you need to dispose of ceramic plates properly?

Ceramics is both durable and versatile. But this durability makes the material won’t break down easily when disposing of it.

The ceramic plates are too heavy to make their way into the dirt, and they don’t break down into smaller particles that can be eaten by microorganisms or used as food by other animals.

Instead of breaking down easily like other materials, they can sit in landfills for thousands of years, taking up valuable space and adding to the massive amount of waste we throw away every day.

How to Dispose of Ceramic Plates

1. Donate them

One of the good things about ceramic plates is that they can be donated to charity and will be used again. In this way, you can help the people who need these plates.

You can ask your friends and family members if they want to keep them.

Check the local organization which accepts donations. They will take your ceramic plates and use or give them to people who need them.

You can also give them to small businesses owner, especially food and beverage biz.

Remember, only donate good ceramic plates!

2. Sell them

Selling ceramic plates is another environmentally friendly option to dispose of them. It’s a great way to make money and declutter at the same time.

If your area has a flea market, you might ask a few vendors if you can sell some there.

Facebook is a great place to sell used items. You can offer ceramic plates to your local community Facebook group. There will be a lot of potential buyers waiting for you.

Don’t forget that you can use a free service such as Craigslist if you want to sell some ceramic plates in your home or local area only.

This will help you save gas money for driving around town trying to sell the items that you no longer need.

3. Repurpose them

You can repurpose ceramic plates and create some beautiful DIY projects that you want.

Repurposing ceramic plates isn’t as hard as it sounds.

One idea is to use them as wall hangings or place cards on a table setting. Another idea is to turn them into coasters or trivets for your kitchen or bar area.

A decorative ceramic plate can be used as a coaster for post-dinner drinks, or as a platform for an indoor plant.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can use broken pieces of plates as material for mosaics.

Create an entire work of art by picking up pieces of color at a time and arranging them in a pleasing pattern—a single mosaic doesn’t need to be large or complex!

4. Take them to the recycling center

Another alternative to dispose of ceramic plates is simply taking them to your local recycling center.

That means the material will be used again in making new things, rather than going to a landfill where it will just sit. And that’s a win for the environment! Y

ou can even ask if they’ll take broken ones because some places do.

A lot of people assume that recycling centers only accept glass and paper, but in fact, they also usually accept ceramic dishes.

The recycling center is a good place to dispose of laptop charger and oxygen tanks easily!

5. Call the local waste authority

To get rid of ceramic plates, look up the contact information of your local waste authority.

They are responsible for managing trash collection and recycling programs in their own areas.

Most of them provide phone numbers on their websites that you can call if you have any questions about recycling.

They might recommend that you clean all the plates and then take them to a specific location for pickup or drop-off, or they might be able to come to your location for pick-up.

6. Throw them into the trash bin

If you have no idea to dispose of ceramic plates, throw them into the trash bin.

Place the broken in a plastic bag and avoid any broken pieces from falling out.

You can purchase a special trash bag for that kind of waste at any hardware store.

Make sure you write the words “ceramic” on the bag so it is easy to identify and prevent further accidents later on.

Finally, throw it into the trash bin.

What you should not do to dispose of ceramic plates

1. Do not bury them

Avoid burying the ceramic plates if you want to dispose of them.

The ceramic may break down over time, but there is always a risk that the entire plate will not decompose and it will end up in landfills instead.

Even if they are broken beyond repair, then please do not bury them in the ground. This will cause trouble for animals and plants in the area as well as for people who live nearby.

2. Do not burn them

If you have no idea to get rid of ceramic plates, do not burn them.

When burning, ceramic plates will produce large amounts of toxic gases that can cause respiratory illnesses in humans.

These include not only carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, but also lead and cadmium.

These substances have a negative impact on the human body, so those who are exposed to them for a long time may experience various diseases and even cancer.


Ceramics are dishes made from baked clay. These typically include plates and bowls.

These dishes can last for decades when properly taken care of, so you may be wondering how to dispose of ceramic plates when it’s finally time to pitch them.

Let me show you how to get rid of ceramic plates in a nutshell!

  1. Donate them
  2. Sell them
  3. Repurpose them
  4. Take them to the recycling center
  5. Call the local waste authority
  6. Throw them into the trash bin

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