4 Easy Tips: How to Dispose of Deodorant Cans

As an environmental-conscious consumer, you don’t want to simply throw your used deodorant cans in the garbage. Learn how to dispose of deodorant cans here!

Deodorant cans are small containers used to hold underarm deodorant.

These containers are made from different materials depending on the brand’s needs, but aluminum and plastic are the most popular material for this type of product.

They have a small dent on one side that’s used to open the container.

Deodorant cans are essential household items and a necessity in a personal accessory kit that you should always have handy at home or when on the go.

You might have found it a bit surprising when you first read the title of this article. Is it possible to dispose of these aerosol cans? Is that legal? Do you need a permit before disposing of them?

Let’s find out how to dispose of deodorant cans!

Preparation to dispose of deodorant cans

1. Empty the deodorant cans

Remember to check whether the deodorant cans are empty before throwing them out.

To avoid this mistake, it is a good idea to open your deodorant cans and empty them before throwing them away.

The chemicals in the deodorant can cause water pollution and soil contamination if the containers are not properly handled.

2. Separate it from other trash

When you are disposing of the deodorant cans, make sure that you have separated them from other trash.

If you don’t, the cans will be mixed with other trash and have a bad environmental impact.

To make it easier, use a special container that you can buy at the store or make yourself.

The special containers will be useful in storing deodorant cans and you can bring them to the trash collection site easily.

How to dispose of deodorant cans

There are many ways to recycle old deodorant cans, so don’t simply throw them into the trash.

1. Take it to the recycling center

The best way to recycle deodorant cans is by taking them to your nearest recycling center.

Many cities have at least one facility that accepts household hazardous waste, including deodorant cans.

Just call ahead first to make sure they accept deodorant cans, but most will accept them if they are empty.

They’ll collect them for proper disposal and make sure that they don’t wind up in a landfill.

2. Contact the manufacturer


Manufacturers don’t want their products to end up in the trash. If you know who made your deodorant, contact them.

They may give you instructions for doing so: for example, some companies take back all of their own brand deodorants from customers or have a program specifically for recycling used cans.

Companies are often happy to do this because they want to reduce the cost of disposing of their product.

3. Call your local waste management authority

If you’re looking to dispose of deodorant, call your local waste management authority.

They will know how to properly dispose of it safely.

And if they don’t, they can point you in the right direction.

And if they can’t do any of that either, there’s a good chance they’ll at least be able to help direct you toward a reputable hazardous waste disposal company near you.

In most cases, they tell us that the deodorant cans we wanted to dispose of needed to be taken to a recycling center.

In some areas, you can even leave it in a roadside trash can with a “recycled” logo for collection and processing.

Some might even come to pick them up from your house or office.

4. Repurpose it

Whether you’re tossing them out with the rest of your garbage or recycling them, deodorant cans can be used for a variety of creative projects that will make your life easier.

Empty deodorant cans can be used for a lot of things. They can be used as storage containers for small items, like buttons, beads, and other trinkets; as holders for keys, hair accessories, and jewelry; as pencil holders, or even as vases for fresh flowers.

You can also use the space underneath to store extra batteries or other small objects that you may need quickly.

You can even cut holes into them if you’re looking for somewhere to hold your hair ties and rubber bands.

What you should not do to dispose of deodorant cans

1. Don’t throw it in the trash bin


There are a lot of things that should be disposed of in the trash, but deodorant cans should not be one of them.

If you throw these items away, they will end up in a landfill where they will not biodegrade for hundreds of years. They can also leak toxic material into the earth and water supply.

Even if they’re empty, the chemical residue can leak out and contaminate other items in the dumpster.

It may cause a lot of hassle for the trash collectors and the city that has to deal with this garbage.

2. Don’t burn it

If you want to dispose of deodorant cans, don’t burn them.

The deodorant inside the can is not just used up. It is still full of aluminum and other chemicals that are very bad for the environment.

If you burn it, those chemicals will float into the air and be breathed in by anyone around you. Also, burning the can will produce a lot of toxic smoke.


Many people have old deodorant cans laying around. This guide will explain how you can dispose of them properly and how to get rid of them without harming the environment.

  1. Take it to the recycling center
  2. Contact the manufacturer
  3. Call your local waste management authority
  4. Repurpose it

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