6 Tips: How to Dispose of Fireworks Like a Pro!

Some areas have different rules to get rid of fireworks. If you do it wrong, you might get punishment. Learn how to dispose of fireworks properly!

Fireworks are a favorite for a lot of people. They can be used in celebrating their various holidays and occasions. People use them for parties and having fun, but many do not know about disposing of fireworks properly.

According to the NFPA, in 2018 fireworks caused 19,500 fires and other hazards that caused 5 civilian deaths 46 injuries, & $105 million in property damages.

Regarding this data, you should know how to get rid of fireworks safely.

But, what is the right way to do this? Do you just need to toss them in the trash bin and leave them away?

In this article, I will show you how to dispose of fireworks without making any problems!

Why should you dispose of fireworks properly?

1. They could start a fire

You should dispose of fireworks properly because they can start a fire.

Fireworks contain explosive materials, which means they can catch fire easily. If you don’t put out your fireworks properly, you could end up with a fire that destroys property and threatens lives.

2. They could harm you and the environment

Fireworks contain chemicals like sulfur and metals like aluminum and magnesium.

When exposed to air and water, these chemicals can release toxic fumes that are harmful to your health and the environment.

In some areas, fireworks are banned because of the problems they cause.

People often use illegal fireworks to celebrate holidays and other special occasions.

These fireworks can cause fires and injuries to people and animals.

How to Dispose of Fireworks

1. Soak them and throw them in a trash bin

Soak the fireworks in the water
Put the fireworks into the plastic container
Throw the fireworks to the trash bin

To get rid of the fireworks, soak them in water and then throw them in a trash bin. A firework that’s been soaked can’t be relit.

Make sure all pieces are completely wetted. Some dry spots could still explode when exposed to heat or friction during transportation or disposal.

It will be less likely to explode and cause injury if someone tries to do so.

2. Put them in a container and toss them

Fireworks can be disposed of by placing them in a container and throwing them away.

This will keep the fireworks from rubbing against each other and starting a fire.

The most secure method is to place them in a heavy-duty plastic bag, tie it securely, and throw it away.

Wrap the fireworks in newspaper and place them in a plastic bag. Tie the bag up and throw it away.

3. Contact your local authority

Contacting the local authority is a fine option to dispose of the fireworks.

They have a pick-up service for hazardous materials such as fireworks for free.

They will take them to a special facility where the fireworks will be safely recycled.

They can also offer you advice on how to safely dispose of them.

Or, you can call your local fire department or police station: they may have recommendations on the best way(s) to get rid of fireworks without endangering others.

4. Light the fireworks and throw them

If you want to get rid of your unused fireworks, you can light them up and throw them away.

That way they won’t be a danger to anyone else if they’re not used properly.

Do this away from flammable materials such as paper, bushes, or gasoline.

When disposing of fireworks this way, be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves to protect against burns and chemical splashes on your skin.

5. Take them to Household Waste Recycling Centre

Another fine option to dispose of them is by taking them to the nearest household waste recycling center.

This recycling center has sufficient facilities to process and recycle fireworks into other useful objects.

You can also visit a licensed waste disposal facility, such as a landfill site or incinerator, where fireworks will be disposed of in line with their permit conditions.

6. Give them away

If you have extra fireworks and want to dispose of them, just give them away.

You can donate them to the local fire department, a school, or a kindergarten group that will use them in a safe manner.

Remember, always give the unused fireworks. Nobody wants to accept the used one.

Just make sure that whoever gets your fireworks knows how to handle them safely and knows how to dispose of them properly when they are done using them.

What you should not do to dispose of fireworks

1. Do not bury them

When fireworks are buried, they can be extremely dangerous.

It could cause an explosion, endangering people, animals, and property.

This is because the fuse will remain lit even if it is buried in the soil.

Allowing fireworks to be buried can also harm the environment because the chemicals in the fireworks can leach into the soil and groundwater.

2. Do not throw them into bodies of water

Don’t throw the fireworks into bodies of water because you have no idea to dispose of them.

Fireworks can pollute the water with heavy metals and other toxic chemicals.

The chemicals in fireworks can contaminate the water and kill fish.

Even after they’re cooled off, they’re still dangerous to animals and people.

3. Do not throw them into the fire pit

It is dangerous to put fireworks in a fireplace or barbecue pit because they can explode from the heat.

Fireworks are made up of highly flammable chemicals that can ignite if exposed to a flame or spark.


Will fireworks work after being wet?

Fireworks that have been exposed to water can still be used. However, it’s important to dry them off quickly. The best way to dry fireworks is to leave them out in the sun for several days.

Can fireworks explode without being lit?

Yes, they can. This can happen when certain types of fireworks are handled incorrectly or if they are damaged during transportation or storage.

Are fireworks safe to store in the house?

It’s not recommended to store fireworks in the house. They should be kept in a cool, dry area that is away from children and animals. They should also be put away after each use.


We all love fireworks, but at the end of the night, you’re left with a large pile of unexploded fireworks that need disposing of.

What should you do if you have fireworks left?

Read my tips on how to dispose of fireworks easily!

  1. Soak them and throw them in a trash bin
  2. Put them in a container and toss them
  3. Contact your local authority
  4. Light the fireworks and throw them
  5. Take them to Household Waste Recycling Centre
  6. Give it away

If you are aware to dispose of flammable objects, read my tips to dispose of matches and lighters properly!

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