7 Safe Steps: How to Dispose of Knives Properly!

When you want to get rid of the knives, find the right way to do that. Learn the steps on how to dispose of knives safely!

Knives are sharp and dangerous. They can cut through things easily, but you have to be careful with them.

If you have unused knives in your home, they could end up hurting your kids or yourself by accident.

To avoid this mistake, you can dispose of them in the correct ways.

Remember, do not just throw them in the trash bin. You can hurt people accidentally. If the knife rusts, it will cause serious health problems.

To prevent someone from hurting themselves or others, here’s how to dispose of knives like a professional.

What should you do before disposing of knives

1. Check your local regulation

If you want to get rid of knives, always check your local laws.

Throwing knives in the trash is illegal in some states. Even if it is not illegal, it can be dangerous to officers who must collect garbage.

You want to make completely sure you dispose of the knives legally. Otherwise, you may face a fine from your local government.

2. Wrap them tightly

Wrap the knives tightly before disposing of them. You don’t want the knives to cut through any trash bags. Dispose of them at a recycling center or drop-off location

If you are wrapping them in newspaper or cardboard, make sure that it is thick enough so that the knives cannot be seen.

You can also use tape or a rubber band to secure the knives. This will ensure that they don’t hurt anyone who has to pick up your garbage.

How to dispose of knives

1. Donate it

Donating is the best way to dispose of knives. There are a lot of people who are willing to accept them.

You can ask your friend or neighbor whether they accept it or not.

Check the local restaurant or food service. There is a high possibility they will accept your donation with pleasure.

Your local food bank or homeless shelter may be able to use your knives in their kitchens. Many homeless shelters can use donated cooking equipment and cutlery — especially during holidays.

You can also make an announcement via social media that there are knives that you can take for free.

However, always make sure to give only a good knife. Clean the knife and sharpen it before giving it to someone else. Make sure the knife can function properly.

2. Take it to the metal recycling center

The metal recycling center is the best option to dispose of your knives and pay cash for them.

In this facility, the metal can be melted down and reused for other purposes in an environmentally way.

They will recycle the metal from your blades into new products that can be used again.

3. Sell it

If you have a collection of knives that you want to get rid of, selling them is actually a good way to go about it.

There are many websites that will buy your old knives, including eBay or Craigslist.

Put an ad on a local Facebook group to find the potential buyer. Do not forget to add the photo and write the detailed condition of the knives.

You can also visit a local secondhand shop or antique store, where they will pay you cash for your knives.

4. Contact the nearest waste disposal service

The best way to dispose of knives is by contacting your local waste disposal service.

You can bring the knives to the places and give them for free.

Also, the waste disposal company usually has a free pick-up service. They will come to your house and pick up any specific items that you need to get rid of.

They will dispose of the items in a way that is appropriate for the item in accordance with local regulations.

5. Repurpose them


You can repurpose the knives for another project instead of throwing them away.

You can use the knives as a gardening tools. They work great for cutting flowers and vegetables. Just make sure that they’re sharp enough for the job!

Use them as a screwdriver. If you have a lot of screws that need tightening, a screwdriver is not handy. You can use an old knife instead. It will work just as well as any other screwdriver and it saves you time.

If you want to repurpose the knives and don’t need them sharp shape, make sure to blunt the blade so it doesn’t do any harm.

6. Wrap them tightly and contact the garbage collector

Wrap the knives tightly with cardboard and rubber tape and contact the garbage collector to do the safe disposing of.

They will be happy to pick up your knives and do the disposing process properly.

You also don’t have to worry that the knives will hurt anyone.

If you do not know who to contact, you can contact the local government, especially those dealing with waste or the environment.

7. Throw it in the metal trash bin

Some areas have the metal trash bin as a dumping ground for metal goods. If you live in the area, throw your knives in there.

The bin will be picked up and taken to a recycling plant where it can be recycled into new metal goods.

The bin is usually located in a special area and is marked with a sign that says “metal trash”.

What you should not do to dispose of knives

1. Don’t bury them


Never bury the knives if you want to dispose of them. There is a high chance that some animal will dig it up, or worse, innocent people may find it while walking and get injured.

2. Don’t throw them carelessly


Never throw your knives carelessly if you want to dispose of them.

It can cause injury to could injure garbage collectors or people who accidentally step on your trash.


Can steel knives be recycled?

Steel knives are metal and all metal can be recycled. Just wrap them tightly and take them to the nearest metal recycling center.

Do knives go in the recycle bin?

Knives can’t go into the recycle bin. They are sharp and could harm someone if out just throws them carelessly.


When it comes to disposing of knives, we must be extremely careful.

Knives can be dangerous, so it’s important that safety steps are taken to ensure they’re disposed of properly.

I’ll explain how to dispose of knives safely and legally, as well as provide some helpful hints.

  1. Donate it
  2. Take it to the metal recycling center
  3. Sell it
  4. Contact the nearest waste disposal service
  5. Repurpose them
  6. Wrap them tightly and contact the garbage collector
  7. Throw it in the metal trash bin

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