5 Pro Tips: How to Dispose of Matches Safely!

It is a common thing that we use matches at the home. However, people often don’t know how to dispose of matches safely. Keep reading!

Matches are a common tool for starting a fire easily.

A match is a small stick, sometimes covered in chemicals to keep it from being extinguished by wind or water, that has one end coated with combustible chemicals.

When you strike the other end against a surface, the friction creates heat and ignites the chemical. The flame then burns down the stick, and you can use it to start a campfire or wick-based candle.

Matches contain extremely flammable materials, and should always be stored in water or a fireproof container when not in use.

Matches are small, easy to carry around, and they come in a matchbox.

Those three things make it convenient to bring them with you wherever you go. But because they are so convenient to bring around, it’s important that you know how to properly dispose of them.

Did you know that there are right and wrong ways to dispose of matches?

So it turns out that there’s a big difference between simply throwing them in the trash, and safely storing them in a place where they can’t ignite. The latter option is obviously the best, but I’ve discovered a way to do both.

This guide will show you three different ways to safely dispose of matches on land or water.

Why do you should dispose of matches safely

1. Matches could start a fire

Matches contain phosphorus, which is flammable and could explode if it comes into contact with something else that’s flammable.

Once you strike a match, the chemical on the match head starts to burn and quickly spreads the flame to the rest of it.

If you dispose of it carelessly, you could potentially start a fire or even an explosion.

2. Matches can be swallowed by children

Children are always attracted to what they are not supposed to touch, and matches are no exception. Children put everything in their mouths, and they could swallow the wooden stick of the match while playing with it.

It s important to dispose of it safely because if children swallow it by mistake then it may cause serious harm to them.

How to dispose of matches safely

1. Soak the matches


Soaking matches in water is an easy way to dispose of them. They won’t burn, and they’ll dissolve.

First, fill up a container with water.

After that, soak the match heads in the water for at least an hour. Waiting longer will make it easier to get rid of them later.

Last, dump out the remaining water and dispose of the matches safely in your garbage or outside trash can (if you’re at home).

2. Light the matches and throw them

If you want to get rid of matches safely, first light them carefully and then throw them properly.

Light the match head over a flameproof surface like concrete or sand; this prevents the match from igniting any combustible materials around it.

Do this away from any objects that could catch fire; keep in mind that the flame travels up to 15 feet high and three feet wide.

Do not throw lit matches in an ashtray or other area where they could potentially ignite something; instead, put them in a sealed container and throw them in the trash can.

3. Bring it to a local waste facility

In case you have much of matches, consider bringing them to your local waste facility.

Your local waste facility will have a designated area for disposal like any other item that is not accepted in the regular garbage.

Many local waste facilities know how to dispose of matches properly and they will take them off your hands for free if you bring them there.

If a local waste facility is not available in your area, you can also check with a fire department or another government agency that deals with hazardous materials.

4. Bury them away from home


If you want to dispose of matches safely, you can bury them away from home. You can dig a hole to the depth of about 6 inches and bury the whole matchbook.

Matches are biodegradable because it is made of wood. The matches will break down over time, becoming part of the soil and not posing a fire hazard.

5. Throw them in a sealed container

If you have no option, you can throw them in the trash bin.

But, you must put them in a sealed container. If it’s not air-tight and the lid isn’t firmly attached, some air may get inside and ignite the match.

To remedy this, put a piece of tape over the opening so that no air can enter it.

What do you do with a burnt match?

IIf you want to do something with a burnt match, I recommend the following:

Toss them into the trash because they can not make fire anymore.

Wait for the match to cool before using it as a toothpick (it is strong enough).

A burnt match can be used as a decorative element in many different ways. First of all, you can hang it with other found objects on your wall like some kind of decoration.

What you need to note before disposing of your matches

1. Never throw your matches into the fire

Do not throw the matches into your fireplace or fire pit. This could result in a big fire.

You may cause a spark and perhaps a big fire if you do this recklessly. This is because the matchstick’s burning component is covered with phosphorous and sulfur, both of which can ignite when exposed to air.

2. Don’t put them in your pocket with coins and other metal objects

When disposing of the matches, you shouldn’t put them in your pocket with other metal objects.

That includes coins, spare change, keys, etc. The friction between the coins and the matchbox could cause a spark.

3. Don’t throw them in the trash bin or toilet

So when disposing of matches, do it properly so that they won’t be a threat to your health or your surrounding environment.

You should not throw matches into the trash bin because they can light up easily when they come into contact with air or other materials. Also, do not throw them into the toilet or sink because they can cause clogged drains.


How do you get rid of matches safely?

You may think that you can just throw them in the trash or even flush them down the toilet, but this could have serious long-term effects on your pipes as well as the environment.

In this article, I will show you how to safely dispose of matches safely.

  1. Soak the matches
  2. Light the matches and throw them
  3. Bring it to a local waste facility
  4. Bury them away from home
  5. Throw them in a sealed container

If you found no solution to get rid of the matches, just take them to local waste. You can also bring or old exercise equipment to this place.

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