8 Safe Tips: How to Dispose of Pizza Boxes!

When ordering pizza, it comes with pizza boxes. When you do much of them, what will you do? Let me show you how to dispose of pizza boxes!

It could be a daunting task to keep them in your house. If you throw them away, it could harm the environment.

Don’t worry!

I will provide you with the best way to dispose of them.

Keep reading to know how to dispose of pizza boxes easily!

What are pizza boxes made out of?

The main ingredient in pizza boxes is usually cardboard, which is a thin sheet made from trees or other plants.

A cardboard is a material that has been formed by folding and pressing multiple layers of flat paper together.

The process causes the surface of the cardboard to have an undulating pattern in which ridges or grooves form between the layers of paper.

This pattern allows for extra strength and support to be added to the box during production, making it ideal for holding heavy items such as pizzas.

The material is strong enough to hold the weight of the pizza and its toppings while remaining thin and easy to fold.

The cardboard is cut and folded into the shape of a box.

This material is biodegradable when disposed of properly.

How to dispose of pizza boxes

1. Take it to the recycling center

Pizza boxes are made from cardboard and you can recycle them. Take them to the nearest recycling center if you want to dispose of them.

Cardboard is a common material that’s used to make pizza boxes and other food containers. If you want to recycle this type of cardboard, look for the recycling symbol on the side of the box.

The symbol will be either a triangle with a number in it or an arrow inside a circle.

Most recycling centers accept cardboard boxes.

Some cities have drop-off sites or a curbside pickup program for paper and cardboard. These services make it easy to recycle pizza boxes without having to haul them yourself.

First, remove any leftover food from the box. Then, clean it with a clean wipe. Then, you can take them to the recycling center.

2. Toss them with another paper trash

You can dispose of pizza boxes by throwing them with other paper trash.

You can also group them with other paper products. This will help the officer sort the garbage and make it easier to dispose of the pizza boxes.

If your city has a specific place to drop cardboard or paper trash, toss it there.

3. Give them away

When you have no idea how to dispose of them, give them away to your relatives or friends.

Pizza boxes are made from sturdy material and people love to use them for storage or craft projects.

If you have unused pizza boxes, you can also give them to schools or charities. They will be useful for packing lunches and other lunch items.

4. Sell them

Selling is a fine way to make money from pizza boxes. Cardboard is a good material so people are looking for it and reusing it for another product.

You can sell them to scrap dealers who will use the material to make new products.

You can sell pizza boxes on eBay or Craigslist for about 20-50 cents apiece, depending on the condition and quantity.

Remember, always sell good pizza boxes. People don’t want to buy in bad condition.

5. Contact the local waste disposal company

If you want to dispose of pizza boxes, contact the local waste disposal company. This service will provide you the option to dispose of them.

They usually charge a fee for the pick-up and disposal of pizza boxes. The amount varies from company to company.

6. Burn them safely

Burning is not an environmental way to dispose of pizza boxes. Do this only if you have no choice.

Pizza boxes are made of flammable materials so you have to be careful when doing this.

You can burn the boxes in a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Put the fire off before leaving it.

Make sure that there is no fuel or any flammable material nearby when burning your pizza boxes.

7. Compost them

Pizza boxes are built of cardboard, which is compostable material.

Put the boxes in a compost pile and let them degrade naturally.

Composting is a good way to recycle and reduce trash, especially if you have a large vegetable crop or garden.

If you decide to compost your pizza box, make sure it is free of remaining food residue and grease stains before placing it in your compost bin or pile.

8. Reuse them

Reusing pizza boxes is the best option to dispose of them. You can make a lot of DIY projects or as a decorative item in your house,

Make them storage containers. Pizza boxes are great for storing small things like buttons, razor blades, and scissors crews since they have sturdy sides and lids that help keep everything together.

You can also create a bulletin board frame. Take a scissor and make a square hole in the pizza box. Use a tie to hang it. Then, you can use pushpins or sticky notes to hang notes and images on your bulletin board.

You can use them to wrap a package or gift. The sturdy material is suitable for shipping items.

Before using them as a container, make sure there is no odor residue. You can remove this smell by putting coffee grounds on the boxes or sprinkling a little bit of baking soda.

What you should not do to dispose of pizza boxes

1. Do not throw them carelessly

If you need to get rid of pizza boxes, you should not toss them out carelessly. If you throw them carelessly, the boxes may become trapped in the wind and make pollution.

2. Don’t tear up pizza boxes and flush them down the toilet

If you order pizza, don’t tear up the boxes and flush them down the toilet or sink.

That’s because they can clog your drainage system and could make you pay some cash to fix it.


What can you do with old pizza boxes?

You can reuse old pizza boxes as a craft, storage container, or wrapping package. You can even turn the box into a fun toy for your kids. The boxes are sturdy enough to be transformed into various shapes.

Can pizza boxes go to the compost bin?

Pizza boxes are made from cardboard, which is recycled. Pizza boxes can go into the compost bin, but only if they’re not greasy or oily. You’ll need to make sure that you only use clean pizza boxes.

What bin do I put pizza boxes in?

You can put it in a green bin or a special paper bin. Make sure there is no grease or any leftover before putting it. This will make the sorting and recycling process easier.


If you love to order pizza, you will have a lot of leftover boxes.

What will you do with them?

While others may fold their boxes and place them in the typical household garbage, we have a better solution. Let me show yo how to dispose of pizza boxes without making any mess.

  1. Take it to the recycling center
  2. Throw it with another paper trash
  3. Give it away
  4. Sell it
  5. Contact the local waste disposal company
  6. Burn them safely
  7. Compost them
  8. Reuse them

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