7 Safe Steps: How to Dispose of Rubbing Alcohol

Having rubbing alcohol in home is helpful. But, you must know how to dispose of rubbing alcohol properly. It is important to avoid any future accident.

Rubbing alcohol is a liquid that can be used for cleaning, disinfecting, and first aid.

It can be used to clean the skin or to remove makeup. You can also use it as a substitute for water when you are in an emergency situation.

As a versatile solution, you should have it in your house.

However, If you have it in large quantities or feel you don’t need it anymore, you must know how to dispose of it in the right way.

If you don’t, you might cause any harm to the surroundings.

Don’t worry.

Let me show you how to dispose of rubbing alcohol properly!

Why should you dispose of rubbing alcohol properly?

1. Rubbing alcohol is flammable

Rubbing alcohol could cause a fire or explosion if they come in contact with flames or sparks from an open flame device such as a lighter or matchstick.

If you don’t dispose of it properly, you might cause an accidental fire.

2. Rubbing Alcohol Is toxic waste

Rubbing alcohol can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness if you consume enough of it. It can also cause damage to your skin and eyes if you spill it on yourself or if you get it into your eyes.

If you throw it in the trash carelessly, the bottle can leak, contaminating the environment and potentially harming your family or neighbors.

How to Dispose of Rubbing Alcohol

1. Pour it into the drain or sink


The easiest way to get rid of disposing of rubbing alcohol is by pouring it into the drain or sink when the water is on. After you throw the whole solution, let the running water for 30 seconds.

This will make it easier to dissolve the alcohol content so that it becomes more diluted.

The solution will evaporate immediately and leaves no residue.

You can also add more water to the rubbing alcohol bottle so the solution is more diluted.

The thinner the alcohol, the better it is to throw it away.

The drain will dilute and break down the chemical, so there’s no harm done. Just make sure that the drain is connected directly to the sewer line.

However, if you have more than 70 percent concentration of rubbing alcohol, always dilute it with water before throwing it into the sink.

It helps to prevent clogs in the pipes or the drain.

2. Contact the nearest local hazardous waste disposal facility

Another way to dispose of rubbing alcohol is by contacting the nearest local hazardous waste disposal facility.

This place has a special treatment to dispose of any hazardous material so it won’t bring any danger to the people or the environment.

You can check this facility by searching it on the internet or contacting the local government information center.

Usually, this facility could come to your house to take the materials for free. Some of them will charge you for the pick-up.

3. Give it away

Give away your unused rubbing alcohol if you want to dispose of it. There might be another person who needs to use this kind of alcohol and would accept your gift with pleasure.

You can create a post in a local Facebook group and there will be a lot of people who would ask for it.

If you have a big amount of rubbing alcohol, they will be happy to pick it up at your place

You can also give it to the nearest health facility such as the hospital. They will use rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant.

4. Sell it

You can sell your rubbing alcohol if you have a large quantity of it.

It is a good tip to create extra cash without harming the environment.

You can sell it to the local pharmacy facility, laboratory, or medical facility.

If you find no interested buyer, create an ad on Facebook or e-bay.

5. Contact your local waste management authority

To dispose of rubbing alcohol, contact your local waste management authority. They will let you know where to take it and how to get rid of it properly.

Usually, local governments have a special time to pick up any garbage including hazardous material.

Also, they have a special drop-off place that you can use to dispose of harmful material including rubbing alcohol.

Or, you can seal the rubbing alcohol in a tight container and bring it to this facility. They will be happy to accept it and do the disposing process without causing any damage.

You can also do this to dispose of mop water or matches!

6. Use it


Rubbing alcohol is a multipurpose cleaning agent. When you want to dispose of it, use it to clean things up.

You can use it to clean your hands from the gasoline smell or remove the urine smell in the bathroom.

You can also pour it into a spray bottle and use it as a window or glass cleaner.

Using alcohol until it runs out is the wisest way to dispose of it.

7. Put it in the trash bin in a labeled and sealed container


The last thing you can do to dispose of rubbing alcohol is by putting it in the trash bin. Do not forget to give it a label and seal it in a tight container.

This process will make it easier for cleaners to recognize and identify the liquid so that they can separate it from other waste.


Does rubbing alcohol evaporate?

Rubbing alcohol evaporates. When you open a bottle of rubbing alcohol, some of the liquid inside will evaporate into the air. You can see this from vapor rising from your hand as you pour in more rubbing alcohol.

What do you do with expired rubbing alcohol?

Just pour it into the sink when the running water is on. The water will dilute the solution. This is a safe method to avoid any risk for your family.


Rubbing alcohol is a kind of ethanol used for cleaning and disinfection. It is commonly found in hospitals, but it is also available at pharmacies, grocery stores, and even gas stations.

Although it is safe to use, it must be properly disposed of so that it does not affect the environment.

  1. Pour it into the drain or sink
  2. Contact the nearest local hazardous waste disposal facility
  3. Give it away
  4. Sell it
  5. Contact your local waste management authority
  6. Use it
  7. Put it in the trash bin in a labeled and sealed container

If you have problem to dispose of another cleaning solution, read my tips to dispose of bleach!

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