9 Easy Ways: How to Dispose of Vinegar

Vinegar is an acid solution that has multipurpose use. If you have it a lot, you must know how to get rid of it. Learn how to dispose of vinegar properly!

Vinegar is a common household product that you can use for cleaning, cooking, and other purposes.

If you have a large amount of vinegar, or there are unused ones in your house, you should dispose of them properly.’

According to herpercollege, vinegar is a hazardous waste solution that you need to pay attention to. It could harm you and your family.

So, what is the correct way to dispose of it? Should you just throw it in the trash bin? Or pour it into the sewer like other dirty water?

Don’t worry!

Let me show you how to dispose of vinegar without making any trouble!

Why should you dispose of vinegar properly?

It could be dangerous if you accidentally consume it

If you don’t need the vinegar anymore, dispose of it properly. Don’t let your kids or pets accidentally consume it.

Vinegar is an acid that can cause severe damage to your mouth and throat if consumed in large amounts.

This acid can burn your skin if you get too much exposure to it or if you spill some on yourself accidentally.

The smell is unpleasant

If you get rid of vinegar carelessly, you could make the whole room have a bad smell. The smell of vinegar is strong and can be unpleasant.

If you’re trying to get rid of the vinegar for a party or event, disposing of it properly will prevent people from smelling it.

How to Dispose of Vinegar

1. Pour vinegar down the drain

The easiest way to dispose of vinegar is by pouring it down a drain or toilet. To keep it safe, dilute the vinegar water first to lower the acid level levels before pouring it.

Turn on your faucet afterward so that the vinegar dissolves even more.

2. Throw it into the sink

You can dispose of vinegar by pouring it into the sink. Pour it into a container and add water to dilute the solution. It will lower the acid concentration and make it easier to dispose of.

This will help to clean the sink as well.

3. Pour it into the kitchen waste disposal unit

If you want to dispose of vinegar, pour it into the kitchen waste disposal unit. This can be done safely because the acid will not corrode the pipes or damage other parts of the appliance.

4. Give it away

The best way to dispose of vinegar is to simply give it away to someone else who will use it. If you have a friend or neighbor who uses vinegar as a cleaning agent, ask if she would like some more.

You can even donate your old vinegar to local organizations like food donation organizations and schools that might use it in their kitchen or cleaning supplies.

5. Sell it

When you have a lot of vinegar lying around in your house, why not sell it? There are people who buy large quantities of vinegar.

You can offer it to a food service business or restaurant. Or, you can create an ad on the local Facebook group.

6. Take it to the local recycling center

You can dispose of vinegar by taking it to the local recycling center. This facility will do the recycling process without harming the environment.

Some of them will provide you with a pick-up service to your home. You can use this option if you have large quantities of vinegar.

You can also get rid of your vinegar at the drop-off recycling bin which can be found in a public area such as a city park or town square.

7. Contact your local authority

Call your local authority and ask about the best way to dispose of your unwanted vinegar at their disposal facility.

They may charge for this service or offer it free of charge depending on where you live and how much vinegar you have on hand at any given time.

They will give you the best option to dispose of it based on your condition.

8. Reuse it

It is best to reuse the vinegar around your house to dispose of it. It has many benefits from cleaning the kitchen, and eliminating odors, to increasing soil fertility.

These are my recommendations for reusing vinegar:

Killing weeds in the vegetable garden

Put the vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it into the weeds. The vinegar will kill the weeds and make them easier to pull out.

Improve garden soil

The vinegar will help release iron into the soil which will help loosen the soil. Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of water and pour it into your garden area. This will have maximum impact on plants that like acidic conditions.

Remove bad odor

You can neutralize bad odor by using vinegar. Mix vinegar and water in the same ratio into a spray bottle. Then, spray it to the surface. Wait for 10 minutes and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Clean your patios

It is best to use your vinegar to clean the patios. The acid level in the solution will soften any dirt and stain easily.

Just pour the vinegar into the patios and use a brush to wipe the whole area. Then, rinse the area with a hose when done.

9. Bury it far away

You can dispose of vinegar by burying it far away from any bodies of water or other sources of water contamination. This will ensure that no animals or people come into contact with the liquid.


Can you dump apple cider vinegar into the drain?

Yes, you can dump apple cider vinegar into your drain. It will help to remove the buildup of soap scum and other debris in your pipes. Don’t forget to pour water to dilute the liquid afterward.

Is white vinegar biodegradable?

White vinegar is a biodegradable solution. It is made from organic apples that have undergone double fermentation processes and will break down easily in the environment.

Can you burn vinegar?

Vinegar is not flammable so you can’t burn it. The acid in the solution is not enough to start a fire.


Vinegar is a popular household item all around the world. It has various uses, including cooking, cleaning, and medical purposes.

However, there will come a situation when you will need to get rid of the vinegar in your home.

You can do this in a plethora of ways. Here are some ideas for safely disposing of vinegar without affecting the environment.

  1. Pour vinegar down the drain
  2. Throw it into the sink
  3. Pour it into the kitchen waste disposal unit
  4. Give it away
  5. Sell it
  6. Take it to the local recycling center
  7. Contact your local authority
  8. Reuse it
  9. Bury it far away

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