How to Get Rid of a Skunk? (10 Easy Guide)

How to get rid of a skunk is a common problem if you live near in forest or park. Sometimes, skunk became a treat to your property. But, do not worry. We have the solution.

A skunk is a type of animal which is known for its black fur with white stripes. Many people believe it smells, so it gave the skunk the nickname “stink bug”. Skunks are found almost everywhere in the world. It is believed that they can even survive in Antarctica because of their white fur.

Skunks can be a pest, but they can also be a threat to your family’s health and safety. The skunk’s musk is used as a defense mechanism, but it can pose a health risk to humans if you are exposed to it. If there are skunks in your backyard, you will want to remove them before they cause too much damage.

Sometimes, a skunk could damage or destroy your property and belongings.

This article covers everything you need to know about getting rid of a skunk. We’ll take a look at the various methods, the risks involved, and what to do if it happens to you or a friend or family member.

How to get rid of a skunk

1. Use a skunk trap

You can use a skunk trap to get rid of the skunk. The purpose of a skunk trap is to catch the skunk and release it at a different location. Remember, avoid using harmful things to invite the skunks like chemical ingredients.

We do not want to kill the skunk, we just want to move them into another place. If you place the skunk trap in the place where they usually appear, you stand a much better chance at catching it.

A skunk trap is basically a box filled with water, with an extended entryway covered by wood.

Skunks are attracted to the fresh meat on the cover of the trap, and they will enter to reach it. Once they are inside of the trap, they cannot go gout. You can easily release them or call the animal officer to take care the rest.

2. Use mothball

If you’ve got a skunk out in the garden where you don’t want it, try using mothballs to get rid of it. A skunk will stay away once it’s had a taste of the smell.

Mothballs are small balls of naphthalene or camphor that you can place in place to keep animal treat away from your products. Mothballs are convenient and easy to use. You can put them where the skunk is often seen.

Remember, mothball is dangerous. Make sure you place it in the unreachable area by your kids or your pet.

3. Spread black pepper

Another way to get rid of the smell of skunk for your cat is to spread black pepper. Black pepper is not only good for cooking but also for keeping pest away.

The smell of black pepper is very strong and pungent. This means that it is effective at repelling skunks because it is a smell that they dislike. Even a few tablespoons in a garden can be effective in keeping these skunks away.

4. Use pandan leaves

Even though there are many effective ways to repel skunks, it’s cheaper and safer to do it using pandan leaves. Since pandan leaves are commonly found in Asian countries, it’s an extremely cost-effective way of protecting your family and pets.

Leaves of pandan plants can be used as a natural way to repel skunks. Give this a try if you end up with a skunk asking for food in your backyard, as it tends to happen sometimes.

Most animals tend to avoid pandan leaves because they contain compounds that can mimic the smell of predators. So be sure to grow some pandan plants around the perimeter of your house if you experience issues with skunk, fox, or raccoons a lot.

5. Put neon lamps

Skunks are nocturnal, so they are most active during the night. It’s useful to know what skunks like to do most in order to understand how best to protect against them.

The bright glow of a neon sign is effective at repelling skunks. Skunks are sensitive to light, which is why streetlamps are often used to repel them when they are out at night looking for food.

Bright, flashing lights could deter them. Neon lamps are effective at keeping skunks away if placed in areas where they may roam, like under decks or around fences.

6. Use orange peel

Orange peel is a great product for a repelling a skunk. The natural scent of orange is one that a skunk highly dislikes. Using this natural scent as a repellent, you can keep skunks from your property and keep your pet or other animals safe.

In addition to repelling skunks, orange peel is also an effective repellent for rats and other pests as well as insects that may want to bite or sting you or your pets. Orange peel can be sprinkled around the place where they are often seen.

Also, it’s a very cheap method you could apply immediately.

7. Pet a dog

Petting a dog is an effective way to keep the skunk away. Do you know that dog barking is a good thing to repel the skunk?

Dog barking is a natural way to deter the skunk from coming close to your property. Skunks are afraid of loud noises, so one effective method in getting rid of them is to let your dog bark at them. Your dog will bark loud enough to scare the skunk away.

8. Smell of sulfur

If you have sulfur, you can use it to get rid of a skunk. Burn the sulfur in your yard in sufficient amount and it will give a bad smell. This smell is hated by skunks and will send them away.

The pungent smell of sulfur can repel the skunk from your property by making it unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Remember, if you want to do this method, make sure you will not disturb your neighbor because of the smell. Do not make the skunks away but then you have a problem with your neighbor.

9. Keep your garbage cans tightly sealed

Skunks are opportunistic feeders, and they will eat anything that they can find if it’s in front of them. It’s important to make sure your trash cans are tightly sealed, otherwise, a skunk can smell what you throw away and dig up the trash.

Skunks are often attracted to garbage cans, but if your garbage cans are tightly sealed, there shouldn’t be anything inside for them to smell.

10. Call the animal officer

In none of these steps work, maybe this is the right time to call the animal officer. Let the professional do the job. An animal officer is the only one who should take care of a skunk and remove it from your property. The officer will help you to capture the skunk in safety way.

How if my trap is successful to catch skunk?

When your skunk trap is successful, one thing that you have to remember is never killing them. Never ever kill animals, they are wonderful creatures. Take them to the forest or to someplace where they can live freely.

Skunk is a living organism just like us who just do their role in this world. They just want to follow their instinct to survive.

When you manage to catch a skunk, this is what you have to do:

1. Release them go to the nearest forest

A skunk belongs to wild nature. By releasing the skunk into the forest, you’re basically telling the skunk to go to the place that they have to.

2. Call the animal officer

If you catch the skunk, it might be useful to take them to a local animal officer so they can release it back in the wild. Animal officers have procedures to get rid of a skunk in a friendly way.


If you are searching “how to get rid of a skunk”, let me tell you the most effective way:

1. Use a skunk trap

2. Use mothball

3. Spread Black pepper

4. Use pandan leaves

5. Put neon lamps

6. Use orange peel

7. Pet a dog

8. Smell of sulfur

9. Keep your garbage cans tightly sealed

10. Call the animal officer

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