10 Tips: How to Get Rid of Bats on Porch Like a Pro

Having bats on the porch is disturbing and annoying. Do not worry. Let me show you how to get rid of bats on porch like a pro!

Bats have always terrified me. They’ve always been enigmatic and frightening to me. Our backyard was full of trees and bushes when we first moved here, making it ideal for bats to live.

I opened my bedroom window one night to see scores of little bats flying out of our yard on their nightly insect hunt. I had a nervous breakdown and slammed the window shut.

Bats can be a frightening nuisance. They can leave behind a mess and attack you when awake during the day. Learn how to get rid of bats on porch properly.

Why do bats come to your porch

1. Bats like the warm of your porch


Bats are nocturnal creatures, which means they’re most active at night, so they’re attracted to areas where they’ll be comfortable.

Bats like the warmth of your porch because it has a nice temperature for them when it’s colder outside.

Bats’ temperature is a lot lower than ours, and as a result, naturally a lot colder. So when they sense the warmth of your home, they’ll be tempted to approach it, as opposed to going after other sources of warmth.

2. Your porch area could provide them with sufficient food

Bats hunt for food at night, and your porch area could provide enough food for them to go there. If you have fruit trees on your porch or near it, you are certainly at risk as well.

How to get rid of bats on porch

1. Brighten up your porch


It’s not uncommon to find bats living under your porch. They have no issue going inside crawl spaces and living there.

It is recommended that you make your space undesirable for them, meaning get rid of their cover. You can do this by making the area brighter.

If you want to get rid of bats, it’s a good idea to brighten up your porch.

It’s only natural for bats to be attracted to dark, cave-like places, but if you add lighting or hang something colorful on your porch, you won’t have so many problems with them.

You need to install outdoor lighting and make sure all the lights are working. By brightening the place up, you make it less inviting for bats to live there.

2. Seal all the gaps and holes


Another important thing you should do is seal all gaps and holes which can be entranced by bats. Look for places and spaces where they can crawl in and around your porch.

A bat can fit into a hole as tiny as a quarter, so it’s wise to seal up every crack or hole you find. Cover up those cracks using caulking, or fill up the gaps with adobe so that the bats won’t be able to use them.

You should also inspect for alternative entry points on your roof, such as unsecured pipes, flashing, or vents.

This method also helps to keep skunks, raccoons, and other animals out of your home.

3. Remove their food source on the porch.

Another trick you could apply is to remove bats from your porch, then you need to remove the food that is attracting them.

Bats hang out on your porch because there is a constant supply of food for them. They do not hang out in places that have nothing to eat.

Bats eat at night, therefore you can remove any fruit or anything that could be available as a food source that could attract them during the day.

4. Use a repellant with ultrasonic waves.

The simplest technique to get rid of bats and keep them away is to use ultrasonic repellents. The bat repellant device emits a high-frequency sound that is inaudible to humans but extremely annoying to bats.

They’re quite effective, therefore they’re well worth the money.

Ultrasonic repellant is particularly useful if you wish to keep bats away forever. Bat control with an ultrasonic repellent device is a safe, humane, and time-saving method.

5. Spray peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is not just for cooking and baking anymore. In fact, peppermint oil can eliminate a bothersome pest in your house quickly.

Peppermint oil is completely natural, it’s just distilled from the peppermint plant.

You can spray it in areas around your home to keep bats out of your house and away from your porch. More peppermint oil should be sprayed around any crevices or openings in your home that bats could enter.

Bats will avoid your porch because of the peppermint smell.

6. Install a bat trap

You can install a bat trap to catch and get rid of bats. Bat traps are a humane way of removing bats from your property. There are different kinds of them, and you need to choose the one that’s right for your situation.

Some use little boxes, while others use PVC pipes with tunnel openings at the entrance.

You should position it near the area where the bats are usually active, and make sure to put bait inside it. If you want to attract the bats inside, you can put fruit juice or water inside the trap.

A bat trap is a simple contraption that will lure the rats and have them fall into a contained area where you can release them away from your home.

7. Pour camphor powder

Camphor powder is a very common home remedy that is usually used to get rid of insects and rodents. It’s a natural substance found in the camphor tree. The smell of this substance is very strong and aromatic.

To apply it, place 3 cups of camphor powder in a paper bag and put it on your porch where the bats are often seen. This will discourage them from staying there, and encourage them to leave your vicinity.

8. Put some cinnamon


One way to get rid of bats that find their way onto your porch is to gently sprinkle some cinnamon around the area.

You can put some cinnamon around the area in which you suspect the bats to be. Bat usually can’t stand the smell of cinnamon and will move away.

The reason for this is that bats are rather sniffy creatures, and they don’t particularly enjoy being around strong smells. By placing some cinnamon around your porch, you might just discourage your unwelcome guest.

9. Spray vinegar

One of the fastest ways to get rid of bats is by using vinegar. If you want to get rid of these pesky creatures, first use a broom to shoo them as far away as possible.

Next, grab your spray bottle and fill it with water. Add some vinegar and shake it up!

Then, spray the vinegar and water solution all-around where you saw the bats. The mixture is said to be very irritating for the bats and it’s disgusting for their noses.

The smell of vinegar will help to deter them from your living space.

You can also use vinegar to get rid of mice in the kitchen cabinet.

10. Call a professional pest control


One great tip if you have bats flying around your porch or backyard is to call a pest control company.

These companies specialize in solving this kind of problem.

They will provide you with equipment, tools, and the right methods to get rid of bats simply and effectively.

Professional help gives you great assistance to get rid of bats on the porch in a simple and efficient way.


There are few things as frightening as seeing a bat on your porch. These nocturnal creatures are graceful flyers and skittish animals, but they can also carry diseases and if they live inside your home, they can be destructive to your property.

This article gives you some tips on how to get rid of bats on porch or on your wall.

  1. Brighten up your porch
  2. Seal all the gaps and holes
  3. Remove their food source on the porch.
  4. Use a repellant with ultrasonic waves.
  5. Spray peppermint oil
  6. Install a bat trap
  7. Pour camphor powder
  8. Put some cinnamon
  9. Spray vinegar
  10. Call a professional pest control

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