How to Get Rid of Fleas in Bed: 11 Easy Tips!

If you don’t know how to get rid of fleas in bed, you will face a terrible problem. They could ruin your life and disturb your routine.

Fleas in bed are becoming more and more common all over the world. This is because they can hide and multiply in your bed and couches without you realizing it.

They feed on human blood, and will often bite human beings to obtain it. They can be incredibly irritating, as they like to bite people at night, which can make it hard to sleep.

The presence of any flea on the bed tells you that your bed is not properly cleaned. Not only can these pests cause discomfort, but fleas can also be very dangerous. Not only can they spread diseases, but they can also bite and cause other health issues. Flea bites are known to cause skin problems.

Are you struggling with fleas in your bed? Are they ruining the quality of your pet’s life? Get your hands on this useful guide that’ll teach you how to eliminate fleas from your home for good.

Why does your mattress have lots of fleas

1. Moist mattress

Moisture in the home creates a perfect environment for fleas to thrive. Have you ever wondered what makes many mattresses so attractive to fleas? Fleas love high humidity and soft beds since they can lay their eggs in seclusion and privacy.

The moist mattress does not mean only the bed bedding material is damp, but also the surrounding environment is humid and wet. This is conducive to fleas, and fleas naturally live in the house and move to the bedroom under certain conditions.

Combining this environment and moist and warm bedding and pillows, fleas multiply and grow quickly. This will bring great harm to your pets and family members.

2. Often put dirty clothes on the bed

Don’t let old or dirty laundry sit around. As soon as you’re done wearing a piece of clothing, wash it and put it in the dryer. If you’re going to leave a bunch of clothes lying around, leave them closed up in a bag or a closet.

Do not leave them lying around on your bedroom floor or bed, because that’s a scent that fleas love! Dirty clothes made of synthetic fabric smell like a magnet for bugs since they attract sweat and retain odor.

How to get rid of fleas in bed

1. Wash with hot water

One strong way to solve your flea problem is to wash your bedding in hot water. Hot water will kill fleas and their eggs, so washing the items in hot water should do the trick.

It’s very important that you wash each item separately, and that you use lots of hot water. You can also add a good amount of antibacterial soap to the wash water, to kill any bacteria left on the bed. Last, leave it in direct sunlight to make sure it’s dry completely.

2. Dry your bed

One way to get rid of fleas is by letting your bed dry in the sun. By leaving the sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets, or any other bedtime linens out in the sun, you will be able to get rid of any fleas that are still hiding out in your bed.

Fleas usually hide in the crevices of your bed, so allowing your bed to dry under the sun will help drive out those pesky fleas. The sun’s heat will also help to eliminate the eggs and larvae from your bedding.

When drying your linens outside, don’t forget to swing them around with the wind. This way you’ll ensure that no fleas will escape from getting squished

It’s important to dry your bed regularly to get rid of fleas. If you don’t dry your bedding regularly, the wetness will attract fleas.

3. Bath your pet

Another way fleas can get into your home is if your pets have them.

You might think that your pets are free of fleas because you wash them regularly, but fleas are small and can hide out in the folds of the fur.

Pet fleas tend to move into people’s bed if it’s nearby. Therefore, to truly get rid of fleas, it’s also important to clean and shower your pet regularly. In addition, sometimes, the flea comes from your pet itself. In this case, you have to take them to the Vet and have them treated.

4. Hot steam

You can use hot steam to get rid of fleas in bed. The heat will get rid of them instantly. Hot steam is very efficient at getting rid of fleas, eggs, and larvae.

To do this, fill up an electric kettle with water and turn it on high. Then, take a small hose with a small end nozzle, attach it to the opening of the kettle, and point it at the mattress. Direct a strong jet of hot steam right into the seams of the mattress. Make sure you clean the mattress on both sides and under the mattress.

5. Camphor water

Most people don’t know that camphor is an effective pesticide. Camphor water can be used as a natural pesticide. Mix 30 ml of camphor powder with 1 liter of water and spray the mixture on your bed. Make sure that the room has enough ventilation or isn’t closed entirely. You can also spray under your bed for maximal results.

6. Silica gel

Silica gel is commonly used for preserving goods. It is the best material for drying things out, similar to how it kills fleas.

Simply sprinkle silica all over your mattresses and rooms, and it will be an effective method in getting rid of your fleas problem. This method is effective because the bed bugs will stick to the gel, making them unable to hold on to surfaces, which will cause them to die in a short amount of time.

7. Essentials oil

Essential oil is the best way to safely get rid of fleas in bed. This is because essential oils are very concentrated, and you can easily make them work wonders.

All you need to do is spray on the bed and the bottom with the oil, and it will repel the fleas away from the areas that you sprayed by emitting a scent that isn’t pleasant for fleas. you can easily spray essential oils such as peppermint oil on your sheets and pillows to keep the fleas away. Don’t forget to put it on the pillows as well.

8. Vinegar

Vinegar is a really good product to get rid of fleas from your bed. It’s very natural, and the pH levels won’t cause any skin irritations. Mix vinegar with water in a 50:50 ratio and spray it on your bed.

Vinegar is advantageous for killing fleas because of its acidic nature. I recommend doing this every two weeks. This will not only take care of your problem, but your bed will also smell nice for a while.

9. Insecticide

To get rid of fleas, you can use insecticide spray. There are lots of good insecticides available, and they can kill fleas effortlessly. You need to read the manual carefully before you start spraying the insecticide on your bed.

Do not forget to ventilate your room after a while, otherwise, you may get a headache from the smell of insecticide.

10. Salt

If you found that fleas have invaded your house, you could try to get rid of them with salt water. Salt doesn’t kill them instantly, but it dehydrates them and drives them away.

It’s important to mix the salt with the water otherwise the effect will be less effective. You also need to spray and cover all pillows and blankets so they don’t come back.

11. Call professional pest control

When you have a flea infestation it can become a real problem for you and your family. Depending on how many pets you have, there could be a lot of fleas running around the house which isn’t a good environment for your children or yourself.

If this is the case, the best thing to do is to call a professional pest control company. They have the experience and tools to get rid of them quickly and without any damage to your bed or furniture.


If you are still wondering how to get rid of fleas in bed, these are what you need to do!

  1. Wash with hot water
  2. Dry your bed
  3. Clean your pet fleas
  4. Hot steam
  5. Camphor water
  6. Silica gel
  7. Essentials oil
  8. Vinegar
  9. Insecticide
  10. Salt
  11. Professional pest control

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