8 Superb Tips: How to Get Rid of Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels are most problematic in urban communities and wooded areas. Find out how to get rid of flying squirrels in the attic or on the roof.

Flying squirrels are nocturnal. As their name implies, this means that they sleep during the day and come out at night to forage for food, mainly nuts, and seeds (although some species will eat insects).

They store this food in a nest called a drey, which consists of two side chambers for storing food and a hollow in between for the baby flying squirrels to sleep in. Flying squirrels also collect lining from branches and bark to use as nesting material.

Did you know that flying squirrels are one of the few mammals that have wings?

This means they can easily glide between trees with the help of their wings.

These mammals have adapted to live in forests, building their homes in tree trunks.

Well, in fact, flying squirrels are cute, but they can be a nightmare for the people leasing apartments to students. Squirrels have sharp teeth, which they use to gnaw into plastic pipes, making a lot of noise and breaking their way in through walls.

Squirrels aren’t bad. They’re just trying to survive. But if squirrels are getting into your attic or snacking on your plants, you’ll want to know where they are coming in and what you can do to keep them out. Here’s how to get rid of flying squirrels easily.

Why do flying squirrels come to your house

1. They’re looking for food

One reason why flying squirrels go to your house is probably for food.

Animals can get very creative when searching for food. When food becomes scarce, they have to start looking in places that we would probably never think of looking. This is the case with some flying squirrels. They come to your house looking for food in garbage cans and even in your bird feeder.

2. They might have babies

Another reason why flying squirrels come to your house is that they might have babies. They’ll be looking for a safe place to raise their pups.

It’s pretty common for squirrels to have babies in the attic. Having babies means they have to create a nest, and they typically do that out of insulation and chewed-up wood pieces. You’ll see them carrying small bits of wood into the attic.

3. Your property is a good place to live

Flying squirrels are often attracted to your property because it’s ideal for their way of life. They like to live in tree cavities, so if your property has a lot of trees then that may be a selling point for them. They also love treetops, as that’s where they can rest, sleep, and play.

How to get rid of flying squirrels

1. Cut down the amount of food lying around

The best way to get rid of flying squirrels is by reducing the amount of food they have available. They love and get attracted to food.

They will simply fly up and down trying to find food before they leave your yard.

The first thing you have to do is clean out everything that could be used as food: bird feeders, leftovers in gardens (make sure every bit is removed), trash cans should also be emptied every week.

Also, you should reduce the number of food scraps that you have laying around your property.

As long as there is abundant food lying around, our attics will be full of squirrels.

2. Seal up and repair the holes that squirrels may use to enter the area

The most effective way to deal with flying squirrels is to keep the hole in your fence sealed up. Flying squirrels are very good at accessing places, so you need to make certain that the hole is good and cozy.

They look for cracks that they can squeeze themselves through before entering a home through tiny holes and cavities. They mostly build nests in trees and attics of houses.

To seal or repair the holes, you can use steel wool, screening, and foam rubber. A good way to check for openings is to walk around on the roof at night and shine a flashlight up into the attics. If you see a lot of light shining back at you, that indicates that the attic ceiling is open.

For instance, if the squirrel is accessing your attic through the roof, you can fix that hole with metal netting.

Apply some caulking around the edges of the hole to prevent more flying squirrels from getting in.

Also, there should not be any more holes anywhere in the surrounding area.

In addition, you can also add metal baffles to chimneys in order to ward off squirrels that may be accessing your property through chimney flues.

3. Spray black pepper

Flying squirrels can often be a pain. They like to fly in your house, as we as crap all over the place. You can scare them away or get rid of them by getting pepper spray and spraying it around your house.

Mix a few tablespoons of black pepper with water and apply it to all exposed surfaces, such as lawn furniture. You can also spray this mixture throughout your home or office.

Spreading black pepper around the perimeter of your house can deter them from coming near your home.

Do not forget to sprinkle it along the fence in order to discourage the squirrels from trespassing into your home.

4. Hang any bird feeders out of reach

A bird feeder is a device that allows birds access to food. They are used for wild birds and for pet birds.

Squirrels love bird feeders, and that’s one way that they get into your home.

You can set aside the problem of the flying squirrels by hanging your bird feeders high up on trees or fences.

You can also cover your bird feeder with an enclosed squirrel baffle to keep them away from bird seeds.

Hang bird feeders high enough off the ground to ensure that a flying squirrel is unable to reach it and get rid of these creatures for good.

5. Use humane traps

Humane traps are an effective humane way to exterminate flying squirrels. They are designed to capture the animal alive and then release it back into the wild. The traps come in a variety of styles, from cage traps to box traps, so you can choose whichever one is best for your situation.

Many traps for flying squirrels can be purchased at pet retailers and hardware stores. For example, use one-way exclusion doors on all openings through which the animals could enter so that they don’t find their way back in.

Simply set the trap in the attic or any other suitable place and leave it there for a day or two.

6. Use scented repellent plants

The alternative way to get rid of squirrels is by implementing squirrel repellent plants around your yard. Squirrel repellent plants are natural pest-repelling plants that keep pests away from your yard.

Flying squirrels tend to dislike scented plants.

This means that you should plant flowers and herbs in your yard.

There are many types of scented repellent plants, such as marigolds, mint, eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, and rue.

You can plant it and set it up as a parameter in your house. Each plant keeps both squirrels and rats away from your property.

7. Use a humane trap

Other tips on how to get rid of flying squirrels are by using a humane trap.

To do this, use a trap box that is designed for this purpose. Set the trap so the flying squirrel will get such when they get the bait. To make it easier, place their favorite food such as peanut butter in the trap. Then, wait for the squirrels to come.

Once one comes into the trap, you can then release it somewhere far away from your property.

8. Call in a pest control expert

In case you haven’t been able to deal with squirrels on your own and they continue to leave droppings all over your property, it is time to call a professional pest control service.

Pest control experts have the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to trap and remove flying squirrels. They will use safe and environmentally friendly methods to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.

There are several companies that specialize in getting rid of flying squirrels. You can search online for companies in your area or ask neighbors and friends for references if you’re worried about hiring a stranger to do the job.


Can I use harmful chemicals to get rid of flying squirrels?

Using harmful chemicals to get rid of squirrels is not a good idea. It’s easy to accidentally kill another living thing, a bird for example. It’s also bad for the health of your family; it releases harmful chemicals into the air.

How do you trap flying squirrels?

Create a realistic-looking squirrel nest box, with a flap that opens. Use peanut butter, seeds and nuts to bait the box. Set the trap so when the flying squirrels grab the bait, the entrance is closed automatically.


Flying squirrels can not only be a nuisance in their own home but pose a threat to your own home. Here you’ll find out how to get rid of flying squirrels and what things to avoid if you’re trying to keep them away.

  1. Cut down the amount of food lying around.
  2. Seal up and repair the holes that squirrels may use to enter the area
  3. Spray black pepper
  4. Hang any bird feeders out of reach
  5. Use humane traps
  6. Use scented repellent plants
  7. Use humane trap
  8. Call in a pest control expert

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