12 Pro Tips: How to Get Rid of Lizards Inside Your House

Having lizards in your house could be a huge mess. They could make your property dirty. Keep reading to know how to get rid of lizards inside your house.

Lizards are adorable, but they may be a nuisance in particular situations. They could be finding their way into your home in search of warm spots to spend the winter.

It’s possible that this will be more inconvenient than you imagine. In this essay, I’ll talk about how I got rid of lizards in my house and possibly provide you with some tips on how to deal with the situation.

Why do lizards come inside your house


1. They are looking for food

Lizards come inside houses because their natural food source is limited. They eat bugs, and they come inside your house because they are looking for food.

If you see a lizard in your house, it’s probably hungry and looking to get something to eat.

2. They are looking for a mate

Lizards come into your house because they need a place to breed. They come inside your house because they want to find a place to mate with their female counterparts.

The males are territorial animals and need to provide them with a place where they can attract females. The males will build territory boundaries and chase each other off small areas.

3. They are warming themselves in your house

Lizards come inside your house because the temperatures are optimal for them.

Lizards love sitting right behind your lights. They do this because they like having their own sources of heat, and since we humans like to use lights to illuminate our houses, they use lamps as heat sources.

How to get rid of lizards inside your house

1. Always clean your house


Having lizards in your house can be a real pain. Therefore, in order to get rid of lizards inside your house, you have to clean your house.

Lizard pests have a tendency to live in cluttered areas. They casually walk into homes and workplaces, so taking the time to clean your home or workplace will deter them.

You should check the kitchen, bathroom, and trash bin because these are areas that lizards tend to get into. Also, keep in mind that the lizard population can be controlled by making sure there are no places for them to live.

2. Keep your food in a sealed container


Lizards are attracted to the scent of food. If there is food in open containers, they will come and eat it. If you want them to go away, keep your food in sealed containers so that the scent is not released.

When lizards come into your house to search for food, you have to make sure that your home isn’t an easy food source for them.

There are ways that you can do this, like keeping food in glass or metal containers or storing food in a refrigerator.

This will also prevent insects from getting into your food and thus you won’t have as much garbage accumulating in your house.

3. Empty your trash bin

You will probably be surprised by how effective this method is.

Lizards are omnivores, so they eat just about anything. Lizards smell delicious to these insects and they are attracted to the smell. Lizards like to use your trash bin as food storage.

Lizards can fit in extremely small spaces and when they’re hungry, they’ll sneak into your house to find something to eat.

If you want to get rid of lizards inside your house, empty your trash bin.

4. Cover any cracks and entrances


Small gaps in your foundation and exterior walls allow lizards and other pests to quickly enter your home.

They are frequently enticed inside by the warmth of what they perceive to be the ideal setting in which to settle: your home, which consists mostly of shelter, food, warmth, and water.

If you have an attic, look for holes in the roof and get them repaired by a roofer. This is why you should block all entry points to your home; otherwise, lizards and other pests will continue to enter via them.

5. Put some pieces of garlic

The natural remedy for getting rid of lizards in your house is to add garlic to the areas where they’re most active. Since garlic is toxic to many animals, including the lizards, they’ll stop coming back.

Lizards hate the smell of garlic, so if you leave a few pieces inside your house, they will disrupt their habitat and leave.

Remember to put them near every entrance to your house. You can also spread it around the floor and on all corners of the room.

As an alternative, you can either spray the garlic solution that you make around your house.

6. Put coffee grounds

If you want to get rid of lizards inside your house, you should put coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds are very effective against lizards and they can prevent them from entering your house. Just put a handful of coffee grounds around your house and your yard, and that’s it.

Most lizards don’t like the smell of coffee, so they will avoid it and look for different hiding places.

7. Pour some eggshells


It’s well known that putting some eggshells around the house can prevent lizards from entering it.

You should break open some fresh eggs and put the shells in paper bags. Then you should place the paper bag on the floor somewhere in your living room or in the area where they are usually seen.

Do not forget to place a few eggshells in cupboards or behind furniture. The odor will drive the lizards away.

8. Spray peppermint oil or mint tea tree


Peppermint oil and tea tree oil will get rid of lizards inside your house. These oils have a scent that lizards aren’t fond of, so you can use them to drive away from the lizards.

Spray the oils around your house or other surfaces where lizards tend to hang out.

Do not forget to spray it liberally around the door frames, windows, and on your doormats.

It will make your house smell better and keep the lizards away!

You can also use peppermint oil to get rid of bats.

9. Use mothballs


Put dry mothballs in their place to keep lizards out of your property. To keep moths out of the house, scatter mothballs about the kitchen and near the basement.

Mothballs are a natural pesticide generated from naphthalene that is known to be extremely harmful to lizards. Mothballs can be purchased at any pest control supply store.

The odor of mothballs repels lizards, causing them to flee or die in the area.

Remember that mothballs are hazardous to people as well, so keep track of how many you use.

10.  Use glue traps

If you have a lizard in your house, you can get rid of it by using glue traps. Glue traps are solved pads with a sticky adhesive that lizards walk on in search of food.

The pads are placed on the walls where you think lizards might lurk, and once they walk on them, the glue will hold them firmly in place until you come to trap them.

Simply place the glue trap in a visible part of the room. Glue traps are not harmful to pets, and they won’t cause any damage to your walls either.

11. Spray vinegar

Spray vinegar water inside gaps and crevices where lizards are known to climb and hide to get rid of them.

Spray the solution around your house where they generally come in, mixing 50-50 with water. They will be alarmed by the scent of vinegar and will flee to a more suitable environment.

12. Call a professional pest control


If you have a problem with the lizard or another pest in your house, or pests spoiling and damaging your property, you need professional help.

If you leave this problem to yourself and try to deal with the creatures by yourself, you risk hurting yourself or the property even more.

Pest control companies are specialized in this kind of work, with safe tools and methods. They know how to deal with them and get rid of them within a reasonable price range.

You don’t have to worry about safety if you call them. They know exactly how to solve your problem without damaging the place.


Are you struggling with lizards invading your household? Have you tried everything to get rid of them but nothing is working?

In this article, you’ll find out more about how to get rid of lizards and how to prevent them from showing up in your house again.

  1. Always clean your house
  2. Keep your food in the sealed container
  3. Empty your trash bin
  4. Seal all the cracks and entrance
  5. Put some pieces of garlic
  6. Put coffee grounds
  7. Pour some eggshells
  8. Spray peppermint oil or mint tea tree
  9. Use mothballs
  10. Use glue traps
  11. Spray vinegar water
  12. Call a professional pest control

Almost all the steps above could be applied to get rid of mice.

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