How to Get Rid of Mice in Apartment (Guide)

Understanding how to get rid of mice in apartment is a crucial thing for the owner. Mice can carry more than 100 types of disease and can be harder to kill than you might think.

Mice are pesky little creatures who love to spend their days scurrying around your apartment or house. They get in through small spaces, especially around windows.

Mice could be a real problem for you and your family. They invade a home and make a mess of things. At first, they seem cute and funny. But as time goes by, you discover that your comfort and privacy are compromised by these small pests.

In this article, learn how to stop mice from scampering around by yourself – and keep them out of the house – with the best – and safest – ways to kill mice.

Why do mice enter your apartment?

Before we talk about how to get rid of mice in apartment, we have to know why mice come.

1. They want to build a nest

Mice love a dirty place. They often enter a house, building, or apartment in search of a nesting spot. Rats can chew through walls, ceilings, and just about anything else to get to a place where they feel safe. In some cases, rats will even chew on wires to get to the cable inside of the walls.

Also, pregnant rats will build large nests in your apartment because they need such a large place to deliver and be with their babies when they’re born. Pregnant rats prefer nesting in small, dark spaces because it makes them feel secure.

2. Food

Mice aren’t terribly picky eaters. Mice are particularly attracted to food. They will eat almost anything and everything: Milk, meat, and even soap and fur. Mice can also be drawn to pet food, as well as any cat or dog food left out.

People often unknowingly feed them when they notice that there are mice in their apartment. Mice will eat the food that they find if it’s left in an easy-to-find place.

3. Open trash can

If you want to maintain a safe and healthy home, it’s important that you carefully dispose of all your trash. Opening a trash can with a lid on it is a simple way to make sure mice never enter your apartment. One of the most effective and easy ways to deter mice is to make sure that your trash cans are closed properly.

4. Messy apartment

Be sure to keep your apartment tidy. If you have a messy apartment, that could invite mice into the apartment.

5. Holes

Mice often enter apartments through small holes. Be sure to seal any holes in the walls if you see mice around.

How to get rid of mice in apartment

How to get rid of mice in apartment? Read these following steps carefully!

1. Look for apartment leaks regularly and fix them

Rats are good climbers and can fit themselves into any tiny crack which is why it’s important to check your apartment regularly to make sure that there aren’t any entry points for rats or other rodents.

They can also fit themselves into even smaller holes if need be, so always check for signs of infestation and cracks which they may be able to use as an entry point.

It’s important to check your apartment regularly to make sure there are no entry points for rats. Even the smallest, most hidden holes can be used by rats to enter your home and live in your attic.

Every year, many people find rats in their homes and must spend hundreds of dollars getting rid of them. Taking the time to check for these holes can save you a lot of money in the long run.

2. Store all food in plastic containers or other more bite-resistant containers

To help prevent mice from entering your apartment, you should only keep your food in either plastic containers or containers that aren’t easily chewed by mice. Store all food in tight containers and keep the containers away from the entrance to your apartment.

Plastic is difficult for mice to gnaw through, preventing them from making holes in your food bags or cupboards. By containing all of your food in plastic containers, you limit the areas that mice can access and eat from, effectively deterring them.

3. Cover the trash can with a tight lid or tie a plastic bag

A lot of people keep their garbage can uncovered, but this is a bad idea because mice will think it’s decided to throw a huge party and will live in your trash can. Covering the trash can will keep the smell of thrown-out food away, which can be attractive to mice.

If you close or cover your trash can with a lid or plastic bag, mice won’t be attracted to it and your apartment will be more protected. Simply by capping the trash can, you’ll help keep mice out of your apartment.

4. If you have a pet, try to feed it on a schedule

If your pet’s food is left open, animals like mice will come up to the apartment looking for food. If they keep coming, they can become a nuisance. Put your pet’s food on a schedule.

Put one dish of food down in the morning, and make sure it’s all eaten by night. Then put down another dish when you get home from work, and put the first dish away. That way your pets don’t go hungry, but no rodents can gain access to it either.

5. Check and fix holes in your apartment

Check all around your house for spots where rats might get in. Look for holes under the porch or arbor, gaps in the siding, and fleas.

Rats can squeeze through unusually tight spots, such as around water pipes and where wires enter the house. Check under porches or arbors for loose-fitting or splintery boards that might leave a gap that a rat could smell through.

6. Cover the roof vent with a material that mice don’t like

You must cover up all of the holes in your house to make sure mice can’t get in. This includes vents and windows. A great way to do this is with a net, or otherwise known as a cage or guard. 

7. Keep the apartment yard clean

If you have a yard in your apartment, it’s important to keep it clean and tidy because rodents mice can be attracted by litter and other rubbish and make nests in the yard. I know it’s hard, but if you clean up after yourself, you can create an environment where mice don’t feel they need to live.

8. Use home-made anti-mice ingredients

You can repel mice from your home or apartment with a few easy steps. Use common household ingredients to make your own natural mousetrap that will keep mice from creeping around your home:

  • Dry cloves

It’s true that rats really don’t like the smell of cloves. Mice really don’t like the smell of cloves, so they will run away. Also, if they smell the cloves, they won’t want to get anywhere near your apartment. Cloves are really good at effectively repelling mice because of their strong smell. Cloves can help you get rid of mice without any chemicals.

Get a few cloves, put them in a cloth, and leave them for a few days. When the cloves are completely dry, place them somewhere mice frequent. The drier they are, the sharper the smell.

  • Used Tea Bags

The teabag contains a peppermint compound that disturbs mice’s sense of smell. The teabag method is easy, effective, and inexpensive.

Simply place the tea bag in a place where mice frequently get into, such as your cupboard or pantry. You can hang it from a shelf or just place it on the floor. The teabag should still be strong enough to repel mice, so make sure it’s not dry before placing it down.

  • – Pepper powder

Pepper powder is an effective way to get rid of mice. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement where the mice are most likely to be.

You can put a small amount of ground pepper in the places where the rats are likely to hang out, such as their shelters or nests, and they’ll leave on their own.

  • – Vinegar Dip Cotton

Vinegar is not only delicious with food, but it is also an effective way to repel rats.

You can use vinegar to get rid of rats. If you want to do it yourself, try this: get a cotton swab and dip it in vinegar. Use protection or gloves so you don’t sting your hands. Put the cotton in a place where mice pass often.

  • – Mix of chili powder and detergent

Chili powder and detergent are one such way of getting mice out and thus preventing infestation.

Chili powder is very spicy and will make any potential mice uncomfortable. If you don’t want to use excessive force (the chili powder would be strong enough to cause painful irritation to your eyes), try mixing the detergent with water. Next, put the mixture in a spray bottle, then spray the liquid over areas frequented by mice.

  • – Onion Slices

Not everyone loves the smell of onions in their food. Certain creatures do not like the smell of this one spice, either. It’s also a great way to get rid of rats.

Put the onions where mice normally hide so they will not feel comfortable. They should go away in a few days.

  • Mint leaves

Another way to get rid of mice that is safe is to use mint leaves. Mint leaves can be planted in the garden in the house and can also be used as a fresh smell.

To get rid of mice with mint, take a bunch of mint leaves. One bunch is enough. Remove the leaves from the stalk and cut them up into smaller pieces so they are easier to dissolve in water. Put the leaves in a bowl or bucket. Add in two liters of water. Stir them until they have dissolved completely. Now you have minty water that smells great. Spray the mint water on the area where the mice frequent.

  • Camphor

Camphor is used to deodorize rooms and eliminate excessive smells. Camphor has a strong and potent smell and is easily spread around. It provides the ideal remedy to the menace of rodents in your home. It should be placed in their hideouts, such as their burrows and dark areas.

Camphor sprinkled on cotton balls and should be placed in problem areas such as under the sink or underneath the kitchen looks should keep them at bay altogether. This should be done regularly and thoroughly for desired results, and it should also be done once if they make a comeback.

8. Use mousetrap

Mousetraps can be used to get rid of mice in an extreme way.

You can actually use mousetrap to get rid of mice in your apartment.

Step 1: Be sure to set up the mousetrap in a secure location in your apartment that you think mice like to go in and out of.

Step 2: Take a piece of cheese and use it to bait the mousetrap.

Step 3: Make sure that the cheese is actually visible. Mice love cheese for some reason. I’m not sure why.

Step 4: Wait for the mice to come and trapped

9. Use mice poison

Mice poison is a chemical substance that’s detrimental to the health of a mouse in a large number of cases. It may sound cruel, but using poison to get rid of mice is a sure-fire way to drive them out for good.

You can easily purchase mouse poison at any local pet store. There are many different poisons every one of which is good for exterminating different types of mice. It is important to follow all instructions when buying and applying them to the place you want to. The mice will feel sick after eating this poison and die.

Remember, mice poison can be harmful not only for mice but also for other family members, especially for kids. Use it carefully and wisely.

What if all the methods above still don’t get rid of mice from my apartment?

Well, if none of these steps works, I recommend you to call professional pest control. They certainly know what to do.

Professionals have the experience and availability to take care of this for you. You can contact a professional on a website or a phone.

You may engage the services of a professional simply by going to their website and hiring them. They absolutely have the tools and skills to take care of this problem properly so that you don’t have to be bothered by mice again

A good pest control service will be able to take care of mice without causing any damage to your property.


If you are asking how to get rid of mice in your apartment, let me tell you in brief:

  1. Look for apartment leaks regularly and fix them
  2. Store all food in plastic containers or other more bite-resistant containers
  3. Cover the trash can with a tight lid or tie a plastic bag
  4. If you have a pet, try to feed it on a schedule
  5. Check and fix holes in your apartment
  6. Cover the roof vent with a material that mice don’t like
  7. Keep the apartment yard clean
  8. Use mousetrap
  9. Use mice poison

Happy cleaning!

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