9 Fine Tips: How to Get Rid of Mice Smell in House

Wondering how to get rid of mice smell in house? I know it is not fun to have this stink. Allow me to share to remove it comprehensively!

Mice are more than just unwelcome houseguests, it is a health hazard. Mice can harbor flea and tick diseases that they can pass on to your pet and human family members.

They reproduce quickly and the offspring can be found throughout the house in a few days.

If you have a mouse odor in your house, this is not only an unpleasant problem but a serious health hazard too.

A dead mouse that has been inside a wall or ceiling cavity can start to rot and the potential for developing a dangerous disease like salmonella or typhoid fever is quite high.

Many people try to mask the foul smell of mice carcasses with air fresheners and deodorizers but these do not get rid of the body odor. You need to eliminate the source of the mice’s smell immediately.

If you want to get rid of the mice smell in the house, then there are a few things to do:

How to get rid of mice smell in house

1. Find out the source of the rat smell


Mice odor can be a significant problem in your home. Identify the source of any mice odor and take steps to eliminate it.

Otherwise, the odor will continue to permeate throughout the house, causing an undue level of discomfort and worry.

Pay attention to your house if you think you noticed something that smells like a dead rat. Check under the bed or at the edge of your cabinet.

If you spot any dead animals or insects, this could indicate the presence of a rat.

After you’ve discovered it, you’ll need to act quickly, just like you would if your home was infested with rats.

2. Use cleaning fluid


Desperately hoping to get rid of the mice smell in your house? I have a great tip that works and can help you succeed. First, spray cleaning fluid on the floor, wait for 10 minutes and then brush it.

You’ll be surprised at how much grime and dirt get removed with one simple action!

After that, rinse it off with water to make sure all the residue is gone. Using this advice will certainly help you remove the mice smell from your house.

3. Spray white vinegar

If your home has a musty mouse smell, try using white vinegar to get rid of it. The vinegar can neutralize the odor, and leave the room smelling fresh.

Vinegar makes an excellent solution for organic odors, like that of mice. Using this can help achieve better indoor air quality.

The idea is that the vinegar will evaporate and take the smell with it. The smell of vinegar is so strong that it can easily eliminate the smell of mice in your house.

To do this, you can simply spray the vinegar on the affected area, then put a bucket of white vinegar on the corner.

4. Baking soda


Baking soda is a mild abrasive cleaner. The particle has the ability to neutralize any kind of smell including dead rat smell. Also, it has no harmful effects.

To remove the smell, fill a spray bottle halfway with warm water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Shake the mixture well. Then, spray it on the stinky spot where you found the dead mouse. Last, wipe it with a rag.

You can also use baking soda to remove urine smell in bathroom.

5.  Bleach

Another recommendation is to use a bleach solution if you want to get rid of the smell of dead mice.

First, prepare the bleach and the water. Put 20 ml of bleach solution with 100 ml of water into a bucket and mix it together. Go to the smelly area and sprinkle the mixture over it.

Next, leave it for 10 minutes without disturbing it. Finally, use a mop to clean the surface and use an air freshener or spray perfumed water afterward.

6. Coffee powder

The scent of coffee is well-known. It is also one of the most effective compounds for removing odors. The coffee absorbs the mouse’s odor and successfully neutralizes it.

To begin, prepare some coffee grinds and place them in a container. Place the container near the mouse’s body so that the coffee grinds can absorb its odor.

7. Charcoal


Another way to deal with mice in the house is by using charcoal. Charcoal is extremely absorbent and will be excellent in absorbing the urine of mice.

You can buy charcoal bags cheaply online or at a pet shop. Set the carbon in a sealable baggie, and place it over or near the smell.

You need to change it after two or three days, but this is a quick, easy, and cheap solution that can usually solve the problem.

8. Spray essential oil


People have used essential oils in a variety of ways. They’re in everything from candles to perfumes to mouse deterrents.

Adding a few drops of clove or peppermint oil to cotton balls will help to reduce a bad mouse odor in the house or garage.

Place these cotton balls in areas of your home where you’re noticing mouse odor. The benefit of using essential oils for this is that their perfume lasts a long time, helping to keep your home smelling fresh.

9. Make air vents open

One effective way to get rid of smells caused by rodents is by opening the vents. This process will eliminate the smell by circulating the air around your home.

Keep your vents open. Let the fresh air circulate through the vents. This helps to keep the smell fresh and air out the dirty air in the vents. While you are cleaning, keep your windows and doors open.

This helps clean up odors caused by mice’s feces.

How to prevent mice come to your house

1. Close all entry gaps


Mice come in through entry gaps. They can fit through holes the size of a horse’s tail, so being diligent about closing up gaps and holes in your home will go a long way.

If you want to prevent them from coming into your house, you need to make sure that you close all entry gaps. That includes holes in the walls, gaps at the bottom of doors, and any other gaps around your home.

2. Use a mousetrap


If you want to keep mice out of your house, you should set up a mousetrap.

Setting up mousetraps around your house’s walls or wherever else you suspect mice might infiltrate can keep them out. You can find the safe mousetrap in the nearest store. Remember, it is best to avoid using chemical mousetrap.

3. Clean your house regularly

To prevent rats or mice from entering your home, staying clean is a must. You should thoroughly clean your home regularly, removing scraps of food and trash from your home, as well as any clothing that is on the floor of your bedroom.

You should also remove any materials that could be nesting materials for rodents such as paper. Keeping your home clean is one way to reduce the risk of rodent problems in the future.


Mice smell is an annoying experience. No one wants to have this bad odor. Sometimes, this can trigger vomiting for those who can not stand it.

Let me summarize how to get rid of mice smell in house tactics!

  1. Find out the source of the rat smell
  2. Use cleaning fluid
  3. Spray white vinegar
  4. Baking soda
  5. Bleach
  6. Coffee powder
  7. Charcoal
  8. Spray essential oil
  9. Make air vents open

If you want to neutralize odor, you can also read how to remove gasoline smell in the garage or kerosene smell easily.

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