How to Get Rid of New Carpet Smell: 11 Easy Steps!

How to get rid of new carpet smell is a common question for people who just bought a new one. Some people do not like the smell because it could lead to side effects.

Carpet is generally used only in the living room or bedrooms. It’s also because it’s used for decoration purposes. The majority of the population finds it difficult to cope with the nagging new carpet smell after they’ve just moved into their house.

Some people have problems with getting rid of the smell from new carpets. This smell stems from a lot of chemicals that are used in new carpets and can remain even after you’ve removed the carpet. If you’ve recently purchased a new carpet, you may find the new carpet smell to be irritating.

It may also make your eyes water or your throat itch. This is because it’s released toxic chemicals. However, don’t worry, because it can be easily taken care of. Learn how you can rid your home of the new carpet smell.

How to get rid of new carpet smell

Well, these are what you need to do in how to get rid of new carpet smell!

1. Dry your carpet in the sun

You can dry your carpet in the sun to help get rid of the smell. The smell of the sun will neutralize and eliminate the smell of the new carpet. It’s also important to make sure your sun shines brightly so that the carpet has sufficient UV exposure.

This will help fight the smell of the new carpet effectively. You can do this several times until the smell has disappeared.

2. Open all windows and ventilation

You should open all the windows in that room as many times as you can every day. Since the only thing that will remove the chemical odor from a carpet is fresh air, you should make a point of opening a window as often as you can.

Even if there’s a window right next to the room, open one or more of the windows in an adjoining room instead since it’ll circulate fresh air through the room better. This is something you should do so that your home doesn’t have a new carpet odor.

3. Turn on your heater

The sooner you get the new carpet smell dried out of the carpet, the better. It may even help to turn on your heater for a few hours to get rid of the new carpet smell. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t do this when it’s freezing outside, since it may make your home too warm.

You should also avoid using your heater when it’s windy outside since that’s when the risk of carbon monoxide build-up is greatest. Also, do not forget to lock the ventilation or window where the carpet is installed for the best result.

3. Set your fan vigorously

New carpeting seems to have a “new carpet smell” that can linger for a while, and it can be difficult to remove. Simply place your fan in the room and set it to blow out rather than draw air in. Let the fan run for a couple of days to a week, turning it off at night. This will help to blow out any musty smells including the new carpet smell.

4. Vacuum it

Vacuuming is necessary to remove loose dirt, hair, and skin particles from your carpet, but it also removes all the good scents from the flooring. Vacuuming your carpet with a vacuum cleaner can be a great way to get rid of the smell in your carpet.

When you use your vacuum with its attachments, you can remove large debris and ground-in dirt out of your carpet, this will help to remove smells with the dirt and when you vacuum the smell in your carpet will disappear.

5. Make use of an air purifier

To get rid of the new carpet smell, it’s recommended that you use an air purifier for your new carpets. Air purifiers can help to remove dust particles and chemical substances from the air and they’re great for getting rid of unpleasant smells and odors.

The smell of chemicals produced by new carpets can easily be removed using ionizers, which you can plug into your air purifier. These ionizers will absorb the smell and keep the air circulation clean and fresh. Also, using an air purifier saves time and energy.

6. Sprinkle baking soda

Baking soda is a cheap and odorless substance that can eliminate this smell. First, spread the baking soda on the carpet, keeping it an inch or two away from all edges of the carpeted floor; leave it overnight; then vacuum the baking soda.

The baking soda absorbs the smell from the carpet. This can be repeated several times until you get rid of the smell perfectly.

7. Place a bowl of vinegar

A bowl of vinegar placed indoors can help to neutralize the smell of a new carpet. To leave the smell away, follow these steps:

  • First, you need a bowl or a cup.
  • Next step is to add some vinegar to it.
  • After that, you need to add some water to it.
  • Put the bowl near your new carpet, just out of reach from your kids or pets.
  • Before going to sleep, turn off your lights and leave the bowl overnight to neutralize odors

8. Use apple slices

Apple slices are great to get rid of the new carpet smell. It’s an efficient deodorizer. To use it, you should slice it and make pieces of it to place them on your floor’s or carpet’s bowl. Let them sit overnight, and in the morning most traces of the smell will be gone.

It will absorb the first scents and remove them, and will make your house smell like apples!

9. Put potted plants

You can put some potted plants near the room your new carpet to get rid of the new carpet smell. Plants are not only good for you and your everyday life, but they can also help eliminate and neutralize odors.

The plants will help get rid of the odor by creating new air and displacing the old stale air, all while drawing out the odor.  As a bonus, plants are also known to improve the look of your home or office, and can also work as air purifiers.

10. Call professional carpet cleaner

If it’s important for you to get rid of a new carpet smell, call the nearest professional carpet cleaner. They know how to get rid of the smell and will do it fast and perfectly.

The good thing about professionals is that they have the best equipment including cleaning solutions that can get rid of that new carpet smell in a fascinated way without harming your carpet or other property

Do not do this go get rid of the new carpet smell

1. Do not wash it with detergent

Washing a new carpet with detergent to get rid of a strong smell can make a new smell worse when the detergent smell mixes with the smell from the carpet. It’s not worth it when you can smell detergent when you’re in your house. It would also cause the fibers in your carpets to get damaged.

2. Do not put the harmful chemical on the carpet

Never use harmful chemicals to get rid of that new carpet smell. Chemicals could be toxic for people, including your baby or pet. It is also not good for the fibers of the carpet because they can be destroyed by the chemical residue left behind after it’s cleaned off.


Let me summarize these “how to get rid of new carpet smell” steps:

  1. Dry your carpet in the sun
  2. Open all windows and ventilation
  3. Turn on your heater
  4. Set your fan vigorously
  5. Vacuum it
  6. Make use of an air purifier
  7. Sprinkle baking soda
  8. Place a bowl of vinegar
  9. Leave apple slices
  10. Put potted plants
  11. Call professional carpet cleaner

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