How to Get Rid of Old Exercise Equipment: 6 Applied Steps!

Are you looking for how to get rid of old exercise equipment? Here I’ll show you 6 steps on how to dispose of it in safe and smart ways!

Plenty of people think that working out only involves lifting weights at the gym. However, this is not the case at all.

While weightlifting can increase strength and build muscle, its benefits are only maximized when it’s combined with cardiovascular activities.

These are the kinds of exercises that greatly improve heart health and stamina.

It’s also important to do exercises that strengthen core muscles and make the muscles in the bodywork more in sync with each other. This can be accomplished by exercising with equipment from gyms.

It is necessary to ensure the quality of your exercise equipment.

Sometimes, it could contain metal that’s leftover from manufacturing, or it might have damaged components that are a danger while you’re exercising.

If even one part of the equipment has been damaged or has broken down, you should consider fixing or replacing it immediately.

Keep an eye out for any warnings about the actual age of the equipment to make sure that it’s not outdated and will not hurt you when you use it. You don’t want any accidents to happen while you are using the equipment.

Disposing of old exercise equipment is not a task most people have to do. But if you’re in that minority, you’ll be glad to know about these steps for getting rid of old exercise equipment.

How to get rid of old exercise equipment

1. Drop it off at the local charity store

If you want to clean out your garage or basement and get rid of all of your old exercise equipment, you can donate that old equipment to a charity.

Local shelters and charities oftentimes have a need for this type of equipment, so before going to a yard sale or trying to sell it to a friend or family member, check with the local shelter or charity store.

These stores are always looking for functional equipment to give away to people who need it. The profits from their sales are contributed to a cause, whether it’s breast cancer research or clean water.

You’ll feel great about helping out the local community and getting rid of junk you don’t need.

This will save you a lot of time, effort, and expense. And it will help you get rid of things that people might actually find useful.

2. Sell it online

Selling online has grown rapidly in the last few years.

Trying to sell products or services online is growing and will continue to grow. Putting your old stuff online is a great way to declutter your homes and at the same time make some extra cash.

You can search Google for sites that sell used exercise equipment and you can put up an ad on Facebook or Instagram to let people know that you are selling the equipment.

You can do this on sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji. If you want to sell exercise equipment, these sites are the best way to find interested buyers and sell your old machines.

3. Sell it to the secondhand store nearby

If you are trying to gain space in your home and clear out all the clutter, selling your old exercise equipment is a great way to make some extra cash.

When selling your exercise equipment to the secondhand store, bundle the items together so that they will sell better.

Sometimes, they don’t accept exercise equipment and other things that are not in good condition, so make sure to check before you let them take it in.

Usually, they take it at a reasonable price, and even if you manage to sell your old equipment for just a few dollars, it will be a better option than throwing it into the trash.

4. Ask around at your gym, they might take it off your hands.

Another way to eliminate old exercise equipment is to offer them to a gym.

Most gyms will happily purchase old equipment if it has a lot of life left in it.

Using this approach, you can find the buyer who is most interested in the technical specifications of your specific equipment.

If your equipment is in good condition, they will most likely buy it from you. In fact, many gyms routinely look for good quality used equipment that they can repurpose and use in their facilities.

5. Sell it to the metal recycling center.

Another option would be to visit a recycling center for metal. They will be very receptive to the idea of buying your old exercise equipment. This is especially the case for those in high demand like weight lifting machines and cardio equipment.

Your gym equipment is mostly made of steel and iron, which metal recycling centers love.

But even certain plastics like Nylon can be sold to a scrap metal dealer.

Just don’t forget to remove all the old barcode stickers and price tags so they won’t lose any money on the products they buy from you!

6. Contact your city’s recycling or garbage disposal service

It’s a crime to just throw your old exercise equipment in the trash.

Don’t throw things in the trash. That’s illegal, and it doesn’t help you get rid of things, as you’ll just have to pay extra to take it all out again.

Most city governments organize trash and recycling collection to be convenient. They have special disposal sites to reduce pollution. These locations have to be able to handle large equipment like old exercise equipment.

Contact your local government office to learn more about how to dispose of old exercise equipment in your area.


Do you have a bunch of old exercise equipment taking up space in your garage? Don’t know what to do with it? Here’s how to get rid of old exercise equipment

  1. Drop it off at the local charity store
  2. Sell it online
  3. Sell it to the secondhand store nearby
  4. Ask around at your gym, they might take it off your hands.
  5. Sell it to the metal recycling center.
  6. Contact your city’s recycling or garbage disposal service

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