How to Get Rid of Old Mattress! (5 Safe Way)

You need to know how to get rid of old mattress if you don’t enjoy your sleep anymore. Remember, almost a third of your life is spent on the bed. You should take care of your old mattress correctly!

Nobody likes to get rid of their old mattress. It has seen them through some tough times. They also may feel like there is still some use left in the old mattress. However, when the mattress is past its prime, you need a new mattress.

Spending a little more money on a new mattress will be a smart purchase because the old one was uncomfortable and did not give you a good sleeping experience.

But, many people have a hard time throwing away trash, especially mattresses. Many people don’t even know how to throw away old mattresses. That’s why we’re here to help you! We’ll show you how to get rid of an old mattress in a safe way. Keep reading!

Why should you dispose of old mattresses carefully?

1. Mattresses are usually large

It is sometimes difficult to throw away an old mattress because of its size. Mattresses can be bulky and therefore difficult to dispose of. In addition, mattresses contain a lot of dust and other toxic elements that make it dangerous for janitors to clean up after you.

This might seem like a minor inconvenience, but some parts of the world don’t have proper waste disposal or recycling systems, which can make it difficult for people to discard their old mattresses.

2. Disposing of mattresses carelessly can lead to criminal

Disposing of an old mattress isn’t as simple as throwing it in the trash. There are strict rules in place about disposing of mattresses in most areas, because mattress disposal sites need to adhere to certain environmental standards.

Always check your local municipality’s website for information about when you are allowed to dispose of a mattress, because special rules apply in case you’re renting, depending on how long you’ve lived there. Disposing of an old, worn-out mattress in the right way is an important thing to do.

3. Old mattress could contain germs

Old mattresses are often home to lots of bacteria. Always be careful when getting rid of old mattresses. You need to make sure that you properly dispose of it to prevent people from getting sick due to germs.

How to get rid of old mattress

1. Donate it

When your old mattress becomes damaged or is no longer useful, you can donate it to good causes. Donating used mattresses benefits the local community and the environment while also putting your old mattress to use.

There are many organizations in your area, like shelters and women’s shelters, that could benefit from a reliable source of usable mattresses for their clients. Most organizations that help those in need will take donated mattresses for free, as long as the old mattress is not damaged and in proper condition.

2. Sell it

If you have a mattress that’s no longer used, don’t just throw it in the trash. Try selling it to a thrift store in your area. If you prefer not to do that, you can always try selling it online.

Selling a mattress online is a great way to earn cash. Mattresses, even if they are used, don’t get damaged quickly and so they can keep on being used. They also don’t get worn out easily and are well-made pieces of furniture that are well-designed, decorated, quality products.

Selling them will be easy because there are plenty of people looking for gently-used second-hand items that are still in good condition.

3. Recycling

As you know, recycling is not just limited to your plastics and other recyclable products. You can recycle your old mattresses too, by bringing them to your local recycling center. However, when you do that, make sure that the mattress is in good condition and still usable.

The mattress recycling center around you can help you to take this extra step. When you recycle your used mattress, the materials are sorted and any dangerous chemicals are eliminated.

You can then repurpose the materials in part or in full to create new products. For instance, recycled materials can be used to make things like yoga mats, shoe heel trims, belts, and more.

4. Processing mattress materials

Turning old items into new uses is a good way to reduce waste and save money. In the case of mattresses, you can easily reuse their foam or iron parts to not contribute to the growing amount of waste in the world.

You can disassemble the mattress in a very safe manner with a special mattress cutter to separate its parts in a neat and orderly fashion.

Also, there are many things you can do with the materials from the mattress.

Foam and springs can be used for other projects, such as making pillows or sponges for cleaning. Wood can be used to make other wood furniture, and cloth and foam can be used to make various things. It is important to properly dispose of the removed materials, whether you keep them for yourself or sell them.

5. Dispose of the old mattress carefully

If you are thinking of disposing of your old mattress yourself, the easiest way is to disassemble it first. You can remove all the foam, fabric, and other parts until only the frame and spring remain.

Or, you can sell the frame or spring parts to collectors or scavengers. You can leave foam, cloth, etc. to the officers at the garbage disposal after the waste is first put in a garbage bag.

But, if you think disposing of old mattresses is difficult, you can call large junk pick-up services, such as for electronics and household appliances, which offer mattress disposal. In some areas, local governments have even begun to get involved and offer garbage pick-up services for mattresses.

Do not do this to get rid of the old mattress

1. Burn the mattress

Never burn old mattresses. It releases harmful fumes into the atmosphere, and you’re just making your surroundings dirty by doing it. Burning old mattresses makes smoke and pollutes the air. This is very bad for your health and the environment as well. Not only your smoke ends up in the air, but you can disturb your neighbors with all the smoke.

2. Throw it into the river

Never throw your old mattress away by throwing it into a river. Throw your mattress into the river and you might cause water pollutants. Not only does it damage the water quality, but it could even lead to floods and landslides. It’s also not good for the environment to release used mattresses into the wild.

An old mattress usually contains harmful chemicals and other pollutants that might leak into the ground and contaminate important waterways and natural resources. It also can block the water flow and cause floods. Also, it is bad for the environment as it could endanger marine life and pollute the water.

3. Leaving it on the road irresponsibly

Some people have no respect for the people around them, so they leave their old mattresses everywhere in the neighborhood. A mattress can be really dirty and smelly, and they even attract rodents and bugs. Never just abandon an old mattress on the road.


This is my final thought of how to get rid of old mattress in right steps:

  1. Donate it
  2. Sell it
  3. Recycling
  4. Processing mattress materials
  5. Dispose of the mattress carefully

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