5 Safe Tips: How to Get Rid of Old Motorcycle

If you have an old motorcycle, don’t waste more time being upset about it. Learn how to get rid of your old motorcycle with these easy steps

The motorcycle is a type of vehicle which has two wheels and powered by engine. It’s driven by a single rider but can carry a passenger.

According to motorcyclesdata, the total of motorcycles sales in 2021 is up to 550.000 units. Such a massive number.

Motorcycles can take many forms: they can be small or big. Also, they can be made of metal or they can be made of plastic.

They feature engines ranging in size from 50 cc to 3000 cc. The are used for a range of tasks, including commuting to work and zipping around town on a sunny day.

As a general rule, the older the motorcycle, the more issues it will have.

Old motorcycles are not only a pain to deal with but also dirty and require a lot of work. But it’s not just the bikes themselves, you also have to deal with the dirt and grime from them as well as the leftover fluids that leak from the old machines.

Learn how to get rid of old motorcycle easily!

Why do you need to get rid of old motorcycle

1. An old motorcycle requires more attention

We all know that an old motorcycle requires more attention than a new motorcycle.

It doesn’t matter how often you ride it, you’ve got to keep an eye on everything from tire pressure to engine temperature.

Remember, do not let your chain stretch too much, and always check that all of those moving parts are operating at their limit.

If something does break down, you’ll probably have trouble finding replacement parts for it, and sometimes, it is difficult to find.

2. It’s dangerous to ride

You must get rid of your outdated motorcycle in order to protect yourself from risk.

The parts on an older bike are more likely to break down and are more difficult to replace. It’s not worth the danger of getting into an accident because one of the bike’s critical parts has broken.

3. It cost you more

You need to get rid of your old motorcycle because It cost you more.

The problem with this old bike is that everything you do to it costs money. It’s sitting there taking up space and no one wants to buy it because it’s broken and would cost even more to fix.

How to get rid of old motorcycle

1. Sell it

Selling a vehicle can be complicated and stressful, but if you know where to look and how to proceed, it can become much easier.

The old motorcycle is a hidden gem for some people.

The first person you have to offer is the community of old motorcycle lovers. You can search for this community in your area. Or, you can ask the nearest repair shop for people who like motorbike modifications.

Also, search for local buyers. Craigslist, eBay Motors, and your local classifieds are good places to start.

Make sure to include a lot of information about the bike, like the make and model, any custom features, and how many miles it has.

If you’ve been riding for a long time, you probably know other riders who would pay cash for your bike, so don’t be afraid to ask around.

There are also some great online forums where people discuss selling and buying motorcycles. Just do a quick search online to find one in your area and register an account so you can post your listing.

2. Donate it

It’s important to know that there are charitable organizations that accept old motorcycles. And, if you donate your motorcycle to one of them, they will probably be able to use it.

Research the motorcycle donation organizations available in your area. Some high-profile charities accept donations of used motorcycles.

You may also find local charities that take donations of motorcycles, such as those run by churches or volunteer fire departments.

Call these organizations and ask about their requirements for taking donations of motorcycles, as well as what they will do with them once they have been donated.

A donated vehicle can also be a lifesaver for someone who needs a reliable mode of transportation to and from work or simply wants a fun way to run errands around town.

3. Call the manufacturer

When you want to get rid of your motorcycle, call the manufacturer.

This helps the environment by reducing waste and allows them to reuse parts and materials that are still in decent condition.

A lot of companies will buy back their products once they’re no longer in use.

In most cases, the manufacturer will at least pick up the old bike for free and pay the shipping costs. Or, they will ask you to send the old motorcycle to one of their branches.

This can save you a lot of money and give you a good feeling that you are not just dumping an old piece of machinery in the landfill.

4. Contact the recycling center


You can call the recycling center and ask for their help to get rid of the old motorcycle.

When you contact the recycling center, they will ask you some questions about your scrap motorcycle and make an estimate on what they can pay for it.

There are many different factors that go into the price of scrap motorcycles, so the estimate is not always accurate. If you are happy with the estimate they gave you, they will set up an appointment time to pick up your scrap motorcycle.

Some of those centers will allow you to bring your motorcycle directly while others will only accept it if they picked it up from you.

In both situations, make sure that you check with them ahead of time so that they can tell you how they prefer to handle the pickup process.

You can also bring a laptop charger to dispose of it properly!

5. Call your local waste authority

When you have an old motorcycle to get rid of, call your local waste authority. They will be able to help you properly dispose of it and make sure that it is not causing a safety hazard.

Your local waste authority is the perfect resource to help you get rid of your unwanted vehicle.

Not only are they experts in waste management and disposal, but they can also offer you advice on how to get rid of scrap metal like old motorcycles or bicycles.

Usually, they will ask what type of motorcycle it is and where it is located. This way they can make sure they will pick it up or ask you to deliver it.

What you should not do to get rid of old motorcycle


1. Do not dump it in the landfill

If you are trying to get rid of an old motorcycle, do not just take it to a junkyard or dump it in a landfill.

What happens at a landfill?

After your motorcycle is dumped in the landfill, it will sit there for years (or even decades) without anyone doing anything with it.

As garbage trucks drop off more and more waste, the weight of the trash will push down on top of your old bike until it eventually breaks into pieces.

The metal will be covered in trash, dirt, and other waste from years of garbage being thrown on top of it.

It is illegal at this point in time and will cost you an unbelievable amount of money if caught.

2. Do not burn it

Burning your old motorcycle is a bad idea. Not only it is harmful to the environment, but also it is dangerous to you

When you burn a motorcycle, you are not only releasing carbon monoxide into the air but also many other toxic gases that are harmful to the environment. This is why burning your old motorcycle will be illegal.


You can’t just store your motorcycle forever. It will only rust away and become unrideable in the end.

Here’s a helpful guide full of hints and tips on how to dispose of an old motorcycle when you’re tired of it.

  1. Sell it
  2. Donate it
  3. Call the manufacturer
  4. Contact the recycling center
  5. Call your local waste authority

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