10 Better Ideas: How to Get Rid of Roaches in Furniture

Having pests in the house is an uncomfortable experience. They could hide anywhere unnoticed. You must know how to get rid of roaches in furniture.

Cockroaches can be found in almost any area. Although these insects are normally undetectable, their presence in your furniture can cause numerous problems for you and your family.

When you’re trying to sleep and a cockroach crawls across your pillow or bed, it’s one of the most annoying things.

This can make you cringe and disrupt your sleep.

Cockroaches nesting in warm, humid places can be disgusting, not to mention the danger that they represent to your health.

They can contaminate the food you prepare, which can trigger allergic reactions and asthma. That’s why it’s crucial to exterminate cockroaches.

They are seen on the edge of your kitchen, cupboard, or furniture. You don’t notice them most of the time.

Regardless, they’ll appear when you least expect them. Cockroaches are one of the most vexing household pests.

Use this article to assist you to get rid of roaches in furniture now that you know what they are and how to get rid of them!

Can roaches live in furniture?


Yes, roaches can live in holes in the furniture if they have food, supplies, and a comfortable place. They will start to live there if it is not clean.

Roaches do not need a big place to live. It is possible that a colony of cockroaches can live in your drawer or cabinets. The fact that you don’t see the roach doesn’t mean that there is no roach.

Roaches can leave their eggs in tiny cracks and crevices in the environment, where they can become protected.

Roaches found in furniture can breed and multiply if the conditions are right. They will make a nest in the furniture if they find it comfortable enough.

The sign of roaches are on your furniture


Being able to spot a cockroach is important because you can deal with them quicker if you do.

When there are roaches in furniture, their presence can be easily detected by finding traces of them. Some of these traces resemble food, while others can be like tiny pebbles or peas, and still, others look like pieces of rice.

If you see the roach’s body inside your furniture, you should be worried.

The reason why a cockroach’s body lying lifeless can be an indicator that your home is invaded by roaches is that the cockroaches will only leave their dead behind. If you happen to see one of the roaches’ bodies lying lifeless in your home, then you have already had an infestation of cockroaches.

The odor is another indication of roaches in your furnishings.

Cockroaches can cause a variety of issues in your home, including odors from their feces and urine which are difficult to remove.

If a cockroach has polluted the furniture with his biological fluids, it could create an unpleasant smell.

How to get rid of roaches in furniture

1. Clean your house

Roaches are filthy and tough critters. They like to hide in clothes, furniture, and shoes and enjoy smelling in calm places. They can get inside locked drawers and make a nest.

Roaches enjoy eating the same foods as people, particularly those heavy in salt and sugar. As a result, the majority of roaches can be located in the kitchen, dining area, or living room.

Keep these locations clean if you want to get rid of roaches in your furnishings. There will be no motive for them to arrive in this case, and they will shortly disappear.

2. Clean up any leftovers

Roaches are great for hiding in furniture.

Because there are crumbs they can move around, they constantly seem to be in your furniture.

One of the most effective strategies to eliminate roaches is to keep the floors clean and avoid keeping food, drinks, or leftovers near your furniture.

3. Seal up cracks and holes

If you have roaches on your furniture, the best way to get rid of them is to seal cracks and holes that roaches can crawl through. 

Put attention to frequent hiding places for roaches, especially where the frame of the furniture meets the wall or the floor, or where cabinets touch the wall.

One way to do this is by using caulk to cover these cracks and holes. Seal the holes or any possible gaps to block their entrance.

4. Put glue traps

Roaches in furniture can be effectively eliminated using glue traps. Put them in dark, wet places like around the edge of furniture, under the cupboard, and so on.

Place them away from children and pets, as well as anywhere the trap could cause harm if stepped on accidentally.

5. Spray lemon water


If you have roaches on your furniture, a simple alternative is to spray lemon water on the surface of your cabinet rather than purchase pricey poisons.

Lemon is good for spraying on surfaces since it helps to eradicate odors and adds freshness.

Cut the lemon into halves and squeeze it into a spray bottle. Then, add enough warm water and shake the bottle gently.

Spray it on the outside of furniture as well as the inside of cabinets, corners, and wall edges.

6. Put silica gel


Silica gel is great for getting rid of roaches on furniture.

Silica gel is a common desiccant that absorbs water from the surrounding atmosphere, which makes it an effective agent in getting rid of excess moisture.

If you want to get rid of roaches in furniture – typically roaches infest cardboard boxes – put silica gel inside the box.

Put a few tablets of silica gel in cracks inside the drawers of old armoires and wardrobes. The silica will absorb moisture and make it hard for roaches to live inside.

7. Spray coffee powder


Roaches hate the smell of coffee, so if you spray coffee powder on them and on their path, you can effectively get rid of them. The coffee powder has insect-repellent properties that are meant to keep the roaches away.

If you want to apply an easy method, spray a little coffee powder around the area. Pour some instant coffee powder into a plastic bag or container and place it in the space where you see roaches.

8. Bay leaves


Bay leaves can be placed on the furniture so that it can eliminate the smell of roaches.

You can line one pound of bay leaves in a bowl or container and add just enough water until you are confident that the leaves are completely wet.

The bowl or container will then be placed somewhere where you have seen roaches popping out.

Roaches don’t like the smell that comes from bay leaves so they won’t stick to your home or furniture easily anymore.

Bay leaves have a strong pungent odor that is a natural deterrent for pests. You can also put them in corners and furniture made of wood or paper.

9. Onion spray


Strong onion spray is a good strategy to get rid of roaches. Bugs and cockroaches can’t take the onion smell so the spray will get rid of them.

Peel the onion and crush it into small pieces. put it in a spray bottle and add water. Then, spray it on the end of the furniture. This will prevent the cockroaches from coming.

10. Call a professional pest control

If you have roaches in your furniture, they can be very difficult to get out. If you attempt to dispose of them on your own, you will probably be unsuccessful.

You should either hire a professional, who will show up with a kit of roach-disposing products

Call a professional pest control service, and they will know exactly what it takes to get rid of the roaches in your furniture and ensure that they don’t come back any time soon – or at all.

They must have the solutions and experience for dealing with pests on a large scale, it’s best to call them in case of roach infestations.

Professional pest control is also a great option to get rid of mice.


Roaches pose a serious health risk and can contaminate food, destroy property and infest areas where people live, work, or gather.

Here are some do-it-yourself solutions and some natural home remedies for how to get rid of roaches in furniture.

  1. Clean your house
  2. Clean up leftovers
  3. Seal up cracks and holes
  4. Put glue traps
  5. Spray lemon water
  6. Put silica gel
  7. Spray coffee powder
  8. Bay leaves
  9. Onion spray
  10. Call a professional pest control

You can also apply these tips to keep the bats away from the porch.

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