How to Get Rid of Yellow Stains in Bathtub: 11 Smart Tips!

If you have a bathtub, you should know how to get rid of yellow stains in bathtub. If you don’t deal with it carefully, it could be bad for your bathroom.

Every bathroom has one, a stained tub or shower. This is not something you want to see in the bathroom because you will want it to look good to have people in there.

You can have these things happen to your bathroom because this is the most used room in the house. Bathtubs can develop rust, calcium, and other stubborn stains which are difficult to remove.

Unlike tile, bathtubs are more absorbent, which means they can easily trap moisture, creating the perfect environment for yellow stains.

Many of us make the mistake of not taking care of our bathtubs. We don’t vacuum it, we don’t clean it, and worst of all, sometimes we just sprinkle water on it. Over time, this will cause yellow stains on the walls of the tub.

Wonder how to get rid of yellow stains in the bathtub?

Well, the good news is that you did not ruin your bathtub and you did not cause any damage. The bad news: it’s going to be a little bit of a pain to get rid of it. The good news: we’re going to show you how to get rid of yellow stains in bathtub.

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Why does your bathtub have yellow stains?

1. The bathroom is too humid

In humid climates, yellow stains can create a problem because the water in showers and bathtubs is absorbed by the tiles.

This is because the air is already full of moisture. When something absorbs moisture, it can also produce yellow stains. The accumulation of dust and dirt on the tiles can cause them yellow stains as well since these materials are acidic.

2. Incompatible cleaning products

There are many cleaning products on the market. But when they are mixed, it can cause undesired effects. One of these is discoloring the bathtub. This will happen if you use incompatible cleaning products.

When you mix two or more cleaning products, for instance, that that contains bleach with that contains acids, your bathtub may be stained yellow because of the chemical reaction. Always read the instruction carefully when you use any cleaning products to avoid incompatible mixtures.

3. Liquid spill

Do not leave your bathtub when you have soap or shampoo resting in it. Take the time to squeeze them into the bathwater, so the residue doesn’t stay at the bottom of the tub. If you don’t do so, when your bath is over, you’ll see yellow stains on the bottom of the tub.

It is important to clean up spills in the bathtub immediately, even if it is just shampoo or flower water. The longer the spill sits in the bathtub, the more likely it will end up causing serious damage to your tub.

How to get rid of yellow stains in the bathtub

1. Make air circulation smooth

Air circulation is exceptionally important in regards to getting rid of yellow stains. If you install a well-ventilated shower enclosure and exhaust, or better – a suction fan, the water will circulate properly and prevent stains.

To get rid of yellow stains from your carpet, you must have a good air circulation system in your home.

Your bathroom should be well ventilated to keep the air fresh. Air circulation is important to remove dust and other particles that can stain your bathtub or toilet.

By having a good ventilation system in your home you will definitely get rid of yellow stains from your bathtub.

2. Make sure the sun comes in

Sunlight isn’t just important for our mood, but also for the health of our bathroom. One of the ways to prevent these stains is by making sure that your bathroom is getting adequate sunlight during the daytime.

The sun will thereby dry out any moisture that is left in the bathtub or the sink, and the yellow stains will be gone.

3. Use vinegar

Vinegar is known for its multiple uses. One of its features uses it to get rid of yellow stains in bathtubs. By spraying vinegar where the stains are, you avoid making the stains worse by scratching them off.

Using vinegar to clean household items is much better than using chemical cleaners because not only does it leave no chemical residue behind, but it also helps neutralize odors. To clean the yellow stains, you need to rub them with a brush after waiting 15 minutes. After the vinegar dries the spots should disappear.

4. Baking soda

Baking soda is usually found in the kitchen, but it’s also useful in other places. It’s a household product that can help you remove stains and dirt or freshen up your house. In this case, you can also remove yellow stains from your bathtub using baking soda and some other household items.

First, sprinkle some baking soda on the stain and wait for about 30 minutes, then brush it with a toothbrush to remove it. If necessary, repeat the process for better results.

5. Lemon water

You can use lemon to make your bathtub look new. To get rid of yellow stains in your bathtub, you can make a solution from lemon water.

Just take a glass of hot water and add the juice from 1/2 a lemon. Then, set it aside for 10 minutes until it cools down. After that, pour all of the mixtures into the bathtub and wait for 10 more minutes. Then, sponge the bathtub using a crumpled-up piece of paper towel and let it dry naturally.

6. Chlorine

Chlorine is a very useful chemical. Chlorine is used to clean water in swimming pools. But, It can even get rid of stubborn stains in the bathtub. Chlorine is a compound made from the elements chlorine and oxygen.

Sprinkle it on the stained area and wait for several minutes. Then, brush it with a soft brush while the tub is still wet. Remember to avoid getting any chlorine into your eyes while you’re cleaning, and to avoid inhaling it.

Use chlorine according to the warning label’s instructions, and avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. . Do not forget to wear gloves and protective glasses when using it.


7. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is known for its properties to cut through dirt. It can be used all over your house to get rid of stains, including the toilet, tub, and sink. o do this, sprinkle a bit of hydrogen peroxide in the bathtub and wait several minutes for it to work its magic. Then, scrub the stain with a soft-bristled brush and rinse it off.

The most important thing to remember is that there are different concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide. Make sure you use the right one because using too much can be bad for you, especially if you have sensitive skin. Remember, always check the label for proper instructions so you can have safe cleanups.

8. Toilet cleaner

If your bathtub gets yellow stains after each use, you can quickly take care of it by using toilet cleaner. Toilet cleaners are great for cleaning stains around the house, not just toilets. They are strong disinfectants that clean all sorts of surfaces. Just spray the cleaner on the surface and wait for several minutes. Then, brush it to dissolve the stains

9. Call professional toilet cleaner

Professional toilet cleaner could help you to get rid of yellow stains in the bathtub. They have plenty of experience, which is why they know how to deal with it effectively and safely. They also could clean these yellow stains without damaging your tub.

Professional toilet cleaners use a special antimicrobial cleaning solution that helps remove yellow stains from the outside of a bathtub.

They know how to operate a pressure washer and they know what chemicals to use, how much and how not to use them. They also know what steps to take afterward to prevent future staining from happening.


Well, if you want to get clean the yellow stain in your bathtub, these are my smart tips!

  1. Make air circulation smooth
  2. Make sure the sun comes in
  3. Use vinegar
  4. Baking soda
  5. Lemon water
  6. Chlorine
  7. Hydrogen Peroxide
  8. Toilet cleaner
  9. Call professional toilet cleaner

If you want to get rid of toilet stains or carpet stains, check my other tips!

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