3 Pro Steps: How to Get Wet Baking Soda Out of Carpet

Wet baking soda could be a problem if you spill it. It could leave the powder residue on it. Let me show you how to get wet baking soda out of carpet.

Baking soda is a multipurpose cleaning agent. You can use it to clean almost any surface because it is natural and contains no-toxic materials.

It is a great option to use baking soda to clean yellow stains on shoes or removing urine smell in bathroom!

One of the most effective ways to use baking soda is to mix it with water.

However, baking soda can fall and wet your carpet.

If you don’t handle it carefully, baking soda powder can stick to it and leave an unsightly stain.

Looking for a guide that will teach you how to get wet baking soda out of carpet? You came to the right place!

Let me show you how to do this in the right way!

What happens when baking soda gets wet?

When baking soda gets wet with a little bit of water, it forms a thick paste with the water that can be difficult to remove from surfaces such as carpeting or clothing.

If you add one tablespoon of baking soda and 100 ml of water, the baking soda will dissolve into the liquid.

How to get the wet baking soda out of carpet

1. Wipe the area with a clean cloth


Use a clean cloth to wipe the liquid and any leftovers. Make sure to dry one so it can absorb the wet baking soda well.

2. Leave it for at least 15 minutes

Let the area dry. This process can take about 15 minutes.

3. Vacuum up the baking soda

After 15 minutes, you will see any baking soda residue. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove it.

How to get wet baking soda out of carpet (deep cleaning)

1. Prepare a sponge, vinegar, warm water, and a dry microfiber cloth


To get wet baking soda out of carpet, prepare the following materials:

  • a sponge
  • 50 ml of vinegar
  • 50 ml of warm water
  • a dry microfiber cloth

2. Create the vinegar solution

Mix 50 ml of vinegar and 50 ml of warm water in a container. Stir the entire mixture until smooth.

3. Damp the sponge to the solution and wipe it on the wet area


Take the sponge and dump it into the vinegar solution. Put it on the wet area and press it. The sponge will absorb the wet and baking soda residue.

If the wet area is large enough, wipe it gently to the whole part of the carpet.

Repeat this step until the sponge absorbs the whole wet baking soda.

4.Wipe with a dry microfiber cloth

You can clean the leftover by wiping them with a clean microfiber cloth. Then, leave it until dry.

5. Use a vacuum cleaner


If you find any powder left, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of it.


Does baking soda evaporate?

If you leave the baking soda open in the container, it won’t evaporate. However, baking soda will peel off when heated at high temperatures.

Does baking soda dissolve?

When baking soda is added to water it reacts and dissolves. The reaction is called a double replacement reaction because two things are being replaced by each other.

In this case, sodium ions from the sodium bicarbonate are replaced by hydrogen ions from the water.


If you were to spill wet baking soda on your carpet, how would you get it out?

Baking soda is a really handy substance, but it’s a pain to clean up when it spills in the wrong place.

Fortunately, we have all the tips you need for the best way to remove baking soda from carpet.

Just wipe the area with a clean cloth, leave it for at least 15 minutes, and vacuum up the baking soda.

If you accidentally spilled it on carpet, this is the tips to remove the baking soda properly!

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