15 Proven Tips: How to Keep Fruit Flies off Bananas

If you are asking how to keep fruit flies off bananas, let me give you a bunch of tips. Making sure bananas are free from fruit flies is also important as they will damage the bananas.

Fruit flies are pretty annoying. You put bananas or other fruit on the table and when you open it the next day you see tons of them hovering over your fruit.

Understanding the nature of fruit files

1. Flies enter through gaps or windows of the house

Believe it or not, flies can get into anything with a hole, including your house. There are many ways that fly enter in your house, and the earlier you catch them, the better the chances of keeping them out.

A window can be potentially left open by mistake in bad weather conditions and bring unwanted pests into your home.

Be sure to put up window and door screens and keep your home’s walls and ceilings tight.

If you want to be extra careful, use a bug zapper instead to repel the flies from your banans or other fruit

2. Flies tend to perch on areas where there is organic food and waste

Flies are attracted to things that are organic, such as food or fruit waste. They will settle on any organic matter that is present and provide an ideal source of food for them.

If you have organic food and waste at your disposal, then flies will end up perching there.
The fly larvae don’t have any nerves, so it doesn’t feel pain or fear. This small creature makes its way into the trash of a nearby kitchen with a chance to breathe and eat some organic food, which helps it grow.

Flies also tend to live where there are human food leftovers and dead insects from the environment.

3. Flies live in dirty areas

Flies tend to live in dirty areas. They thrive in rotting food, garbage, and sewage. Flies cannot live in clean and sunny areas. They prefer locations that are filthy and dark.

Also, flies love to live and thrive in filthy areas. A poorly maintained area is a breeding ground for flies, and the more rubbish that is left lying about, the more activity there will be for flies.

Why should you keep bananas away from fruit flies?

You should not leave food out in the open for too long because flies can carry bacteria that are harmful to your health.

Flies can carry a wide variety of bacteria and can bring them into the human body. Flies are known to carry dangers and diseases they spread them from one place to the other.

They help spread diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and even rabies.

If you leave banana or other fruit that’s been sitting around uncleaned, with flies or insects, it will become contaminated and will likely be infested with a range of bacteria and viruses.

It has been proven that flies are more likely to be found in urban areas than in the countryside because of the overabundance of trash.

This may have to do with the characteristics of urbanized areas, such as density, high population growth, and overcrowding. Flies are more likely to live in urban areas than rural ones.

You never know what bacteria could be flying around you which could lead to various diseases. It’s essential to keep your banana and other food clean and avoid unnecessary risks.

It’s wise to always wash your banana regularly before consuming it. You don’t want flies contaminating your food. Not only would your food be unappetizing, but the flies could deposit germs on your food.

And when the flies were splattered with blood, feces, or spittle, they could quickly spread disease.

How to Keep Fruit Flies off Bananas

1. Use pandan leaves to repel flies

Although there are many different natural methods to repel flies from your bananas, one of the easiest ones is to place several slices of pandan leaves in your banana basket.

Yes, flies don’t like the Pandan Fragrance. It’s not that the scent of the leaves is unwanted by them, but it makes them feel sick.

The reason is that the particular scent (which is different for each type of fly) produces an anesthetic effect in the nervous system of the insect, resulting in a very strong nausea effect.

The aromatic scent of the pandan will keep away the flies, and you will have delicious and healthy bananas.


2. Cloves are effective for repelling flies

Cloves have a strong aroma, which is particularly unpleasant to most insects. Flies who find your house will be repelled by the strong smell of cloves.

You just need to soak enough cloves in a bowl of water. Wait a few moments until the water is mixed and the clove smell starts to smell. Then, place the soaking water near the bananas or your fruit storage area.

3. Mix lemon and orange

Now, you can keep your flies away with these two fruits.

To get rid of flies, all you have to do is cut the oranges and lemons into small pieces and then put them in your fruit storage.

You will see that the flies will turn away from your bananas.

4. Apple cider vinegar is effective at repelling flies

Apple cider vinegar is a cheap and effective way to get rid of flies around your fruit during storage.

You simply provide apple cider vinegar and a container.

Don’t forget to make air holes in the container so that the vinegar aroma circulates near your bananas and fruits.

That’s because lemon and orange fruit contain chemical call limonene.

The citrus fruit is said to repel flies by disrupting their pheromone trails (the waxy substance secreted by flies which helps them communicate with each other), and by making them too ‘fragrant’ to attract their own colony mates

5. Flies hate lavender

Lavender is known for its beauty and amazing scent. However, scientists have explored the secret behind the flower’s fragrance.

They found that the flower creates toxic substances that keep away pesky bugs like mosquitoes and flies as well as keeping away other insects.

By keeping a few sprigs of lavender in the banana storage area, you can deter flies.

6. Sprinkle salt in areas that are often infested with flies

Salt is a kitchen spice that can be guaranteed to be available in every home.

You simply take enough salt and sprinkle it on the parts that are often infested with flies.

7. Put basil leaves to repel flies

Basil leaves can be used to keep flies away. Simply put, you’re dipping your basil leaves into a glass of water in order to get rid of the flies. It’s that simple.

If you want to keep the flies away, don’t forget to change the basil and water after a few days to keep it fresh and effective.


8. Make a glue trap for flies

A glue trap is a not-so-secret weapon for fighting against flies. If you take the right precautions, using glue traps to kill flies becomes easy.

Apply fly glue to a standard-sized piece of paper. Then, sprinkle some organic bait like banana slices on the paper.

Just let it sit for some time. The fly that lands will be trapped in the glue and cannot escape.

9. Use ginger to repel flies

Ginger is an ingredient that you can use to repel flies. You can mix ginger with yeast, sugar, and water to make a potent drink that will keep the flies away.

You can use ginger as a natural repellent for flies, but be sure to use it in moderation.

10. Install the fan

Fans are very effective at repelling flies.

Strong wind gusts from electric fans will be a distraction to flies. Strong wind gusts can easily disrupt flying patterns and may even cause some flies to crash into electric fans.

11. Clean your kitchen

A kitchen should be an enjoyable place to be and something people look forward to spending time in. Make sure that the area is free of any trash that can attract flies and that it’s completely clean and free of any clutter.

Make sure all garbage that can attract flies is cleaned out of your kitchen. Bad news: flies love rotting food, so if you keep dirty dishes around or allow garbage to pile up, your kitchen may become infested with flying pests.

12. Clean drainage and water installation

It is important to have clean drainage and water installation.

Sometimes, there are food residues or organic waste around the drainage area and water installations. Always check this area to make sure you don’t accidentally invite flies into your home.

13. Store your bananas in a storage box or refrigerator

To keep away fruit flies from your bananas, you should store them in a storage box or refrigerator. This will keep the flies from attacking your food.

Even if you prefer to buy organic produce at the grocery store, it’s worth storing in the fridge as the conventional produce will be fresher when you need it, and it will keep longer.

14. Always wash your bananas

Wash your bananas before eating them to avoid eating bacteria and germs from flies. By washing the outside of your banana before you remove the peel, you won’t spread the germs around.

Fruit flies are attracted to bananas. You can avoid bringing them into your home by washing your fruit right away.

15. Make sure your trash can is always clean of organic trash

This tip is an important reminder to always keep in mind.

Remember to dispose of any leftovers properly after you’re finished with your meal.

If you throw the leftovers into the garbage, flies will take residence in your home, and it’ll become smellier and smellier as more flies come flitting through your home.

It’s better for your health to deal with the waste than it is for you to inhale the awful stench of it.


So, if you want to keep flies away from bananas, here are some tips you can do:

1. Use pandan leaves to repel flies

2. Cloves are effective at repelling flies

3. Mix lemon and orange

4. Apple cider vinegar is effective at repelling flies

5. Flies hate lavender

6. Sprinkle salt in areas that are often infested with flies

7. Put basil leaves to repel flies

8. Make a glue trap for flies

9. Use ginger to repel flies

10. Install the fan

11. Clean your kitchen

12. Clean drainage and water installation

13. Store your bananas in a storage box or refrigerator

14. Always wash your bananas

15. Make sure your trash can is always clean of organic trash

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