11 Proven Steps: How to Stop Neighbors Dog from Peeing in My Yard!

Whenever I walk out of my house, my neighbor’s dog runs after me and pees on my yard. I don’t know why this is always happening, but if you’re in the same situation and are open to experimenting.

Sometimes you just get sick and tired of dogs peeing in your yard. And you know what? For the most part, you can prevent this from happening. Try these methods for reducing dog pee in your yard.

How to stop neighbors dog from peeing in my yard

1. Ask your neighbors directly and politely

If you have a problem with dog poop in your yard, politely ask your neighbors whose dog is doing it.

My family lives in the suburbs and I have a problem with dog feces in my yard. I don’t want to disrespect my neighbors by complaining, but I’ve asked them politely to keep their dogs indoors when we’re not home. It’s very important to me that I keep my yard clean and well maintained.

Part of this is from wanting a nice place to live, but there’s also a practical consideration.

If someone’s dog is leaving feces in your yard, there’s a good chance it’s coming from their backyard. It might not be easy to talk to them about this.

You would probably want to be as polite as possible when you talk to them, and you may want to be prepared in case they start asking questions or accusing you of making things up.

You can try just talking to them and saying politely, “Excuse me, could you please keep your dog from pooping in my yard?” or being more neutral and saying, “Hi, I’m trying to figure out whose dog is pooping in my yard.

Could you tell me if this is your dog’s poop?

Sorry to bug you guys, but would you mind keeping your puppies from constantly pooping in my yard?


You should politely ask your neighbors not to let their dogs defecate in your yard. You could even offer a small gift, such as a bottle of wine, for their cooperation.

Having neighbors with dogs is a great way to make friends. (I know, I know)  We might not get along on everything, but our dogs always get along! What are the chances that we can coexist?

ask-your-neighbors- directly-and-politely

2. Put warning marker

Markers to keep dog owners out of the yard are inexpensive and easy to install. From signs to balloons to animal statues, there are many kinds of markers for dog owners.

Most feature funny or sarcastic messages about dog owners, such as a silhouette of an animal reading “Dear owners, please watch your dog’s shit”.


3. Accommodate the special place

Dogs often pee somewhere in the same spot every day. So how do you stop this?

Accommodating a special spot for pooping is a great alternative.

If you have a small area, like a front porch or stoop where people can sit, you can provide a patch of grass that’s helpful for dogs. People should be aware that this is a spot that’s okay for their dogs to use!

This way the neighbor’s dog still can take care of business if the need strikes while passing by your house.


4. Use fences

Fences are an excellent option for preventing your neighbor’s dogs from ruining the yard.

Not only does a dog fence make it easy to let your pup out while being sure he won’t get hurt, but a simple fence will also your yard safe from the threat.

A plastic or an electric fence can be the perfect solution, even if you don’t want or need a tall barrier between your area and the dog’s path.

You won’t have any problems with your dog if you fence the perimeter. This will make it clear to them what areas of your property they can go in and out of.


5. Spread coffee powder

Want to improve a bad smell? Add more coffee grounds. Not only are these grounds great for fertilizing your plants, you can also use them around your yard to keep dogs and cats from peeing for a variety of reasons.

But dog and cats should be totally warned about coffee. The stimulants in coffee can be dangerous for them — including in small doses.

You may also want to put up a notice advising neighbors that you’ve used coffee grounds on your lawn.


6. Put citrus peels on your yard

Citrus for humans is smell-good but also taste-good. Some dogs and cats, on the other hand, find citrus to be intensely bitter or even toxic.

To keep Fido from doing his business in your yard, you can incorporate various citrus peels into a design that will keep him out. Since not every dog will be deterred by the smell, it may not always work perfectly.


7. Use security camera

Avoiding dog droppings on your property is not enough; if you want them to leave, you should use a security camera.

Look, when you’re letting your dog poop in people’s yards, they’re going to get mad. And if you catch them watching you reprimand or scold the dog, shame may convince that person to install a security camera system around their property.

After all, no one wants to see someone else disciplining their pooch, also known as everyone. So do the world a solid and set up surveillance—which has an added benefit of deterring rodents.

Cameras aren’t just fun tools for monitoring your home while you’re gone. They also allow you to see whether or not the other aspects of your lawn-saving strategy are working.

If it is, you can continue to rely on those tactics, but if something’s not working, then cameras will help tell you how to improve!

8. Install a scarecrow

Dogs can appear from out of nowhere and can be scary to horses. A solution for this is to create scarecrows that keep dogs away.

If you don’t want dogs in your yard, you should consider making scarecrows and hanging them up at the boundaries of your territory that are invisible from the house. Scarecrows are an old tool. Placing them on your boundaries is an effective way of scaring away dogs. This method is cheaper than installing fences, which would take away their fanciness.

9. Use a sprinkler

Sprinklers can be an effective way to keep the dog away from your yard.

You may be wondering why you should use a sprinkler. The answer is simple; a water sprinkler can repel dogs! This method is just as effective when it comes to keeping away the pests that your neighbors have, as it is for keeping away animal predators.

Naturally, you can shift the sprinkler’s line of sight and target your yard properly. That way, you won’t accidentally drench your dog while watering the grass. Plus, you’ll still get a fast and automated system that waters everything in sight.

10. Use ultrasonic prevention

Ultrasonic pest deterrents produce loud (yet unhearable to humans) sounds to drive out various animals into the wild. These deterrents might drive out many animals, including non-pest wildlife. Some vibrate at different settings that deter specific types of critters.

Here’s your tip: While those barking dogs might desist after an ultrasound noise blast, be careful when using it. Some devices marketed as “ultrasonic” are actually audible to the human ear.

It’s obvious you don’t want to plant anything to hurt dogs purposefully. Perhaps some dense shrubs or even thick, thorny shrubs could make a good effective dog barrier in areas you want to deter Fido from peeing or pooping.

11. Ask for help from officers to handle

When you are faced with an annoying neighbor, you can call animal control officers for help.

You can call the animal control officers if you notice that your neighbor’s dog is bothering you a lot. If your neighbor doesn’t stop his dog from barking, the animal control officers may send a letter to your neighbor telling him to correct this situation.

You can get the noise [of an annoying neighbor] and smell removed, and get a less annoying neighbor.

When I was a kid, my family and I experienced an annoying and very loud tone coming from one of our neighbors. The problems between us were a result of the type of house we lived in are a neighborhood. Later on, the police came to talk to him, and he became friendlier and more respectful with us.

The animal control officers are trained in humane animal capture and they will have everything needed to safely take away the animals. Just be advised that it does cost money to hire an animal control officer.

Never try this method to get rid of your neighbor’s dog

1. Poisonous Things

It’s actually a pretty bad idea to use poisonous things to get rid of your neighbor’s dog from the yard.

If a neighbor’s dog is being annoying and you want to keep it off your property, buy a fence, plant an angry-looking bush, or use the trick above.

Poisoning a dog is cruel and illegal. Dogs, like people, will hang around places where there’s food or goodies to get. Put dangerous food away, and if the dog comes back then get a pet door, put up scaffolding, and make pets go out for a pee at certain times.

Don’t poison the dog! That’s going from bad to worse. Why not just use a water pistol to scare the dog away?

2. Sharp Object

Never use a sharp object to get rid of your neighbor’s dog from the yard. It can be dangerous and it won’t achieve anything. Use alternative ways!

When you use a sharp object to get rid of a dog that you don’t like, you might end up injuring yourself. If you hate your neighbor’s dog and don’t want it in your garden, there are other things ​you can do other than using a knife or a stick to fix the problem.

Never take steps towards solving your problems that are dangerous. Remember, it’s always important to think about your problem from all sides and find the solution that is both safe and effective.

3. Violence

Violence is never the answer for something like this.

Instead of harming your neighbor’s beloved pet bully, you should choose to be a kind person and find a way to deal with the situation peacefully.

It’s important to make sure that your neighbor knows you’re not happy about their dog pooping in your yard. You should not threaten violence when confronting your neighbor. It will only make the situation more hostile and you should never lose your self-control.

The best method to prevent your neighbor’s dog from peeing in your yard

Okay, what is the best method from all explanation above?

From my experiment, combination of installing a fence and talking to your neighbors peacefully is the best path.

It’s very important to keep your relationship with your neighbor preserved but your property is also secured.

A fence is a great way to make your property feel like a safe haven. A fence helps you maintain privacy, and this in turn helps you feel comfortable. fences are crucial for your property because they’ll help you stop people from wandering through your yard, getting into your home, or stealing something from your shed.

Fences can give you the privacy you need and the protection from harm (including the unwanted dogs) that you may require when it comes to your yard.

After installing the fence, do not forget to talk to your neighbor peacefully.

You can try talking to the dog’s owner about it. You could try being polite and just asking them to keep their dog from pooping in your yard. If that doesn’t work, you can try getting more direct and saying it nicely.

When you are trying to catch someone who has done something wrong directly, you may notice that they are trying to avoid being confronted. This may make it hard for you to talk to them about whatever it is that they did wrong.

Keep in mind that you should avoid enmity keep talking politely. I am pretty sure that he will understand your problem and keep their dog away from your yard.


Are you still asking how to stop neighbors’ dog from peeing in my yard? Let me take the note for you!

1. Ask your neighbors directly and politely

2. Put warning marker

3. Accommodate the special place

4. Use fences

5. Spread Coffee powder

6. Put citrus peels on your yard

7. Use Security Camera

8. Install a simple scarecrow

9. Use a sprinkler

10. Use ultrasonic prevention

11. Ask for help from officers to handle

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