7 Smart Tips of How To Wash Fleece Blanket!

If you are wondering how to wash fleece blankets properly, you are coming into the right article. Actually, there is a simple and safe way to do this.

People love to stay cozy and spend as much time as possible in blankets when there are colds. Therefore, it’s not surprising that fleece blankets are very popular among people who like to travel a lot.

Fleece blankets are wonderful!

Those soft, comfortable blankets make you want to lounge around in the sun with a good book all day. Unfortunately, they may pill up or have other issues like getting ruined when you wash them.

You might be sort of nervous about washing your fleece blankets, then. Luckily, there are some easy ways you can wash your fleece blankets in order to keep them looking and feeling great!

Are there good ways to wash a fleece blanket? Here are the best answers to the question, “Is it safe to wash a fleece blanket?”


Why You Should Wash Your Fleece Blanket Properly

1. Fleece fabrics are very gentle and easily get dirty

Fleece fabrics are lightweight, soft, and comfortable. They can be washed in a washing machine at low temperatures. But they are very delicate and get dirty more easily than other fabrics.

Unlike cotton fabrics which tend to be more rough, fleece fabrics are very soft and get damaged easily. They’re also made from synthetic materials so they don’t get dirty easily. That’s why if you want to keep your fleece fabrics in a good condition for longer, do not machine wash them, but instead clean them with a soft cloth.

2. Keep colors vibrant and long-lasting

Fleece blankets are very versatile. They can be used as a throw on your bed or couch, or on your tent while camping. If you wash this blanket it will keep the colors vibrant and long-lasting.

Many people use these blankets on their beds or on their sofas, but be wary that they may fade in the wash.

3. Reduce the allergens that are trapped within the fabric

Any clothes that have a lot of hair and dander on them need to be washed regularly. Simply washing the clothes on a regular basis will help to reduce the allergens in the air, which helps to reduce the symptoms that people with allergies experience when they are around furry pets.

When large amounts of dust and other allergens build up inside the fabric of these items, they will continue to irritate those who are allergic to many things. Wash the blanket when needed, to make sure that allergens are not trapped in the fabric.

4. It will prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, and mildew on this blanket.

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that thrive in warm damp environments. Bacteria can also be transferred to your blanket from your hands and body when you use it or touch it. Your blanket can contain a lot of bacteria, either harmless or the kind that can cause a lot of harm to people who use your blanket.


Smart Way to Wash Fleece Blanket

1. Use the proper amount of laundry detergent

The right amount of laundry detergent is the amount needed to produce the best results when washing your fleece blankets. Don’t put too much detergent in your washer, though, as it can leave bubbles in your blanket and dry them out.

Most people use way too much laundry detergent. When faced with a huge container of laundry detergent, it’s easy to dump in a lot, but that’s a waste of money. The proper amount for average loads is 1/4 cup or 30 g per load. It’s far cheaper to buy a small container than the huge one, and you’re doing the environment a favor by using less detergent overall.

2. Load the washing machine with proper soap and blankets.

Make sure you get your laundry powder right. If you use too little, the fleece blanket will not come out clean or even full of holes from the washing process. Too much, and they’ll be washed too hard and without any softener making them rough to the touch. Washing machines take time to learn just how much soap is needed.

load-the-washing machine-with-proper-soap-and blankets

3. Use cold water

It’s important to use cold water to wash your fleece blanket. For washing blankets, using cold water will result in less shrinkage and much better quality.

The cold water will do the fleece blanket] a world of good and keep it looking new for longer.

Don’t let it sit in the washing machine for too long. Coldwater is best, as warm or hot water can shrink the blanket.

4. Put gentle cycle for washing blanket

Put your blanket in the gentle cycle on the washing machine if you want to get rid of any lint that it might have. The gentle cycle is the setting of most washing machines that puts less stress on blankets. Use it when you wash blankets or comforters since they tend to get matted.


5. Do not use bleach

It’s crucial to avoid the use of bleach when washing your blanket.

Do not use bleach when washing fleece blankets. Bleach is a really great tool for removing stains on clothes and other textiles. It provides a way to remove stains and odors from any material. But it will ruin fleece blankets. If you notice that your blanket has some stains that won’t come out, don’t use bleach on it. You can go ahead and try an old trick of adding baking soda to the wash, this will save your blanket!

6. You can add liquid softener during washing

If you have a fleece blanket at home you know it shrinks after the first or second wash. Adding liquid softener will ensure that your wool blankets remain the same size, and so your throw blanket will never shrink.

Add a liquid softener to your washing machine and let it run for a few minutes before starting your wash. This will ensure the blanket is softer and more comfortable.

7. Dry the blanket in the fresh air

It’s important to dry the blanket in the fresh air, so that it doesn’t smell musty and mildewy. A blanket is better dried out in the fresh air, than in the wash.


Smart Tips to Wash Fleece Blanket

1. Clean the stains before washing

As for getting rid of stains on a fleece blanket, there are two approaches to take. The first is soap and stain removal before you put the blanket in the washing machine.

Put a little bit of washing soda onto a piece of paper towels — any type of soap you may have will work — then scrub at the stain directly until it comes out. If that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, head over to the sink for direct hand-washing with hot water and soap.

It is crucial to wash your fleece blanket by hand before washing it with the rest of the laundry. Start by treating stains immediately and then place soap onto the stain itself.

2. Read the fleece blanket washing instruction clearly

Your fleece blanket most likely came with washing instructions. These instructions are meant to tell you how you can clean it as safely as possible.

It’s always best to follow the instructions that came with your fleece blankets.

3. Always buy high-quality fleece blanket

If you’re going to get a fleece blanket, make it high quality. It will last longer and be worth the extra cost! A tightly woven blanket that is highly washable without ruining the fabric is best.

Low-quality fleece blankets are not woven as tightly as their high-quality counterparts. Also, quality control is always an issue with low-cost products. This means you will have to be careful when using it, or you might even need to buy a new one.



So, these are 7 ways how you wash your fleece blanket on the right path:

1. Use the proper amount of laundry detergent

2. Load the washing machine with proper soap and blankets

3. Reduce the allergens that are trapped within the fabric

4. Put gentle cycle for washing blanket

5. Do not use bleach

6. You can add liquid softener during washing

7. Dry the blanket in the fresh air

By doing the lists above, your blanket will still be comfortable to wear and durable

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